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Best Petrol Credit Cards In Malaysia

The price of petrol is on the rise due to all the economic factors relates to the global economic state and may not get any better. At a time such as this, when Malaysia is not at a very comfortable economic state petrol prices are not going to get any lower.

Credit Cards for Employees in Malaysia

Credit cards since the idea was implemented has been an integral part of an individual’s personal finance portfolio. Credit cards help us afford us a lot of convenience and for a lot of people, a sense of security.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for a Credit Card

Credit cards can really benefit you in many ways, provided you use them wisely. It is a kind of payment card that can help you accomplish a lot of tasks and fulfill your countless number of lifestyle related needs ranging from making grocery stoppings to book travel tickets.

How to Find the Perfect Credit Card in Malaysia

The easiest way to borrow money and pay for services and things that you may require is opt for a credit card. A credit card is a type of payment card issued by banks to ensure that you can fulfill all individuals your needs without facing any financial hurdle.

How to Improve your Credit Rating in Malaysia

Having a good credit rating is always important when it comes to borrow credit from banks or other financial institutions in Malaysia. In fact, it is the first criterion that determines an applicant’s eligibility for any kind of credit applications in Malaysia.

How to Increase Credit Limit in Your Credit Card

Having an increased limit in your credit card may help you in many ways. Not only you have sufficient cash available with you to spend, it may also improve your credit score by reducing your credit utilization ratio.

How to Pick an Emergency Credit Card

A credit card can really save you at times of financial crisis. It is a kind of payment card offering credits which you can utilize to pay for various services and products.

Student Credit Cards in Malaysia

A student credit card is a payment card particularly designed for students to help them meet their various expenses. The Student Credit Cards enable students to enjoy interest free short term credits.

Supplementary Credit Cards in Malaysia

Supplementary Credit Cards are additional Credit Cards that are offered with the primary credit card. It is a kind of additional credit that a cardholder receives with his/her primary credit card.

What charges do you pay for when you swipe your card overseas

Travelling with a wad of cash is never safe and it’s even more of a hassle when you are travelling overseas due to the different currencies. Credit cards are the best and safest way to make cash transactions when you are travelling.

When to Use Credit over Cash

When it comes to conducting transactions, nothing can replace the practicality of cash but there are a few moments in time when plastic truly outweighs the benefits of paper. Albeit plastic is frowned upon due to the large misconception of creating debts, plastic does have its benefits.

Shed the Excess Interest Rates

Credit cards are a confusing form of currency for many. People tend to get overwhelmed with credit management and tend to either shy away from using the card or use it incorrectly.

Protecting One’s Credit Card While Travelling

The holiday you had planned is fast approaching and like most other holiday goers, you’d be looking forward to hitting the sunny beaches or enjoying the cold air on a mountain top, whatever floats your boat.

Defaulting Your Credit Card Bills in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, we find that people have major issues with debt control. A lot of people are not paying even the minimal monthly payment required to keep their credit card running.

Top 5 Reasons Why Owning a Credit Card is Good for You

There is a saying that ‘Money is great servant, but a poor master’. This is why, it is essential not to become a slave for money and credit cards are the perfect example of such instances when money becomes a terrible master but at the same time if you use them wisely you become a perfect master to a tool that is essentially more beneficial than you realize.

How to improve your chances of having a credit card approved

Most credit card applications in Malaysia are rejected for one very basic reason – the Bank does not deem your current employment profile profitable or stable enough to justify giving you a credit card.

Credit Card fraud: Are you aware of it?

Credit card fraud refers to unauthorized transactions done with of your credit card by any third party. Credit scams are mainly triggered by the intention to steal funds from other people. Because, it is the easiest way to enjoy services and goods using other people’s money.

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