Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!

    AEON Personal Loan Promotion

    Aeon Credit Service periodically rolls out promotional offers on its products. Below are the promotions applicable on Aeon’s such as personal loan/personal financing-i.

    Promotion 1:

    Get A Cashback Of Up to 2% When You Apply Online For The AEON i-Cash Personal Financing.

    AEON Credit Service has come up with a promotion on personal financing where you can receive cashback benefits. You have to apply for AEON i-Cash Personal Financing online to receive the cashback. Also, the financing is offered at special interest rates. The table given below shows the cashback you can earn.

    Tiers Loan Amount Cashback
    Tier 1 RM1,000-RM9,999.99 0.5%
    Tier 2 RM10,000-RM49,999.99 1%
    Tier 3 RM50,000 or more 2%

    Promotion Period

    The promotion is ongoing and is valid until 31 July 2018.


    The promotional benefits can be enjoyed when you apply for a new AEON i-Cash Personal Financing online.

    Campaign Mechanics

    Apply for the personal financing facility online. Once the financing is approved, you have to sign the Sale & Purchase Agreement within 15 August 2018. Choose the mode of disbursement to be AEON Prepaid Mastercard. You can then receive the cashback on the loan amount.

    General Terms and Conditions

    • AEON Credit Service does not ensure that the cashback will be immediately credited to your account.
    • The cashback is non-transferable.
    • The cashback is not exchangeable with other redemption items.
    • If you do not fulfil any of the terms and conditions, AEON reserves the right to disqualify you from getting the cashback benefits.
    • The terms and conditions applicable to AEON i-Cash Personal Financing are also applicable to the promotion.

    How to Apply?

    • Apply for the personal financing online through the e-Application channel.


    Apply online for the personal financing to get cashback together with the AEON Prepaid Mastercard. However, the application approval depends on the bank’s discretion and your credit history.


    Q. How do I access the cashback awarded?

    A. The cashback will be credited to the AEON Prepaid Mastercard. You can access the cashback with the card.

    Q. Is there a cap on the cashback?

    A. No. The promotion does not specify a cap on the cashback you can earn.

    Q. When does the cashback get credited?

    A. The cashback will be credited in September 2018.

    Q. What is the interest rate applicable for the financing facility?

    A. The interest rate placed on the personal financing facility is 0.66% per month.

    Q. Do I get the cashback if the financing was approved before the promotion commenced and if the signature on the Sale & Purchase Agreement was done during the promotion period?

    A. No. The application for the personal financing must be done during the promotion period to qualify for the promotion.

    Promotion 2:

    Promotion Period

    Enjoy special profit rate of 0.70% per month.

    This promotion is valid until 30 June 2018.


    Open to all salaried personnel whose gross monthly income is RM5,000 and above.

    Promotion Mechanics

    • Only those who apply for a personal loan during the campaign period are eligible for this promotion.
    • The loan amount should be between RM1,000 and RM100,000 to enjoy the special profit rate.
    • Submit the loan application form with the promotion code PFSP070 along with the supporting documents.

    General Terms & Conditions

    The terms and conditions applicable to both the promotions are:

    • AEON Credit has the right to exchange the reward with that of a similar value without giving any prior notice.
    • AEON Credit has the right to change or modify the terms and conditions without giving any reason to its customers. Similarly, it can suspend/terminate the campaign at its discretion.
    • AEON Credit holds the final decision making power on all matters relating to the campaign.

    How to Apply?

    • Apply online on the official website.
    • Call the telemarketing department to apply.
    • Visit the nearby branch.


    Read the fine print thoroughly before participating in the promotions and meet the required eligibility criteria to make full use of the promotional offer.


    Q. Can a foreigner apply for a personal loan to enjoy these promotions?

    A. No. AEON Credit offers personal loans only to Malaysian citizens.

    Q. Where can I find the nearest branch to submit the application form?

    A. Check on the AEON website to find list of all branches across Malaysia.

    Q. Can I exchange the gift vouchers for cash?

    A. No. the gift voucher can neither be transferable to any third party, nor can be exchanged for any cash in part or full.

    Q. What are the documents required while applying for a personal loan?

    A. Salaried personnel need to submit the following documents:

    • A copy of identity card.
    • 3 consecutive months pay slip
    • Latest EPF statements.

    Self-employed personnel must submit the following documents:

    • A copy of identity card.
    • Business registration certificate.
    • Consecutive 6 months company’s account statements.

    Q. Can I apply for a loan with higher amount?

    A. Yes. However, the loan amount ranges between RM1,000 and RM100,000 during the campaign.

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