• Credit Card Customer Care Services and Phone Numbers in Malaysia

    The following are the customer care services information for the various banks in Malaysia:

    1. AEON Customer Care:

    2. AEON Bank offers Member Services, e-mobile enquiry, tele-enquiry and payment channel.

      Member Service – This allows you to check your balance, credit limit check, point inquiries and change auto debit amount.

      Interactive phone service – You can get information on your credit card status, sales promotion, easy payment schemes and general or corporate inquiries. AEON customer care hotline number is 03-2719-9999.

      Payment channel – Payment channels enable you to perform your transactions faster. Payments can be managed through auto- debit, payments over the AEON counters and cheque payments. You can also check your current balance and pay your bills.

    3. Affin Bank Customer Care:

    4. Customer can contact Affin Bank to get clarifications, to make enquiries, comments, feedback or complaints. Customer can send an email to

      [email protected].

      Telephone numbers through which the customer can place general complaints, inquiries and feedbacks are as follows:

      • Bancassurance: 03-2055-9733/9971 and 03-2731-5338
      • Bankcard: 03-5522-300 and 03-7803-2836
      • Credit card or debit card: 03-5522-3000, 03-7947-5488/5481/5482/5483
      • Call centre: 03-5522-3000
      • Consumer loan supervision and asset management call centre: 03-5623-8000
      • Customer care line: 1-800-88-3883
      • General line: 03-2055-9000
      • Trade finance: 03-2178-5000
      • Unit trust: 03-2055-9931/9341/9936 and 03-2731-5314
    5. Alliance Bank Customer Care:

    6. Alliance Bank commits to deliver a high standard of customer service. Customer can reach the bank at the following address:

      Address: 4th floor, Menara Multi Purpose, Capital Square, 8 Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 50100 Kuala Lumpur.

      The telephone number is 03-5516-9988.

      Customer can also Fax at 03-5621-5624 or send an email to [email protected].

      Toll free number provided is 1-300-88-9980.

    7. AmBank Customer Care:

    8. AmBank aims to provide high quality customer service. Customer can reach out with concerns, comments and enquires at AmBank Berhad PO Box 12617 GPO Kuala Lumpur 50784.

      The telephone number is 03-21713171.

      Fax number is 03-2171-3171.

      Email ID is [email protected].

      The toll free number is 1-300-88-9980.

    9. Bank Islam Customer Care:

    10. The customer can reach Bank Islam at the following address:

      Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad Level 32, Menara Bank Islam No.22, Jalan Perak 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

      The general line contact number is +603-2088-8000.

      The contact centre number is +603-26-900-900.

      Customer can also email at [email protected].

      The toll free number available is 1-800-88-8686.

    11. Bank Rakyat Customer Care:

    12. Bank Rakyat values customer satisfaction and recognises opinions, complaints, queries regarding their products and services.

      The telephone number that the customer can use is 1-300-80-5454. The international online number is 03-5526-9000.

      Customer can email at [email protected].

      For public complaints, the telephone number available is 1-300-80-5454. The customer can give feedback, suggestions and place complaints in the enquiries or feedback section, on Twitter and Facebook.

      Complaints can be mailed to - Unit Public Complaints Bureau, Customer Service, Tower 1, Bank Rakyat Twin Towers, No.33, Jalan Rakyat, 50470, Kuala Lumpur.

    13. BSN Customer Care:

    14. BSN customer service centre is open at any time, any day. The following are the numbers that the customer can reach BSN:

      • Telephone number: 1300-88-900 or overseas- +603-2613-1900.
      • Fax number for general queries is 03-2613-1888
      • Fax number for credit enquiries is 03-2688-0888.
      • Email ID is [email protected]
      • Platinum care line numbers are 1800-22-0800, overseas number +603-2688-0800. The fax number is 03-2688-0888.
      • Credit card authorisation care numbers are 1300-88-5855, overseas number is +603-2162-8500. The fax number is 03-2164-6798.
      • Customer can mail to Contact Centre (BNMTELELINK), Corporate Communications Department, Bank Negara Malaysia, PO Box 10922, Kuala Lumpur 50929.
      • Telephone numbers are 1300-88-5465 for overseas calls, +603-2174-1717. Fax number is +603-2174-1515. The email ID is [email protected].
      • Public can also contact BNM through SMS, they will have to send SMS to 15888.
    15. CIMB Customer Care:

    16. CIMB Customer contact centre details are as follows:

      • Address: 10th floor, Menara Atlas, Plaza Pantai, No.5, Jalan 4/83A, off Jalan Pantai Baru, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
      • The telephone number is +603-6204-7788.
      • The fax number is +603-2288-1653/1654.
      • The email ID is [email protected].
    17. Citibank Customer Care:

    18. Citibank customer care details are as follows:

      • Address - Citibank, Customer Service Centre, No.165, Jalan Ampang, PO Box 11725, Kuala Lumpur.
      • Telephone number is 03-2383-0000
      • Fax number is 03-2383-6666
      • Email ID is [email protected].
      • Toll free number is 1-300-88-9980.
    19. Hong Leong Bank Customer Care:

    20. Hong Leong Bank is committed to serve their customers. Customer can reach the bank at:

      • Address: Service Recovery & Complaint Resolution – Customer Experience Hong Leong Bank Berhad, Level 25, Menara Raja Laut, 228, Jalan Raja Laut, 50350 Kuala Lumpur.
      • Contact number: 03-7626-8899 or 03-7946-8884.
      • Email ID is [email protected].
      • Toll free number is 1-300-88-9980.
    21. HSBC Customer Care:

    22. HSBC Bank Malaysia:

      The local number is 1300-88-1388

      International number is +603-8321-5400

      HSBC Premier and Amanah Premier:

      Local number is 1300-88-9393

      International number is +603-8321-5208

      HSBC Amanah:

      Local number is 1300-80-2626

      International number is +603-8321-5200

      Visa Emergency assistance:

      Malaysia: 1800-80-2997

      Overseas: Singapore- 800-4481-250, Australia- 1800-450-346, UK – 1866-169-5189, USA- 1866-765-9644

      MasterCard global services:

      Malaysia: 1800-80-4594

      Overseas: 1636-722-7111

    23. Mach Bank Customer Care:

    24. Customer can reach Mach Bank at +603-7626-8899. If there are any queries or comments or feedback, customer can use the contact form available on their website.

    25. Maybank Customer Care:

    26. MayBank customers can call the Customer Care Hotline at 1-300-88-6688 or +603-7844-3696 if the customer is overseas.

      If the card has been lost or stolen, the customer can reach at 1-800-88-3231 or 03-2072-1373 for credit cards and if the customer loses his or her debit card, call 1-300-88-6688.

      Credit card enquires can be made by calling 1-300-88-6688 or the enquiries can be faxed to 03-7953-8610 for Platinum and Premier Cards or at 03-7953-8600 for General, Gold or Classic Cards.

    27. OCBC Customer Care:

    28. Customer can communicate their queries, feedbacks and complaints to OCBC via:

      • Address: OCBC Head Office, Menara OCBC, 18 Jalan Tun Perak, 50050 Kuala Lumpur
      • Telephone number – 03-8317-5000 for OCBC Personal Banking queries and for OCBC Al Amin Personal Banking queries reach at 03-8314-9310.
      • Fax number is 03-2698-4363.
      • Toll free number is 1-300-88-9980.
    29. Public Bank Customer Care:

    30. Customer of Public Bank can reach the bank for queries, feedback and complaints:

      • For placing queries and to avail assistance, call +603-2179-5000 or send an email to [email protected].
      • For reporting lost ATM card, call +603-2179-5000.
      • For reporting lost Visa or Mastercard, call +603-2176-8555.
      • For feedback or queries about customer services, call 1-800-22-5555 or send an email to [email protected].
      • For feedback or queries about PB card services, call +603-2176-8000 or send an email to [email protected].
      • For feedback or queries about loan and financing, send an email to [email protected].
      • For feedback or queries about hire purchase or vehicle financing, call 1-800-22-7777 or send an email to [email protected].
      • For feedback or queries about deposits, investment, remittance, Red Carpet Banking, Bancassurance, call 1-800-22-9999 or send an email to [email protected].
      • For feedback or queries about trade financing, call +603-2176-6502.
      • For feedback or queries about share margin financing or share trading, call +603-2176-6003 or +603-2176-6528 or send an email to [email protected].
      • For feedback or queries about FPX, send an email to [email protected].
      • For feedback or queries relating to Self Service Terminal Centre, call +603-2179-5000 or send an email to [email protected].
      • To reach Public Islamic Bank Berhad, call +603-2176-6000 or send an email to [email protected].
    31. Standard Chartered Bank Customer Care:

    32. Customers of Standard Chartered Bank can reach the customer service centre at 1300-888-888 in Malaysia and for international customers the contact number is 603-7711-8888.

      For lost cards or stolen cards, call 1800-88-8998 or +603-7849-6888.

      Platinum hotline number is 1800-88-2588 or +603-7718-9799.

      Priority banking number for Malaysian customers is 1300-88-9999.

      Priority banking number for international customers is +603-7718-9788.

      Priority banking visa infinite hotline number is 1800-88-1577 or +603-7721-2577.

      Insurance MSIG Hotline number is 1800-88-6163.

      SME Banking hotline number is 1300-888-111.

    33. RHB Customer Care:

    34. Customer can reach through:

      • Address: RHB Bank Berhad, the Manager, Customer Care/ Call Centre, RHG Banking Group, Level 6, Menara AA, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.
      • Telephone number: 03-9206-8118 or 082-276-118.
      • Fax number: 03-9206-8088 or 082-276-088.
      • Emai ID: [email protected].
      • Toll free number: 1-300-88-9980.
    35. UOB Customer Care:

    36. The call centre numbers are as follows:

      • Kuala Lumpur: +603-03-2612-8121
      • Penang: +604-2401-121
      • Johor Bahru: +607-2881-121
      • Kuching: +608-8228-7121
      • Kota Kinabalu: +608-8477-121
      • Platinum card services: +603-2612-8080
      • To report lost or stolen card: +603-2612-8100
      • For credit card activation: +603-2612-8123
      • For checking credit card application status: +603-2612-8101
      • Private banking: +603-2693-9066
      • Privilege banking within Malaysia: 1800-88-9833
      • Privilege banking overseas: +603-2612-3312
      • UOB Infinite concierge: +603-2612-3399
      • UOB Lady’s customer service: +603-2612-3333
    Head office Address: Menara UOB Jalan Raja Laut Peti Surat 11212 50738 Kuala Lumpur.
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