Entertainment Credit Cards

    Entertainment Credit Cards Malaysia

    Entertainment credit cards are a huge hit among customers who wish to avail credit cards. These credit cards offer great entertainment deals and discounts and enable you escape the monotony of everyday life. Several Malaysian banks offer entertainment credit cards to customers. These cards are loaded with features that make entertainment more rewarding.

    Why Choose Entertainment Credit Cards?

    If you have an appetite for a lavish lifestyle and enjoy the best that social hangouts in Malaysia has to offer, these type of credit cards are perfect for you. You do not have to not necessarily have a very lavish lifestyle, to use them but be rewarded for every penny spent for dining out, going out to the theatre or travel. These cards are often combined with travel credit cards to be travel and entertainment credit cards, making them perfect for frequent travellers. Also if you own a business and require a lot of client lunches for your start-up or business, you might want to choose them, because save through the offers that these plastic cards offer their owners such as discounts, reward points and cashback.

    Features and Benefits of Entertainment Credit Cards

    Here are some of the major features and benefits that you can avail from Malaysian Entertainment credit cards. They are extremely useful, regardless you want to entertain yourself or others with you:

    1. Movie and Theatre Privileges: These specific cards offer discounts, special privileges and Priority booking for movies and your favourite theatres and multiplexes. However, they come in generic entertainment credit cards as well. They are also absolutely smashing for the movie buff in you.

    2. Dining Privileges: There are special restaurants, cafes and even hotels that allow you to earn rewards, get cashbacks, discounts and dining packages with your entertainment credit cards. Most credit card companies have the popular food brands such as Pizza Hut or The Hilton cards, but there are also cards in Malaysia with local restaurants which offer you special privileges such as discounts through these cards.

    3. Clubbing: Besides the dining privileges you will also enjoy access and offers in the night clubs. There are specifically golf club privilege cards, especially made available for golfers as well as part of a sports club. You also general health clubs and gymnasiums which become accessible to you through these cards.

    4. Shopping Advantages: Similar to the dining privileges and clubbing privileges some cards have similar offers when shopping from particular brands and stores. These include lifestyle brands as well as hypermarket brands as well.

    5. Travel Privileges: These privileges include free miles, lounge access and even offers in high-end hotel brands such as The Hilton or The Ritz Carlton. You can enjoy lavish stay as long as you can afford the bills and still manage to save through discounts and cashback offers.

    Eligibility Criteria for Entertainment Credit Cards in Malaysia

    Here are some of the major eligibility criteria’s that you should meet to able to apply for an entertainment credit card in Malaysia:

    1. You should at least be over 18 years.

    2. You should be a Malaysian citizen, or at least a permanent resident in the country or have a working visa. Regardless of any of them, you will have to provide the proof of identity and address as well as the extra documents necessary based on your type of residence.

    3. You should be earning the minimum income expectation for these cards. They are generally average but your spending capacity through your income will also decide what your maximum spending limit is.

    How to Apply For Entertainment Credit Card

    The application process for these cards are quite similar to opening up savings bank account, as long as you have the required documentation to support your income, age, identity, address and spending capacity. There are very rare chances that your application will be rejected when your eligibility criteria is met. You credit history however, may be sometimes a problem but that is rarely the case. You simply need to check out the bank website and apply online. Download the relevant form, fill it up sign it and submit it with the relevant documentation at your nearest bank branch. Some banks also have agents and pick-up your finished documentation from your convenient address. It generally takes 15 to 20 days to receive the credit card through mail, but post-verification. Some banks allow you to check details of acceptance and status online. Bbazzar.my has relevant information on application and various credit cards as well. Hence, it can be very useful for new credit card users.

    FAQs for Entertainment Credit Cards

    How Can the Entertainment Credit Card be useful?

    These travel and entertainment credit cards allow you to save, win rewards and special privileges and packages when you use your card to dine, shop, fly or even go to a club.

    What is the minimum age for application for entertainment credit card?

    The minimum age of application for entertainment credit card is 18 years and above. However, for some it may vary and the minimum age could be 21 years.

    Does this card help for other transactions?

    This card works like a normal credit card, but has special privileges and offers when used for entertainment at places where the credit card provides offers.

    Can loans be availed on behalf of an entertainment credit card?

    Entertainment credit cards are not designed for day-to-day expenses or for availing loans, but some banks might allow the same.

    How are entertainment credit cards useful for movie buffs?

    These allow sometimes special movie privileges such as Priority booking, discounts on ticket prices and even free tickets on enrolment.

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