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    AFFINBANK Balance Transfer

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    The credit cards offered by Affin Bank come with a balance transfer instalment plan (BTiP). The facility lets you transfer a portion of credit limit assigned to your Affin Bank credit card onto other bank credit cards. The facility allows you to make the repayment in a range of flexible tenures with a maximum limit of 36 months.

    Affin Bank Balance Transfer Programme Rates

    The following table consists of the interest rates associated with the balance transfer plan:

    Repayment Tenure Interest rate (one-time) Minimum amount required
    6 months 2% p.a. RM1,000
    12 months 4% p.a. RM1,000
    18 months 5% p.a. RM2,000
    24 months 6% p.a. RM2,000
    36 months 7% p.a. RM3,000

    Benefits of Affin Bank Balance Transfer

    The benefits associated with the balance transfer plan are as follows:

    • You can choose from a flexible range of repayment tenures according to your repayment capacity.
    • The interest associated with the plan can be as low as 0.00% p.a.
    • You can use this facility to transfer amounts starting from RM1,000.
    • You can pay a minimum of RM50 or 5% (whichever is higher) of the outstanding balance as the monthly instalment for the plan.

    How to complete Affin Bank Balance Transfer

    To complete the balance transfer application process, you can go with any of the following ways:

    • Contact the bank telephonically: You can request for balance transfer facility by contacting the bank via its customer service numbers.
    • Over-the-counter (OTC) application: You can visit the nearest branch of Affin Bank and request for the facility over-the-counter.
    • Applying online: You can also apply for the facility on your credit card by filling the application form available on the official website of the bank.

    Terms and conditions

    The following are the terms and conditions of the balance transfer plan:

    • The plan is open exclusively for principal credit cardholders. Supplementary cardholders are not eligible to apply for the facility.
    • The minimum amount that can be transferred using the facility is RM1,000 and the maximum amount should not exceed 90% of the approved credit limit.
    • The bank has the right to reject any application regarding the facility without providing the cardmember with any reason.
    • Once the facility is successfully approved, you will need to pay a one-time interest depending upon the tenure.
    • You are required to pay at least 5% of the total outstanding balance or RM50 (whichever is higher) on a monthly basis.
    • The bank can reject the application if the minimum amount requirement is not met or your credit card doesn’t have sufficient balance.


    Q. What are the documents I need to present at the time of Affin Bank balance transfer application?

    A. You are required to submit the following documents:

    • One copy of other bank’s recent credit card statement.
    • Affin Bank balance transfer application form.

    Q. What is the minimum repayment tenure I can choose with this facility?

    A. The minimum tenure you can opt for with this facility is 6 months.

    Q. Is there any fee or charge related to the early settlement of this facility?

    A. Yes, in cases where you choose to pay the entire amount before the tenure ends, you are required to pay a penalty of RM100.

    Q. What if I cancel my Affin Bank credit card during the facility’s tenure?

    A. You will be required to pay a penalty of RM100 in such cases.

    Q. Can I get AFFIN bonus if I use this facility?

    A. No. You cannot earn AFFIN bonus with this facility.

    Q. What are the charges I have to bear if I do not pay the full amount due?

    A. If you do not pay the entire due amount, you will be charged at a rate of 9.99% p.a. to 17.5% p.a.

    Q. How do I contact the bank regarding any query related to the plan?

    A. You can contact the bank via any of the following channels:

    • Any branch of Affin Bank
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Fax: 03-7804 0750
    • Customer service number: 03-5522 3000

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