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    Bank Rakyat TISB Card-i

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    Bank Rakyat TISB Credit Card-i

    This credit card from Bank Rakyat is designed for the cardholders who are looking to save as much as possible on a card that is used every day. The TISB credit card comes at affordable charges such as no annual fees thereby saving the hassle of added charges. The card also earns reward points for every expense charged onto the card and these points can be redeemed for cashback thereby allowing the cardholder to maximise on savings. The features and benefits of the card are as follows

    Features of the Bank Rakyat TISB Credit Card-i

    · The minimum age for primary cardholder is 21 years as at last birthday

    ·The minimum age for supplementary cardholder is 18 years as at last birthday

    · The maximum age for card application is that the holder must not have crossed 65 years of age as at last birthday

    · The annual fees for both the primary and supplementary cards is free for life and is not dependent on minimum number of swipes of the card per year.

    · The aspiring cardholder must earn a minimum of RM 36,000 per year to avail this card

    ·The minimum monthly payment to be made is the higher of RM 50 or 5% of the outstanding balance

    · Late payment attracts a penalty charge of 1% of the outstanding amount capped to a maximum of RM 100

    ·Cash withdrawals attract a withdrawal fee which is the higher of RM 21.20 or 3% of the withdrawn amount

    · Fee for issuing replacement cards is RM 50

    · Duplicate monthly statement cards can be requested at RM 5.30 per copy

    Benefits of the Bank Rakyat TISB Credit Card-i

    Interest Free Period:

    The TISB credit card offer cardholders a 20 day interest free period from date of any purchase charged to the card

    Takaful IKHLAS:

    The TISB card earns the cardholder better takaful benefits. The card provides the cardholder a chance to protect the financial future of their family by offering a takaful cover for all outstanding balance in the unfortunate case of the cardholder’s demise. If the cardholder meets his/her demise, the family is granted a funeral expense amount of up to RM 1000. The takaful coverage also includes total permanent disability of the cardholder

    The TISB credit card offers discounts on Takaful IKHLAS non-motor products such as 25% discount on Personal accident takaful of IKHLAS Kembara Takaful, discounts on IKLHAS Householder Takaful and IKHLAS Fire Takaful to the tune of 15% each.

    Bank Rakyat TISB Credit Card-i Rewards

    Earn while spending with the reward points from Bank rakyat TISB card. These reward points are earned for every retail both local and overseas, charged to the card. The card earns reward points at the rate of 1 reward point for every RM 10 charged to the card. These points can be redeemed for cash that is credited to the cardholder’s credit card account at the rate of RM 0.10 for 10 reward points. These reward points have no date of expiry and can be collected over a period of time to redeem for a larger sum

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