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    Citi Cash Back Platinum Card

    Citi Cashback Platinum offers you a high rate of cashback on all retail transactions made on it. The card offers you cashback on daily expenses such as petrol and groceries and up to 10% cashback on dining expenses.

    Major highlights of this card are as follows:

    • 10% cashback on dining, GRAB rides, and purchases of grocery and petrol with automatic credit of cashback
    • Unlimited cashback of 0.2% on all other retail purchases.

    Best suited for:

    • Those who use their own conveyance for everyday travel.
    • Those who eat out on a regular basis.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Feature/Benefit Description
    Cashback on petrol 10% cashback with a monthly cap of RM15.
    Cashback on grocery 10% cashback with a monthly cap of RM15.
    Cashback on dining 10% cashback with a monthly cap of RM15.
    Cashback on GRAB rides 10% cashback with a monthly cap of RM15.
    Cashback on all other retail purchases 0.2% cashback with no monthly cap.
    Citibank World Privileges Discounted deals and privileges at more than 24,000 retail outlets, golf resorts, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and more.
    Credit Limit Up to RM450,000.
    Interest-free period 20 days.
    Healthcare 20% discount on Executive Screening Packages and 15% off on walk-in hospital rates at 20 participating hospitals.
    Personal Concierge Service 24-hour personal concierge service around the globe.

    Other Benefits

    • Pay bills conveniently with auto-bill payment via placing a standing instruction.
    • Track your credit card expenses via monthly e-statements.
    • Manage your account conveniently via Citibank Online and CitiPhone banking.
    • Access cash anywhere you need via Citibank and other bank ATMs.

    How to Earn Cashback

    Use your Citibank credit card to carry out retail transactions. Once you reach the monthly spend requirement on your card, you can get cashback automatically transferred into your credit account.

    Let’s look at the details of earning cashback on your card:

    Cashback Category Details Monthly Cap Minimum Spend Requirement
    Dining 10% cashback RM15 In order to obtain cashback of 10% on dining, groceries, petrol, and GRAB rides, you need to charge your card with a minimum of RM1,500 per month.
    Grocery 10% cashback RM15
    Petrol 10% cashback RM15
    GRAB rides 10% cashback RM15
    Other retail purchases 0.2% cashback No cap

    Cashback earned on all expenses when the monthly spend does not exceed RM1,500 is 0.2%.

    Balance Transfer Plan

    Citibank allows you to consolidate your current outstanding credit card debt into a single account with the help of balance transfer plan. Balance transfer feature lets you transfer outstanding balances accrued on other bank credit cards on to your Citibank credit card. You can transfer a minimum of RM1,000 with this feature. For more details, refer to the table below:

    Tenure Interest Rate Effective Interest Rate
    6 months 5.81% p.a. flat 9.9% p.a.
    9 months 5.56% p.a. flat 9.9% p.a.
    12 months 5.44% p.a. flat 9.9% p.a.
    18 months 5.35% p.a. flat 9.9% p.a.
    24 months 5.32% p.a. flat 9.9% p.a.
    30 months 5.32% p.a. flat 9.9% p.a.
    36 months 5.33% p.a. flat 9.9% p.a.

    FlexiPayment Plan

    FlexiPayment Plan associated with your Citibank card lets you split the bill of your purchase into affordable monthly instalments over a flexible tenure range. You can opt for the plan with a bill of as low as RM500. Let’s look at the details of this plan:

    Available Tenures Interest Rate Effective Interest Rate
    6 months 10.57% p.a. flat 17.9% p.a.
    12 months 9.96% p.a. flat 17.9% p.a.
    18 months 9.84% p.a. flat 17.9% p.a.
    24 months 9.85% p.a. flat 17.9% p.a.
    30 months 9.91% p.a. flat 17.9% p.a.
    36 months 9.99% p.a. flat 17.9% p.a.


    You can access quick funds via Citibank’s Dial-For-Cash feature. The facility provides you with a low-interest loan within 3 days of application and lets you repay over a tenure of up to 48 months. The following table contains more details about the feature:

    Repayment tenure Interest Rate (flat rate) Effective Interest Rate
    6 months 10.57% p.a. 17.9% p.a.
    12 months 9.96% p.a. 17.9% p.a.
    18 months 9.84% p.a. 17.9% p.a.
    24 months 9.85% p.a. 17.9% p.a.
    30 months 9.91% p.a. 17.9% p.a.
    36 months 9.99% p.a. 17.9% p.a.
    48 months 10.19% p.a. 17.9% p.a.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Age Requirement for Principal Card 21 Years
    Age Requirement for Supplementary Card 18 Years
    Income Requirement RM60,000 p.a.

    Documents Required

    Applicant type Required documents
    Salary-earning individuals
    • One copy of MyKad (both sides).
    • Salary slips for the last 2 months or latest EPF statement.
    • Latest BE form with tax payment receipt, or
    • Latest EA form, or
    • Bank statement for the 3 recent months.
    Self-employed individuals
    • One copy of MyKad (both sides).
    • One copy of the Business Registration form.
    • Latest B form with tax payment receipt, or
    • Bank statement for the last 6 months.
    Salary-earning expatriates
    • One copy of passport.
    • Salary slips for the last 2 months.
    • Employment letter.
    • Work permit that is valid for at least 6 months at the time of application.

    How to Apply

    You can apply for the Citi Cash Back Platinum online at easily by providing your personal and financial details.

    Fees and Charges

    Type of Fees Charges
    Annual fee (principal card) RM206.70.
    Annual fee (supplementary card) RM106.
    Retail interest rate 15% p.a. to 18% p.a.
    Cash advance interest rate 18% p.a.
    Cash advance fee 5.3% of the cash withdrawn or an amount of RM21.20, whichever is higher.
    Monthly repayment instalment RM50 or 5% of the total outstanding balance, whichever is higher.
    Late payment charges 1% of the amount due or RM10, whichever is higher (A maximum of RM100).
    Overseas transaction fee Overseas transactions carried out in other currencies will be converted into Malaysian Ringgit by Visa/Mastercard International plus 1% administration cost charged by Citibank.


    • Shop for more than RM200 at Go Shop using your Citibank card and get a discount of 10% till 31 December 2018.
    • Get a discount of 12% on all fitness packages at Ministry of Burn. The offer is valid till 5 April 2019.
    • Make a purchase of RM120 or more via Zalora app or on Zalora’s official website and get a discount of 15%. The offer is valid till 28 February 2019.


    Q. What is the minimum spend requirement associated with this card’s cashback?

    A. In order to get 10% cashback on the petrol, groceries, dining, and GRAB rides, you need to spend an amount of RM1,500 per month on your Citibank card.

    Q. What if I don’t meet with the monthly spend requirement? Will I still be able to earn a cashback?

    A. Yes, even if you don’t meet with the spend requirement on a monthly basis, you can still earn cashback on all retail transactions. But in such a case, the rate of cashback will be 0.2% for all categories including petrol, groceries, GRAB rides, and dining.

    Q. How do I apply for Dial-For-Cash facility?

    A. You can apply for the facility by logging into Citibank online, by reaching out to the bank via its customer service numbers, or just by providing your details on the bank’s website.

    Q. What are the documents I need to provide in order to apply for Dial-For-Cash?

    A. The facility doesn’t require you to submit any document.

    Q. Can I increase the dedicated credit limit on my card?

    A. Yes, you can opt to increase the credit limit on your card on a temporary or a permanent basis. You are required to submit proof of income along with the duly-filled application form for credit limit increase.

    Q. What should I do if I lose my card?

    A. In case of a lost or stolen card, you are required to inform the bank about the same immediately via its hotline numbers. By doing the same, the bank will block your card and thus prevent any fraudulent transaction on your card. After this, a new card will be issued in your name.

    Q. How much does a new card charge?

    A. The bank will charge you with a fee of RM50 per card replacement.

    If you are looking to enhance your savings related to everyday fuel purchases, grocery shopping, and dining, Citi Cashback Platinum can be the suitable card for your requirements. It’s always recommended that you compare cards offered by various banks in order to choose the best card that suits your spending patterns.

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