• Best Citibank Credit Cards in Malaysia

    Citibank Credit Cards
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    Citibank Cash Back Platinum
    Annual Fee:
    RM 195
    Reward type:
    Fuel, Groceries, Utilities, Shopping, HealthCare
    Citibank Clear Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    RM 90
    Free for 1st year with 3 card swipes within 60 days
    Reward type:
    Groceries, Utilities, Shopping, LifeStyle, Entertainment,Dining
    Citibank Rewards Platinum Card
    Annual Fee:
    RM 100
    Per Annum Per Rewards Category
    Reward type:
    Fuel, Travel, Shopping, LifeStyle
    Citibank AirAsia Gold Visa Card
    Annual Fee:
    RM 180
    Reward type:
    Groceries, Travel, Shopping, LifeStyle
    Citibank AirAsia Platinum Visa Card
    Annual Fee:
    RM 380
    Reward type:
    Groceries, Travel, Shopping, LifeStyle
    Citibank Business Platinum Card
    Annual Fee:
    RM 200
    Reward type:
    Groceries, Travel, Shopping
    Citibank Choice Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    Reward type:
    Groceries, Shopping, LifeStyle
    Citibank CitiBusiness Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    RM 200
    Reward type:
    Fuel, Groceries, Shopping, LifeStyle
    Citibank Giant-Citi Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    RM 120
    Reward type:
    Groceries, Utilities, LifeStyle
    Citibank Shell-Citi Gold Credit Card
    Annual Fee:
    RM 195
    Free for 1st year with 3 card swipes within 60 days
    Reward type:

    Overview of Citibank Credit Card

    Credit cards or kad kredit, offered by Citibank offer customers a wide range of benefits that can range from benefits when traveling to those that are made available to frequent shoppers. These cards also offer features like cashback on travel expenses and retail purchases. Even when cardholder use these cards for international purchases or on visits to other countries, they can avail these offers. These cards also come with reward programs that earn users points for shopping using these cards and those points can then be used to make other purchases. For businesses looking for cards that can be used for official purposes, Citibank offers credit cards related to travel, insurance and tracking of expenses.

    Why choose Citibank Credit Cards

    The credit cards offered by Citibank don’t just bring the convenience of high credit limits to the users, but also offer a lot of other features like special discounts and reward programs where certain cards earn more than other cards do. Another advantage of these cards is that they have been designed in such a way that they manage to take care of the needs of a wide variety of users. There are cards that are meant for frequent travellers, businessmen and the shopping enthusiast. These cards also offer the benefits of cashback schemes that allow user to earn as they spend.

    Features and Benefits of Citibank Credit Cards

    • These Citibank kad kredit can be taken by both salaried and self-employed individuals.
    • These cards can also be made available to expatriates.
    • Many of the cards offer high credit limits of up to RM 450,000
    • These cards support balance transfer facilities for which the charges are also not particularly high.
    • Using a travel credit card can entitle the cardholder to earn air miles that can be used to book future tickets.
    • Certain cards also offer purchase protection for up to 30 days.
    • Cardholders can also get access to airport lounges for free.
    • Many of the cards offer travel insurance and related products to protect against any untoward incident when the cardholder is abroad.

    Citibank Credit Card Eligibility

    Each card comes with its own eligibility criteria but most of them follow these general principles.

    • The minimum age limit for the main cardholder is 21 years.
    • The minimum age for supplementary cards is 18 years.
    • The annual income of the applicant must be between RM 24,000 and RM 200,000 and above.
    • The applicant must either be self-employed or salaried.

    Citibank credit card cash advance & interest on cash advance

    These cards do offer cash advance for which the fee is about 5.3% of the amount withdrawn and is subject to a minimum of RM 20. There is also an 18% annual interest rate charged on a daily basis.

    Citibank Credit Card balance transfer facility

    Most of the Citibank credit cards offer the balance transfer facility.

    Interest free period

    The interest free period for most of the cards is 20 days.

    Citibank Credit Card Documentation

    Before one can avail and use the features of a Citibank kad kredit, he/she is expected to provide certain documents to the bank. This documentation is critical for effective implementation of services and the following documents should be submitted.

    • Valid government approved Identity Card (Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)

      This is used to gauge the age of an applicant to ensure that he/she is over the minimum age requirement to avail a credit card.
    • Income proof

      The income proof is used to check the repayment capacity of an individual and acts as the benchmark for credit limit. This could be the latest salary slips of an applicant or details about his/her Income Tax returns.
    • Address proof of applicant

      This could be a utility bill or an ID card with current address mentioned in it.
    • Existing credit card

      A copy of the existing credit card (if available) can help fast-track the documentation process.
    • Recent passport size photographs.

    The bank can ask for any other supporting documents it feels are essential for a particular application to be processed.

    Citibank Credit Card Application Status

    Individuals who wish to apply for a Citibank kad kredit can apply online, through the official website of Citibank Malaysia or could contact their telemarketing department. Post successfully applying and submitting supporting documents, it takes around 14 working days to scrutinize and process an application. During this period, individuals can check their application status by utilising the Interactive Voice Response service feature offered by Citibank.

    This Interactive Voice Response service enables one to know their application status in real time and an applicant can access this service by dialling specific numbers. All one needs to do is dial these numbers, choose the language in which they wish to receive information and press *2 or 1 to check their application status. This features provides information in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

    The following numbers can be used to connect to this feature in a particular province.

    • Kuala Lumpur – 03-2383 0000
    • Melaka – 06-852 0000
    • Penang – 04-296 0000
    • Johor Bahru – 07-268 0000
    • Kuantan/Pahang - 09-509 0000
    • Sabah/Sarawak – 1-800-82-1010

    Citibank Credit Card Payment

    Making payments towards your credit card bill is simple and easy, with Citibank offering multiple payment modes to individuals.

    • ChequeIndividuals who wish to pay their credit card dues through cheque can do so by writing a cheque to Citibank Bankcard Center, mentioning the name of the cardholder, account number and contact details. These cheques can be deposited at cheque drop boxes located at convenient locations across Malaysia or at select Shell stations equipped to handle cheque collection.

    • Online paymentOffering ease and simplicity of making payments from the comfort of your home/office, online payments can be made through any valid credit card. Payments made through this mode are generally processed immediately, unless the payment is made beyond 10pm, in which case it will be processed the next day. Money can also be transferred online to initiate payment formalities.

    • ATMs – Citibank credit card payments can be made at all Citibank ATMs and select MEPS Shared ATM networks.

    • Express Payment Machines – All Citibank branches are equipped with express payment machines which can be used to make credit card payments.

    Apart from these major modes, one can opt to pay via mail or choose the auto debt facility in which the bill amount is automatically deducted from an account, removing the need to physically pay the bill amount yourself.

    Citibank Balance Conversion Plan

    The Balance Conversion Plan offered by Citibank is an easy way to pay credit card bills. In case of many small transactions, big purchases, or outstanding bills, payments can be broken down into easy monthly installments.

    Read More: Citibank Balance Conversion Plan

    Citibank Dial-For-Cash

    Citibank Dial for Cash is a cash advance facility that allows you to obtain cash advance from your Citibank credit cards. The cash advance will be disbursed to either your current account or savings account held with Citibank or any other bank. The repayment is done via equal monthly instalments.

    Citibank Visa Checkout

    Citibank has simplified your online shopping payment with Visa Checkout. Visa Checkout is a digital payment service that simplifies the entire payment process when you are shopping online. You can streamline your online shopping with Visa Checkout.

    Frequently Asked Questions – Citibank Credit Cards

    Q. What is the interest rate on the retail purchases made using these cards?

    A. The interest rate on these cards is about 15% per annum applied on a daily basis.

    Q. Are there any special offers related to these cards?

    A. Yes, each card comes with special discounts that can range from discounts on travel to shopping to even dining.

    Q. Are the special offers the same for all cards?

    A. No. The special offers may be specific to a particular card.

    Q. What is the minimum salary that I need to have to get a kad kredit?

    A. The minimum salary that you need to have for these cards is RM 24,000 per annum.

    Q. What is the minimum payment that I can make for these cards?

    A. The minimum payment that can be made is 5% of the outstanding balance, the over-limit amount and any past dues.

    Q. How soon will a lost card be replaced?

    A. In some cases, lost cards can be replaced in as little as 1 hour. There is, however, a fee charged for this service and it is RM 50 per card.

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    Other Products offered by Citibank:

    Apart from offering Credit Card, Citibank offers other products and services which include:

    • Citibank Personal Loan
    • Citibank Home Loan
    • Citibank Fixed Deposit
    • Ready Credit Overdraft Facility
    • Citibank Business Power Loan
    • Citibank ShopHouse Loan
    • Overdraft against Time Deposit
    • Citibank Portfolio Power Share Financing
    • Travel Insurance
    • Motor Insurance
    • Savings and Protection
    • Hospitalization
    • Home Protection
    • Personal Banking
    • Checking Accounts
    • Savings Accounts
    • Time Deposit
    • Foreign Currency Solutions
    • Debit and ATM cards

    News About Citibank Credit Card

    • Citigroup’s tie up with e-commerce companies boost Asia consumer revenues

      The Citigroup’s revenue rose by 3% in the third quarter. 4% rise in the credit card sales were aided by partnerships with the digital technology focused firms. Over 46% of the Citibank's credit card payments are settled via digital partners. The western banks find it cheaper and faster to grow in Asia as they offer loans, payment services, and fund management via mobile banking.

      27th October 2016

    • Citibank credit cards offer 15% discount across all Ensogo Stores

      Citibank is offering its credit card customers a discount of 15% across all Ensogo stores in Malaysia.

      The discount is not valid on electronic items and consists of complimentary delivery anywhere in Malaysia without a limit to minimum spend. The discount is valid on a host of products like fashion, beauty, baby, maternity products, home décor, furniture, sports and leisure services and other service categories.

      These offers are applicable from November 2015 to December 31-12-2015.

      Citibank is one of the most prominent international banks in Malaysia and has a good customer base. The bank offers a range of banking products and services to customers.

      13th November 2015

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