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    CIMB Islamic Credit Card

    CIMB is one of the leading banking institutes in Malaysia with over RM500 billion in assets. The bank caters to a wide range of banking services which include asset management, investment banking, and brokering of equities. The bank also offers conventional and Islamic banking solutions. In its consumer banking operation, the bank offers unsecured credit facilities such as personal loans, overdraft facilities, and credit cards. The Islamic credit cards offered by CIMB are Shariah-compliant and work on the concept of Ujrah and offers cardholders an easy and effective way to meet their daily requirements.

    Why Choose CIMB Islamic Credit Cards?

    CIMB’s Islamic credit cards are Shariah-compliant and work on the principle of Ujrah. The Islamic cards offers a wide range of features and benefits and allows cardholders to meet their daily varying requirements. The credit cards reward cardholders with every purchase they make using the card either in the form of bonus points that can be redeemed for discounts at select merchant outlets or through cash rebates on specific expenses. The annual fee on the Islamic cards are waived and come with a 20 days interest-free period for retail purchases. The card also offer a range of financial tools and services such as a balance transfer plan and an instalment payment plan that allow cardholders to manage finances and make purchases more efficiently.

    Features and benefits of CIMB Islamic Credit Cards

    The following are the various features and benefits of CIMB Islamic Credit Cards:

    • The CIMB Islamic Petronas MasterCard earns cash rebates on every expense charged to the card. The card earns a 0.2% rebate on all retail charged to it and a 7% rebate on Petronas spend when the monthly statement balance is above RM3,000 and a 3% rebate on Petronas spend when the monthly statement balance is below RM3,000.
    • The rebate earned on Petronas spend is capped to RM50 per month. The rebate earned on retail spend is unlimited and has no maximum cap.
    • The cardholder can also get a 2-year membership to CARs International at a discount of 15% and a polish treatment at CARs International for a discount of 25%.
    • The CIMB Islamic MasterCard is designed for everyday use and has a lifetime waiver on the annual fee.
    • The card earns bonus points on every expense charged to it which can be redeemed for discounts at over 50 establishments.
    • Cardholders can also enjoy periodic promotional offers such as cash rebates at select merchant outlets.

    Types of Islamic Credit Cards offered by CIMB

    The following are the various types of Islamic credit cards offered by CIMB:

    1. CIMB Islamic Petronas MasterCard: This card has been designed to provide maximum benefits when used at Petronas petrol stations. Cardholders can earn cash rebates at a rate that is dependent on the monthly spend charged to the card. For cardholders who have a statement balance of over RM3,000 in a month, the card earns a rebate of 7% on Petronas spend. For cardholders having a statement balance below RM3,000 in a month, the rebate earned is 3% on Petronas spend. The card earns a rebate of 0.2% on all other retail spend charged to the card.
    2. CIMB Islamic MasterCard: The card is catered for everyday use. The card works on the Ujrah principle and is a Shariah-compliant card. The annual fees of this card is waived for life. The card earns bonus points on every expense charged to it. These points can be redeemed at over 500 establishments for discounts. The cardholder can also enjoy periodic cash rebate offers at select merchant outlets.

    Eligibility Criteria

    If you wish to get a CIMB Islamic Credit Card, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • The minimum age requirement for a principal credit card is 21 years.
    • The minimum age requirement for a supplementary credit card is 18 years.
    • The minimum annual requirement will be as follows:
      • CIMB Islamic Petronas MasterCard – RM24,000
      • CIMB Islamic MasterCard – RM24,000

    Documents Requirements to apply for CIMB Islamic Credit Cards

    Cardholders are required to submit the following documents when submitting the duly filled application form:

    Salaried Applicant:

    • Applicants who draw a fixed monthly salary need to provide the most recent 1 month payslip along with the latest EPF statement and recent Form BE with tax receipt
    • Salaried applicants drawing a fixed salary with a commission component should provide most recent 3 months’ payslip, latest EA Form or Form BE with tax receipt

    Full commission applicant:

    • A copy of the most recent 3 months' commission statement
    • A copy of the latest EA Form

    · Self-employed applicants:

    • A copy of the most recent Form B with tax receipt
    • A company bank statement showing activity for the latest 3 months

    CIMB Islamic Credit Card Promotions

    CIMB’s Islamic credit cards are not just a form of payment offering cardholders bonus points or cash rebates anytime they use the card. The cards also provide cardholders with access to special deals, discounts, and promotional offers on a periodic basis. Cardholders can enjoy a host of benefits and privileges that include periodic deals catering to travel, shopping, lifestyle, and dining. Cardholders can enjoy offers such as additional discounts when they make holiday bookings using their card, get gift vouchers from select merchant outlets, convert larger retail purchases into more affordable monthly instalments using at attractive rates using the Easy Pay service, and enjoy deals on vacations and getaways among other exciting offers.

    CIMB Islamic Balance Transfer

    With the CIMB Islamic credit cards, cardholders can manage their outstanding or overdue finances with ease by using the balance transfer plan. Cardholders can transfer outstanding credit card dues accrued on credit cards from other banks onto their CIMB Islamic credit card. The balance transfer plan offers a lower rate of interest making it not only easier to repay the loan but also saving the cardholder a lot of money that would otherwise have been paid in the form of interest. Cardholders can get a tenure of up either 6 months at an interest rate of 5.99% p.a. or a 12-month tenure at an interest rate of 7.99% p.a. The minimum amount that can be transferred under this plan is RM1,000.

    Fees and Charges

    The following are the fees and charges applicable to the credit cards:

    Annual fees – Principal cards CIMB Islamic Petronas MasterCard – waived CIMB Islamic MasterCard – waived
    Annual fees – Supplementary cards CIMB Islamic Petronas MasterCard – waived CIMB Islamic MasterCard – waived
    Finance charge on retail transactions Profit rates start from 15% p.a. and go up to 18% p.a. based on the payment record of the cardholder
    Finance charge on cash advance 18% p.a.
    Cash advance fee The higher amount between RM15.90 or 5% of the amount advanced.
    Late payment charge The higher amount between 1% of the amount due or RM10. The maximum fee that can be charged is RM100
    Minimum monthly repayment RM25 or 5% of the outstanding balance, whichever amount happens to be higher.
    Interest-free period 20 days
    Additional statement fee RM5.3 per copy
    Sales draft retrieval fee RM15 per copy
    Card replacement fee RM10 on first instance of replacement RM50 for subsequent replacements
    Conversion for overseas transaction Transactions carried out overseas are converted into Malaysian Ringgit at an applicable exchange rate determined by Visa/MasterCard International. An administrative fee of 1% of the converted amount is charged on overseas transactions.

    How to apply for a CIMB Islamic Credit Card?

    Applicants can apply for a CIMB Islamic Credit Card through the following ways:

    • They can find and download an application form on the CIMB website. Cardholders can click on the ‘apply now’ option available on every individual credit card page on their website to start the application process.
    • Applicants can visit their closest CIMB Branch and request to apply for a particular credit card.
    • Applicants can also leave their contact details with CIMB on their website and a bank representative will contact them shortly and initiate the application process.

    How to increase CIMB Islamic Credit Card limit?

    With the uncertainty of life, one can never truly tell where or when an emergency expense may arise. Cardholders might find themselves in need of more credit to tackle such expenses. Credit limit on the CIMB Islamic credit cards can be increased when the cardholder has an increase in their annual salary. The credit limit increase can be done by requesting for an increase at the nearest CIMB branch. The bank also sends periodic invitations to candidates who are eligible for an increase in the credit limit as well. While requesting for an increase in the credit limit, a cardholder must provide all supporting income documents as proof. These may include a copy of the cardholder’s most recent computerised payslips, latest EPF statements, recent bank statements, and any other additional document the bank might request.

    CIMB Islamic Credit Card Customer Care / Hotline Number

    The customer hot line numbers for CIMB are as follows:

    For CIMB Preferred customers:

    • For Local calls: 1 300 885 300
    • For Overseas calls: +603 2295 6888
    • For general customers: +603 6204 7788 for local and overseas calls
    • By Email: callcentre@cimb.com
    • By Fax: +603 2296 0345

    CIMB Islamic Credit Card FAQs

    Q. What are the obligations on a Balance Transfer payments?

    A. The cardholder must make a payment of no less than 5% of the total balance transfer amount on a monthly basis or pay an amount of RM50. Failure to make the payment on time will result in a penalty of 1% of the outstanding balance transfer amount. The minimum penalty that can be imposed is RM10 with the maximum fee being RM100.

    Q. Are profit rates offered on CIMB Islamic cards affected by payment track record?

    A. Yes. For those cardholders who make prompt minimum monthly payments for 12 consecutive months a profit rate of 15% p.a. Failure to make prompt payments will result in increased profit rates of 17% p.a. for cardholders who make 10 or more consecutive payments in a timely manner for a 12-month period and 18% p.a. for cardholders who make less than 10 prompt payments in a 12-month.

    Q. Is there a cap on the cash rebates earned on the Islamic Petronas MasterCard?

    A. Cash rebates earned on Petronas spend of either 7% or 3% is capped to RM50. Rebate of 0.2% earned on all other retail spend has no cap.

    Q. Is there a minimum amount that has to be transferred when opting for a balance transfer plan?

    A. Yes. The minimum amount that needs to be transferred in a balance transfer plan is RM1,000.

    Q. Do supplementary credit cards offer a separate line of credit?

    A. No. Any additional cards taken will have a shared credit limit.

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