Hong Leong Gold Card

    Hong Leong Gold MasterCard

    The perfect card for your burgeoning credit card dues, the Hong Leong Gold card is a no frills card that allows cardholders to reign in their outstanding dues through the Balance transfer plans available on the card.

    Hong Leong Gold Card Benefits

    The Hong Leong gold card is a card that comes with no bells and whistles. This card has one main benefit and is designed for those who have a high outstanding credit card amount. The balance transfer plans available on this card are at a low interest of 6.99% with no one time upfront handling fees involved. This allows cardholders to transfer their dues and pay it off with lesser interest and hence clear out the dues faster. The card also earns reward points with 1 reward point for every RM 1 spent on all retail expenses which can be redeemed for exciting gifts. The card also offers travel insurance when airfare is charged wholly onto the card. Cash withdrawals on this card also attract a low rate of interest and charges only 9.88% p.a. as compared to the regular 18%.

    Hong Leong Gold Card Features

    The features of the Hong Leong Gold credit card are as follows

    • The interest rate charged on this card is 15% p.a.
    • The card has a 20 day interest free period
    • The card has an Easy payment plan with available tenures ranging from 3 months to 36 months for amounts starting from RM 100
    • The card has a Balance transfer plan that has available tenures of 6 months and 12 months at low interest rates of 6.99% p.a.
    • This primary card has an annual fees of RM 169.60.
    • The supplementary card has an annual fees of RM 84.80
    • The minimum monthly payment to be made is RM 50 or 5% of the outstanding amount.
    • Late payment attracts a penalty of 1% of the outstanding amount which is capped to a maximum of RM 100.
    • Rate of interest on cash withdrawals is very low and is 9.88% p.a. and the daily limit for withdrawing cash is RM 8000. The cash withdrawal fee is 5.3% of the cash withdrawn.
    • Cardholders can avail cash advances on their available credit limit through Hong Leong Bank Call for Cash service

    Hong Leong Gold Card Requirements or Eligibility

    The eligibility criteria to apply for the Hong Leong Gold credit card are as follows

    • The minimum age of primary cardholder is 21 years of age
    • The minimum age of supplementary cardholder is 18 years of age
    • The minimum annual income required to apply for this card is RM 24,000
    • Anybody with required income and age can apply for this card

    Other Credit Cards Offered by Hong Leong

    The other credit cards offered by Hong Leong are

    • Hong Leong American Express Classic
    • Hong Leong MATTA Card
    • Hong Leong Wise Gold Card
    • Hong Leong GSC Gold Card
    • Hong Leong American Express Platinum
    • Hong Leong Classic Card
    • Hong Leong Platinum Visa
    • Hong Leong The Store and Pacific Gold Card
    • Hong Leong Fortune Credit card
    • Hong Leong Essential Card
    • Hong Leong The Store and Pacific Platinum Card

    Hong Leong Gold Card Balance Transfer

    The Hong Leong Store and Pacific Gold credit card offers cardholders a balance transfer plan that allows them to consolidate their outstanding credit card dues. The available tenures under this plan are 6 months and 12 months. The interest rate charged is 6.99% p.a.and requires a minimum of RM 1000 to be transferred.

    Hong Leong Gold Card Review

    The cardholder should keep in mind that the reward points earned do expire in 3 years and any unused points after that point will be void and cancelled. The balance transfer plan on this card allows cardholders to transfer outstanding dues from up to 3 other banks with no hidden costs involved. The travel insurance provided when airfare is purchased using the cad also provides inconvenience benefits for lost baggage and delayed flights.

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