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    Citi Business Signature Card
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    Cash Back, Insurance, Travel, Entertainment, Utility, Golf

    Citi Business Visa Signature Credit Card

    This credit card from Citibank is designed or a business to keep track of the employee’s expenses. It offers comprehensive expense reports and also offers a corporate liability waiver insurance. Not only does it keep track of the expenses charged to the card it also offers cashback on the card for up to 0.8%. The features and benefits of the card are as follows

    Features of Citi Business Visa Signature card:

    ·The minimum age to apply for this card is 21 years as at last birthday

    ·The minimum annual income required to avail this card is RM 24,000

    ·The annual fees for the principal Business Signature full corporate is RM 636 inclusive of GST which is 6%

    ·The annual fees for the Business Signature Card which is of the Joint or Several nature is RM 318 inclusive of GST which is 6%

    Benefits of the Citi Business Visa Signature card:

    Expense management:

    the card allows for easier management of expenses by ways of providing a detailed expense report. The report streamlines the expense processing and offers a valuable time saving option by being able offering a single payment option. The expense report provided is not only concise and organized it allows for easy tracking of expenses. The card allows making utility bill payment easier through a recurring payment option.


    The card can be availed from a choice of 2 different formats that offer flexibility and protection. The first option is the full corporate liability card wherein the debt accumulated on the card is the sole liability of the principal account or company under whose name the card is availed. The second option is joint and several liability wherein the employer or company and the employee or card member are jointly liable for the debts incurred on the card issued to the individual. The card depending on the option chosen can allow for setting of spending limit to curtail employee expenses charged to the card. The full corporate liability also provides a liability waiver insurance to the company with a cover of up to RM 75,000 per card member and protects the company against employee misuse


    The card provides cashback on expenses charged to the card when the expenses relate to the following criteria; Travel and entertainment, utility bills, IT services/Computer Services, Professional services and office supplies. The cashback provided by the card has a set limit of 0.8% per category. The minimum expense to avail cashback is RM 200

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