Santa Claus comes around just once a year. In the meantime, there are Credit Cards.
Santa Claus comes around just once a year. In the meantime, there are Credit Cards.

    Airline Credit Cards

    Travel Credit Cards Malaysia

    Airline credit cards or rather travel credit cards are the best way to ensure your next trip overseas or inside the nation is a more rewarding experience. You might argue that if one is having a surplus of liquid cash or appropriate balance in one’s savings or current account, using a credit card might be only a way to attract more interest on top of the expenditure, but that will hold true only if you keep the payments pending for long. On the flipside, the plethora of benefits that are available on credit cards meant for travel can make your trip memorable and enjoyable, right off the bat. In addition to offering a host of benefits on the travel alone, cards also offer reward points that can be accumulated and used in return at convenience stores, entertainment portals and even for travel tickets.

    Why choose Airline Credit Cards

    Apart from the basic point of view of convenience of plastic money, travel credit cards are specifically designed to cater to expenses that one encounters while on a trip. That starts from your conveyance from home to the airport, flight ticket bookings, lounge service and even travel insurance. Banks could even have tie-ups with certain airlines to offer sumptuous discounts on ticket bookings and massive reward points. All in all, having a comprehensive travel credit card can effectively double your experience of enjoyment while not thinning out your wallet.

    Benefits and Features of Travel Credit Cards

    Travel credit cards and specifically those which work on flights and airline travels have numerous benefits associated with them. Some of the more popular ones are mentioned below –

    1. Signing up for a travel credit generally credits your account with air miles or reward points that can be used for future travels

    2. Travel cards are named so because they take care of your expenses on everything while travelling, including dining. Many restaurants and hotels offer exclusive discounts for particular travel cards

    3. Many airline cards come with an inbuilt travel insurance option that effectively protects one against lost baggage, accidents or hospitalisation till a certain extent

    4. On trips long or short, rest and respite is much needed. Travel cards allow free lounge access at many airports for this particular reason

    5. In addition to the normal benefits an airline credit offers, one can even get discounts on fuel expenses on their personal vehicle

    6. With an airline credit card, one could be on the priority list for getting to check-in at the best hotels, spas and golf courses and these benefits are mostly available with overseas travel

    7. Travel cards earn their moniker because you also get rewarded for travelling more. Air miles are added every time you use the card to book flight tickets

    8. Some airline cards offer to reverse the FOREX charges that are applied when transacting overseas

    9. Earning reward points is pretty normal, but you can even earn a reward point for every ringgit spent on some cards

    Eligibility Criteria to avail Airline Credit Cards

    The basic eligibility criteria that needs to be fulfilled consists of the following for most of the banks –

    1. Age – One should be at least 18 years of age

    2. Bank Relationship – One should be having an income source and must have an active bank account

    3. Income – Most banks require an annual income to be above RM 100000 but the same could be different considering other banks and the nationality of the applicant

    Applying for Travel Credit Cards

    Applying for an airline credit card or a travel card is just as easy as applying for a normal savings account at any bank. If one satisfies the basic eligibility criteria, there are no possible causes wherein a credit card application will not be processed.

    One normally would need to go to the bank’s website and click on the relevant section of credit cards to download the required form that needs to be filled up and provide the requisite documents that are asked for in hard copies to either an agent or at the bank’s branch. The application process will start shortly after and post verification, within 15 days to 20 days, one can receive his/her credit card of choice. One can also visit the relevant bank’s section on Bbazaar’s website to have an overview of the best offers available on travel credit cards.

    In case you want a further explanation on how a particular airline credit card works, you could call up the relevant bank and request a chat or a meeting wherein you would be given all other details.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Airline Credit Cards

    Q. What can be the use of an Airline Credit Card?

    A. An Airline Credit Card is just like any other credit card with the added benefits of better perks on travel-related expenses.

    Q. What are the charges on an Airline Credit Card?

    A. The lower charges on travel cards are at around 15% per annum and the higher charges are at 18% per annum.

    Q. How do I know if I am eligible for a travel credit card?

    A. If you are above 18 years of age, own an active bank account, have a legal source of income and satisfy the minimum income requirements of the bank, you are eligible.

    Q. Can loans be availed on behalf of a travel credit card?

    A. Travel credit cards are not designed for day-to-day expenses or for availing loans, but some banks might allow the same.

    Q. What is the repayment tenure on travel credit cards?

    A. Just like any other credit card, your expenses on these cards will be present till you settle them off and you’ll be required to pay a minimum due every month without fail.

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