Santa Claus comes around just once a year. In the meantime, there are Credit Cards.
Santa Claus comes around just once a year. In the meantime, there are Credit Cards.

    CIMB Balance Transfer

    Now, credit card balance transfer has been made easy with CIMB Balance Transfer Plan. You can easily transfer your balance or debt pending in one credit card to another by using this plan without submitting any supporting documents. The plan comes with attractive interest rates and a host of flexibilities. The plan allows you to choose repayment tenure based on your convenience.

    Key features of CIMB Balance Transfer Plan

    The CIMB Balance Transfer Plan comes with a lot of attractive features. Listed below are the main features of this plan:

    • CIMB charges attractive rates of interest that start from 5.99% and goes up to 7.99% p.a.
    • You don’t have to pay any early termination fees.
    • You can choose among 12 different credit cards.
    • Get repayment tenure up to 12 months.
    • No setup fee is required.

    Benefits of CIMB Balance Transfer Plan

    A CIMB Credit Card holder can enjoy the following benefits by using the CIMB Balance Transfer Plan:

    • Enjoy flexible repayments periods and attractive interest rates.
    • You don’t have to pay any processing fees to initiate balance transfer.
    • The plan is very simple. You can avail this plan without producing any supporting documents.
    • CIMB offers attractive rates of interest.

    Interest rates CIMB Balance Transfer Plan

    The following interest rates are applicable on CIMB Balance Transfer Plan:

    Interest Rate Repayment tenure Minimum Transfer amount
    5.99% p.a. 6 months RM1000
    7.99% p.a. 12 months RM1000

    CIMB may change the above-mentioned interest rates without notifying you in advance.

    How to apply for CIMB Balance Transfer Plan

    It is very simple. What you have to do is to call CIMB Retail Telemarketing Center between Monday to Friday and make a request. The bank representative would follow up with to get it done.

    Otherwise, you can visit your CIMB branch physically and collect the application form. Then, fill the application form by putting all required information and email or post.

    CIMB Balance Transfer Plan FAQ’s

    1. What is the minimum monthly repayment I need to do, if I opt for CIMB Balance Transfer Plan?

    2. The minimum monthly payment starts from RM50 or 5% of the total outstanding amount.

    3. Who can transfer credit card balance by using the CIMB Balance Transfer Plan?

    4. The credit card holders of CIMB are eligible for CIMB Balance Transfer Plan.

    5. Does CIMB Balance Transfer Plan charge early termination fees?

    6. No. CIMB Balance Transfer Plan does not charge early termination fees.

    7. What is CIMB Balance Transfer all about?

    8. It is a credit card balance transfer plan that helps your transfer a part of your credit limit on your CIMB Credit Card to other credit cards. You can transfer your credit card balance at lower interest rates starting from 5.99% p.a for a period of 6 to 12 months.

    9. What is the minimum amount I can transfer from my CIMB Credit Card to other card?

    10. You can transfer a minimum amount of RM1, 000.

    11. Will my CIMB Balance Transfer interest rate will change, if I opt for a tenure of 12 months?

    12. Yes. In that case, you will have to pay 7.99% p.a.

    13. What if I opt for a repayment tenure of 6 months? How much interest will CIMB charge on my credit card balance transfer?

    14. If you opt for a repayment tenure of 6 months, CIMB will charge you 5.99% on credit card balance transfer.

    15. Does CIMB allow cancellation of balance transfer plan?

    16. Yes, you can cancel your CIMB Balance Transfer plan. But, you have to do it on the same day of your application.

    Other Bank Balance Transfer Plans

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