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    RM500 Petron Gift Card & Touch 'n Go card BBAZAAR EXCLUSIVE DEAL
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    RM500 Petron Gift Card & Touch 'n Go card BBAZAAR EXCLUSIVE DEAL
    What you get
    What you need
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    What you need to consider
    What it costs
    BBazaar Exclusive Deal
    RM500 Petron Gift Card & Touch 'n Go card BBAZAAR EXCLUSIVE DEAL
    What you get
    What you need
    What you'll love
    What you need to consider
    What it costs
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    RM250 Petron Gift Card & Touch 'n Go Card BBAZAAR EXCLUSIVE DEAL
    What you get
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    What you need to consider
    What it costs
    BBazaar Exclusive Deal
    RM250 Petron Gift Card & Touch 'n Go Card BBAZAAR EXCLUSIVE DEAL
    What you get
    What you need
    What you'll love
    What you need to consider
    What it costs
    BBazaar Exclusive Deal
    RM500 Petron Gift Card & Touch 'n Go card BBAZAAR EXCLUSIVE DEAL
    What you get
    What you need
    What you'll love
    What you need to consider
    What it costs
    BBazaar Exclusive Deal
    RM250 Petron Gift Card & Touch 'n Go Card BBAZAAR EXCLUSIVE DEAL
    What you get
    What you need
    What you'll love
    What you need to consider
    What it costs
    BBazaar Exclusive Deal

    Citibank Credit Cards

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    Citibank Berhad offers different credit cards that let you earn multiple rewards on all kinds of spends. From travel perks and redeemable points to cash rebates and fuel surcharge waivers, you’ll save plenty when you use any Citibank Credit Card for payments.

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    Here are the list of credit cards offered by Citi

    Features and Benefits

    • Depending on the type of Citi credit card, you can get rewarded with redeemable points, air miles, or cashback for every RM1 you spend using the card.
    • Earn double PremierMiles on overseas spends or at select online travel merchants with the Citi PremierMiles Visa Card.
    • Earn unlimited Citi Rewards points on all your local and overseas spends with the Citi Prestige card.
    • Enjoy an accelerated Rewards earning at departmental stores and supermarkets with the Citi Rewards Credit Card.
    • Earn 10% cashback on interest every month when you make your monthly payments on time with the Citi Simplicity+ Card.
    • Get up to 10% as cashback for spends on petrol, dining, groceries, and Grab rides with the Citi Cash Back Credit Card.
    • Enjoy up to 8% rebate on Shell fuel with the Shell-Citi Gold Credit Card.
    • All Citi credit cards except Citi Prestige and Citi Simplicity+ get a first-year annual fee waiver on using the new card at least 3 times within 60 days.
    • Unlimited access to select Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia.
    • 24/7 Visa Worldwide and World Mastercard Concierge services.
    • Benefit from exclusive VIP privileges at select luxury hotels and restaurants.

    Best Citi Credit Cards

    Citi Cash Back Platinum Card: Best for Cashback

    • Get 10% cashback when you spend a minimum of RM1,500 in a billing month on petrol, groceries, dining, or Grab rides.
    • The amount of cashback you can earn in a month is limited to RM15 for each spending category.
    • Enjoy 0.2% unlimited cashback on all other retail spends made using this card.
    • Get access to exclusive health care packages at specialist hospitals in the KPJ Healthcare Network.
    • Enjoy attractive discounts and special privileges at over 24,000 partner establishments across the world in various categories, including dining, retail stores, golfing, etc.
    • Get 24/7 personal concierge services wherever you go.

    Citi Prestige Card: Best for Rewards

    • Earn 2 Citi Rewards points for every RM1 you spend overseas as an equivalent foreign currency transaction.
    • Get 1 Citi Rewards point with every spend you make on eligible local transactions.
    • The number of Citi Rewards points you can earn isn’t capped and they never expire either.
    • Double your points tally by staying loyal to Citibank Malaysia.
    • Get unlimited access to over 800 airport lounges across the world with your Priority Pass Membership.
    • Get a complimentary ride home from KLIA on swiping your card at least 3 times when you’re travelling overseas.
    • Take advantage of complimentary Wi-Fi access at over a million hotspots across the world.
    • Get 24/7 concierge services.
    • Complimentary travel insurance with personal accident and medical expenses coverage of up to US$1 million.
    • Items bought using this card are protected up to 90 days from the purchase date to the tune of up to USD3,000 for every instance.

    Citi PremierMiles Visa Card: Best for Travel

    • Earn 2 PremierMiles for every RM3 you spend overseas as an equivalent foreign currency transaction.
    • Earn 2 PremierMiles for every RM3 you spend on select online travel merchants.
    • Earn 1 PremierMile for every RM3 you spend on local transactions.
    • Get 10,000 bonus PremierMiles every year on your card anniversary when you pay the annual fees.
    • Redeem your PremierMiles at over 90 partner airlines at the rate of 1,500 PremierMiles for 1000 Air Miles.
    • PremierMiles earned can be used to pay off your card’s annual fees.
    • Enjoy unlimited access to select Plaza Premium Lounges across Malaysia.
    • Swipe your card at least 3 times when you’re overseas and enjoy a complimentary ride home from KLIA.
    • Benefit from exclusive benefits at over 900 luxury hotels around the globe.
    • Take advantage of discounted green fees at 30 golf clubs across South Asia.

    Reward Programmes Offered by Citibank Malaysia

    Citibank Malaysia lets you make the most of every purchase made using Citi credit cards. Here are the main reward programmes offered by Citibank that you should know about:

    Citi ThankYou Rewards

    This rewards programme lets you use the points you’ve earned in multiple ways for an array of rewards. The Citi Rewards points you earn with every purchase don’t ever expire. Here’s how you can make the most of your Citi Reward points with this programme:

    • Pay for purchases made at online shopping partners like
    • Offset the value of any purchase made at a participating outlet.
    • Pay for old purchases and reduce your statement balance.
    • Pay right away for any purchase made at a participating merchant’s store.
    • Redeem your points for a whole host of products across multiple categories.
    • Transfer your points to an array of loyalty programmes for multiple rewards, including discounted airfares, seat upgrades, etc.

    Citi World Privileges

    As a Citi cardholder, you’ll be able to enjoy personalised offers and privileges across a number of categories, whether you’re in Malaysia or travelling overseas. From dining and shopping to entertainment and sports, there’s plenty of deals and privileges to take advantage of with your Citi credit card, such as:

    • Travel Deals: KKday
      • Get 12% off select seasonal tours and activities.
      • Get 6% off experiences and day trips.
      • Get 5% off select tickets and restaurant products.
      • This offer is valid until 31 March 2019.
    • Dining Deals: Bintang Revolving
      • Get 25% off a la carte menu.
      • This offer is valid until 31 July 2018.

    Citi Credit Card Promotions in Malaysia

    1. Enjoy a discount of 20% on the food bill at Arthur’s Bar & Grill with Shangri-La KL Golden Circle Membership and a discount of 15% without the membership. The offer is valid until 13 March 2019.
    2. Get 10% off the daily rate for weekend stays and 15% off the daily rate for weekday stays at Ambassador Row Hotel Suites by Lanson Place. The offer is valid until 31 December 2018.
    3. Get two Dolby Atmos tickets at Golden Screen Cinemas for shows on Saturdays and Sundays at a flat price of RM25. The offer is valid until 31 May 2018.

    Payment Plans Offered by Citibank Malaysia

    Mentioned below are the payment plans offered by Citibank Malaysia. These payment plans are a common feature of Citi credit cards.

    Citibank FlexiPayment Plan

    No matter what your next big retail purchase is – the latest gaming console or a tailor-made tuxedo – you can use your Citi credit card to manage your finances in a better way. With the FlexiPayment Plan feature, you can convert any retail transaction you make across the world using your Citi credit card in to smaller, affordable monthly instalments.

    If you wish to convert any retail transaction, the minimum spend requirement is RM500. You can then choose from multiple flexible repayment tenures that start from 6 months and can go up to 36 months. You even get to convert a single retail transaction or accumulated retail transactions according to your individual needs.

    The effective annual interest rate for this facility from Citibank Malaysia varies from 5.9% p.a. to 17.9% p.a. To apply for this facility, spend a minimum of RM500 with your Citi credit card. Now, select the transaction that you want to convert and choose the right tenure option. Call the bank’s 24/7 helpline any time for a conversion request.

    On successful conversion, the first instalment of your FlexiPayment Plan will show up in your next card statement. Keep in mind that any transaction you’re looking to convert shouldn’t have been billed in to your card statement yet.


    When you need cash in case of an emergency, convenience is key. Citibank Malaysia’s Dial-For-Cash feature is just what you need when you’re low on money. This feature lets you get quick access to cash – usually within 3 working days – without you having to go through the hassle of applying for a new loan.

    Whether you need cash for a renovation project or an impending vacation, you have the flexibility of using the money you get however you want to. You can even choose from flexible tenure options that range from 6 months to 48 months. With the effective interest rate ranging from 5.9% p.a. to 17.9% p.a., your monthly instalments can be as low as RM28.

    The minimum amount you can apply for with the Dial-For-Cash feature is RM1,000. The best part of this feature is the fact that you can get the cash disbursed to any of your preferred savings or checking account.

    To apply, you can login to Citibank Malaysia’s online banking platform and make a request or call the bank’s dedicated Customer Relationship team for assistance. You can also arrange for the bank to get in touch with you by sharing your contact details online.

    Balance Transfer via Instalment Plan

    With Citibank Balance Transfer Plan via Instalment feature, you can transfer the outstanding balance on another card on to your Citi credit card and pay it off as smaller monthly instalments that are more affordable. The flat interest rate on offer for this facility ranges from 5.32% p.a. to 5.81% p.a., which is equivalent to an effective interest rate of 9.9% p.a.

    For easy repayments, you can choose from flexible tenure options that start from 6 months and go up to a maximum period of 36 months. To apply, all you have to do is share your personal contact details on Citibank’s website and wait for the sales representative to get in touch with you. On the other hand, you can also call CitiPhone numbers in your city and place a balance transfer request.

    Insurance Plans Offered by Citibank Malaysia

    Travel Insurance Coverage

    Your Citi credit card boasts a whole host of privileges and benefits. One such benefit that’s a feature of some select Citi cards, such as the Citi PremierMiles Visa card, is complimentary travel insurance. With this insurance plan, you’re covered against most travel inconveniences, including flight delay, missed flight connection, baggage delay, baggage loss, baggage damage, and trip cancellation.

    Additionally, you’re covered for home content loss, medical expenses, and loss of personal effects when you’re overseas. Most importantly, you’re covered up to RM300,000 in case you meet with an accident while you’re overseas. The cost of emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains if the unthinkable happens will also be covered up to RM75,000.

    Purchase Protection

    Besides making a number of retail purchases affordable for you, your Citi credit card can also protect you from loss or damage resulting from such purchases with the Purchase Protection benefit. The Citi Rewards card is one such card that has the Purchase Protection feature. With this feature, all eligible purchases that you make using your Citi credit card are covered financially for up to RM10,000 per item or RM25,000 per occurrence in case of accidental loss, damage, or theft.

    Extended Warranty

    With the Citi Prestige card, you get an Extended Warranty feature that applies to select products bought in Malaysia. As part of this cover, specific products bought in Malaysia are covered up to USD500 per occurrence. The limit for this cover is USD2,000 p.a. The Extended Warranty is valid up to a full year once the original manufacturer’s warranty expires.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Before you go ahead and apply for any Citi credit card, it’s important that you satisfy all the eligibility criteria as specified by the bank. Listed below are the main eligibility requirements as specified by Citibank Malaysia that you should know about:

    • The cardholder should be a Malaysian citizen, a Permanent Resident, or hold a valid work permit/letter of employment.
    • The principal cardholder should be at least 21 years of age.
    • The supplementary cardholder should be aged 18 years or older.
    • The minimum income requirement varies from RM24,000 to RM200,000 depending on the type of Citi credit card you’re looking to get.

    Documents Required for Citi Credit Cards

    Salaried employees, self-employed professionals, and salaried expatriates can all apply for Citi credit cards. The kind of documents you’ll need to apply for any card depends on your employment status. Although each Citi credit card is different in the way it works, the documents required are pretty much the same for all cards. Here are the documents you’ll need to apply for a new Citi credit card:

    Documents Required for Salaried Employees:

    1. Copy of MyKad.
    2. Latest EPF statement.
    3. Latest 6 months' salary slips.
    4. Latest 6 months' bank statements.
    5. Form BE with tax payment receipt.

    Documents Required for Self-Employed Professionals:

    1. Copy of MyKad.
    2. Business Registration Certificate (ROC & ROB).
    3. Latest 6 months' bank statements.
    4. Form BE with tax payment receipt.

    Documents Required for Salaried Expatriates:

    1. Copy of Passport.
    2. Latest 3 months’ salary slips.
    3. Latest 2 months' bank statements.
    4. Form BE with tax payment receipt.
    5. Valid work permit.
    6. Letter of employment.

    Fees and Charges of Citi Credit Cards

    Types of Fees Charges
    Type of Fees or Charge Amount
    Annual fees RM0 – RM1,060
    Supplementary fees RM0 – RM159
    Retail interest rates 15% p.a. to 18% p.a.
    Cash advance interest rate 18% p.a. daily interest is calculated on the total cash advance amount from the date the transaction was done.
    Cash advance fees 5.3% of the total cash advance amount or RM21.20, whichever is higher.
    Minimum monthly payment The higher amount between 5% of the current balance and RM50.
    Late payment fees The higher amount between RM10 and 1% of the total outstanding balance. This fee is capped at an amount of RM100.
    Overseas transaction charges The transaction is first converted in to Ringgit Malaysia with US Dollars as the base currency on the date the transaction is received and processed. A 1% foreign exchange conversion markup is then added to the converted amount.

    How Do You Activate or Cancel Your Citi Credit Card?


    Once your credit card application has been approved by Citibank Malaysia, you’ll receive your new card by mail. Once you’ve received the card, you need to call the Card Activation and PIN Creation Hotline to activate your card and set up a new 6-digit PIN.

    Alternatively, you can set your card’s PIN by accessing the Citi Mobile application or Citibank’s online banking platform. Once you’ve set your PIN, your Citi credit card will be activated automatically.


    You may cancel your Citi credit card at any time by calling CitiPhone and placing a cancellation request. You can also cancel Citi cards by filling out a credit card cancellation request form and sending it by mail or fax to Citibank Malaysia.

    In addition to sending the request form, you’ll need to cut your card in to several pieces across the magnetic strip and the microchip of your card. As the cardholder, you’ll still be liable for all transactions that are yet to be billed.

    Citi Credit Card Statements

    As a Citi credit cardholder, you’ll receive a credit card statement every month. This statement will show you the outstanding balance on your card, finance charges, current charges, payments, credits, your credit limit, the minimum monthly payment to be made, the payment due date, and all other important information related to your credit card.

    This statement is usually sent to your last known address as specified in the bank’s records. Once you receive the statement and if there are no disputed transactions of any sort, you’re expected to make at least the minimum monthly payment on or before the payment due date.

    You can also choose to receive your credit card statement electronically by email. An e-Statement from Citibank is faster to arrive, convenient, easily manageable, secure, user-friendly, and eco-friendly when compared to a regular statement that’s sent by email. You can enrol for an e-Statement by logging in to Citibank Online.

    Security Features of Citi Credit Cards

    Some Citi credit cards like the Citi Clear Card stand out when it comes to enhanced security features. With most transactions now requiring dynamic authentication, these Citi credit cards come embedded with an EMV-compliant smart chip to ensure complete protection against fraudulent transactions and improper card usage.

    Lost Card Liability

    Once you realise that your Citi credit card is lost, misplaced, or stolen, you need report it right away. Some Citi credit cards like the Citi Clear card don’t hold you responsible or liable for any transactions in the immediate aftermath of reporting a lost card.

    If you fail to report a lost credit card on time, you’ll be liable for all transactions – fraudulent and unauthorised – done using your card.

    How Do You Make Temporary Changes to Your Citi Card’s Credit Limit?

    One of those times when you could do with some more money? Whether you need funds right away to cover for an emergency or to pay for a large retail transaction, you can temporarily increase your Citi card’s credit limit.

    To begin with, you can get a temporary increase in your card’s credit limit by placing a request for this facility through any CitiPhone Banking channel. Alternatively, you can do it on the internet at your convenience through your Citibank Online account.

    Citi Credit Card Hotline Numbers

    You can contact the Cards Telemarketing Department on: 1300 13 5555/2383 6555 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

    By Major City Wise:

    Penang: 04-296 0000

    Kuala Lumpur: 03 - 2383 0000

    Johor Bahru: 07-268 0000

    Sabah and Sarawak: 1800-82-1010

    Mailing Address:

    Citibank Berhad, Customer Service Center,

    No 165 Jalan Ampang,

    PO Box 11725, Kuala Lumpur.

    FAQ’s on Citi Credit Cards

    Q. How do I apply for a Citibank credit card in Malaysia?

    A. You can apply for Citi credit cards in Malaysia through online and offline channels. If you wish to do things in-person, drop by the nearest Citibank branch and fill out the credit card application. For a more convenient and hassle-free process, you can either call Citibank’s sales representatives for further assistance or visit Citibank’s official website.

    Once you’re online, just apply for the credit card you prefer by providing all the necessary details and filling out the application form.

    Q. How do I check the status of my credit card application?

    A. For starters, it can take as much as 14 working days for your credit card application to be processed completely. During this time, you can check on the status of your application through Citibank Malaysia’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service. Call the numbers mentioned below to check your application status:

    • 03-2383-0000 (Kuala Lumpur)
    • 04-296-0000 (Penang)
    • 07-268-0000 (Johor Bahru)
    • 1-800-82-1010 (Sabah & Sarawak)

    Q. How long does it take to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged Citi credit card?

    A. Some Citi credit cards like the Citi Clear card can be replaced in one hour if it’s lost, stolen, or damaged. However, it usually takes about five to seven working days from the date of issuance for the card to reach you by mail.

    If the card is taking longer than usual to reach you, just get in touch with Citibank’s customer service team as soon as possible.

    Q. How much does it cost to get a replacement Citi credit card?

    A. The fees for a one-hour replacement card service is RM50 per card.

    Q. What should I keep in mind when I get a new/replacement/renewed credit card?

    A. To begin with, check if the package you’ve received isn’t compromised or damaged in any way. Next check if the card you’ve got has your name on it and spelt correctly. Get in touch with the bank immediately if either of these conditions aren’t met.

    Now, cut your old card – if it isn’t lost, stolen, or misplaced – in to several pieces and ensure that the chip and the magnetic strip are damaged completely. Lastly, sign on the signature panel on the back of your credit card.

    Q. How do I permanently increase the credit limit of my Citi card?

    A. For a permanent increase of your card’s credit limit, follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Fill out the permanent credit limit increase application form.
    2. Attach the application form with proof of your revised income and send it either by email or by regular mail.
    3. Proof of income should be one of the following documents:
      • Latest 3 months’ salary slips.
      • Latest EPF statement.
      • Latest EA form.
      • Latest Form BE with tax payment receipt.

    It usually takes around 14 working days for your credit limit increase request to be reviewed and processed by the bank.

    Q. On my monthly statement, I see a transaction that I haven’t authorised. How do I go about disputing this charge?

    A. In case of an unauthorised transaction, Citibank Malaysia’s representatives can initiate a dispute on your behalf. All you need to do is download the dispute form online, fill it out, and forward the duly signed form to the bank through email or regular mail.

    Usually, it takes about 60 calendar days for a dispute investigation process. In the meantime, it’s advisable to block your existing card to avoid any other unauthorised transactions.

    Q. Is there a way for me to check the status of my dispute?

    A. Yes. You can check the status of any disputed transaction through online and offline channels. Firstly, you can send a signed request by mail to Citibank Malaysia’s support unit in Kuala Lumpur.

    Secondly, you can just call the customer service team for further assistance through CitiPhone Banking. For a hassle-free approach, you login to your Citibank Online account and send a dispute status check request by email.

    Q. Is it possible for me to not receive my credit statement in a particular month?

    A. Yes. There are only a couple of scenarios when a statement won’t be generated for a particular month which are:

    • If there are no retail transactions whatsoever.
    • If your credit card balance is less than RM10.

    Q. What is Credit Shield Select?

    A. Credit Shield Select is a type of credit insurance offered by Citibank Malaysia. It is non-participatory in nature and can be renewed every year. This insurance plan provides financial cover against your card’s outstanding balance in case of death, critical illness, or hospitalisation.

    All principal cardholders of Citi credit cards aged between 21 years and 59 years are eligible to be covered by Credit Shield Select. As the cardholder, you won’t have to undergo any medical examination if you satisfy all health declaration criteria that’s specified during enrolment.

    You can apply for this insurance plan by calling CitiPhone Banking numbers or visiting the nearest Citibank branch.

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