• Best Cash Back Credit Cards in Malaysia

    Credit cards offer a host of exciting features and benefits which make this financial instrument an extremely popular financial tool among customers. One of the most rewarding features of credit cards is the cash back offered by them. Cash backs differ for various cards offered by different banks. Through cash backs, customers get the dual benefit of making purchases through credit cards as well as earn cash backs for making further purchases. In the competitive Malaysian financial market, cashbacks are a significant way for banks to gain edge over other competing credit cards.

    Best Cash Back Credit Cards in Malaysia

    Some of the best cash back credit cards offered by banks in Malaysia are mentioned below.

    Citibank Cash Back Platinum

    Citibank Cash Back Platinum card offers great cash backs across a host of categories like shopping, entertainment, petrol purchase, utility bill payments etc. This credit card offers cashbacks of up to 5% when swiped at various outlets for purchases made. There is a monthly cap of RM30 on the cashback received by customers for petrol while groceries cash back is capped at RM60 per month. For all other categories of spends, unlimited cash backs are permissible for customers who use the Citibank Cash Back Platinum Credit Card.

    UOB ONE Card Classic

    UOB One Card Classic is an ultimate cash back credit card from UOB. The bank offers a host of exciting cashbacks on categories such as shopping, groceries, utility bill payments, petrol purchase etc. Customers get to enjoy a 0.2% cash back every day when they shop using the UOB One Card Classic. 2% cashback is offered on weekdays for petrol and entertainment expense while 5% cash backs can be availed on the same during weekends. The card also offers standard features like balance transfer, EMI plan on purchases made using the credit card as well as merchant partner discounts.

    HSBC Amanah MPower Visa Credit Card-i

    HSBC Amanah MPOwer Visa Credit card-I is an Islamic banking credit card product that offers great cashbacks to customers. Cardholders get to enjoy as high as 8% cashback on expenses paid using the HSBC Amanah MPower Visa credit card-i. The 8% cashback is valid for monthly purchases of RM 2001 and above. For purchases less than RM 2001, the cashback is 3%. This card from HSBC offers cashbacks for both domestic as well as international spends. Petrol, groceries and dining bills are capped at a maximum of RM100 per month while other overseas and local spends are uncapped.

    Alliance Bank You:nique - Great Rebates

    This credit card from Alliance Bank helps you earn unlimited cashbacks on money you spend using the card. The card offers unique cashback features uncommon to any other credit card being offered by Alliance Bank. Enjoy cashbacks for every retail purchase that you make using your Alliance Bank You:nique Credit Card.Different caps are applicable on spends made monthly. For example, if you spend up to RM 1000 per month you get to avail 0.5% cashback capped at RM5 while expenditure up to RM 3000 per month gets you a 3% cashback capped at RM30. For purchases that are above RM 3000 per month, there is no limit to the cashback that you can earn.

    CIMB Cash Rebate Gold MasterCard

    CIMB Cash Rebate Gold MasterCard is perfect for you if you are a fan of cashbacks and want to be rewarded for every shopping spree that you go on; be it online or at your local shopping mall. Online shopping via this credit card gets you a cashback of 5% capped at a maximum of RM30 for every RM600 or more spent in a single transaction. Also, avail amazing cashbacks on petrol spends, groceries, utility bills as well as mobile bills. All kinds of retail spends fetch you 0.2% cashback which is not capped at any maximum value. This CIMB Credit Card also offers great discounted deals at Google Play store, iTunes, Expedia and other such applications.

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