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    HSBC Travel Credit Cards

    HSBC Malaysia Berhad offers a travel credit card designed for your travel-related requirements. You can get numerous travel deals and offers with this card. You also get to earn air miles on all your expenses.

    HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card

    Category Air Miles Cap on Air Miles Airline Partner
    Overseas Expenses 1.1 air miles for every RM1 spent 20,000 (monthly) Enrich Airlines
    Domestic Expenses 1 air mile for every RM4 spent 30,000 (monthly) Enrich Airlines
    Features and Benefits
    • Earn 1.1 air miles for every RM1 spent on overseas expenses.
    • Earn 1 air mile for every RM4 spent on domestic expenses.
    • Enjoy 12x complimentary access to more than 850 selected LoungeKey lounges across the world.
    • Get 7% discount on hotel booking through Agoda.
    • Enjoy 10% discount on accommodation bookings through Expedia.
    • Connect to more than 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe through Boingo.
    • Enjoy complimentary travel insurance of up to RM750,000.
    • Get access to exclusive privileges and rewards through the SmartPrivileges programme.
    • Enjoy travel, shopping, and dining privileges at more than 19,000 outlets across the globe.

    How to Earn Air Miles

    For example, if you spend around RM10,000 every month on travel expenses across Malaysia and overseas, you can earn up to 6,750 air miles each month. The cap on air miles is 20,000 on overseas expenses and 30,000 on domestic expenses each month.

    Total Monthly Spend RM10,000
    Total Air Miles Earned 6,750 air miles
    Spend Category Spent Amount Air Miles Conversion Rate Air Miles Earned
    Overseas Retail Purchases RM5,000 1.1 air miles for every RM1 5,500 air miles
    Domestic Travel Purchases RM5,000 1 air mile for every RM4 1,250 air miles

    Fees and Charges

    Factors Fee
    Annual Fee Principal card: RM600 Waived for the first year Waived for subsequent years for a minimum spend of RM45,000 and above each year Supplementary card: Waived for life (Maximum 5 supplementary cards allowed)
    Finance Charges 15% p.a. to 18% p.a.
    Cash Advance Interest Rate 18% p.a. (calculated on a daily basis)
    Cash Advance Fee RM15.90 or 5.3% of the advanced cash, whichever is higher (per transaction)
    Overseas Transaction Fee 1.25% plus any fees charged by Mastercard International
    Sales Retrieval Draft RM20 (per copy)
    Additional Statement 12 months or less: RM2 (per page) More than 12 months: RM20 (per request) plus RM2 (per page)
    Card Replacement RM50 (per card)
    Minimum Payment RM50 or 5% of the outstanding dues, whichever is higher
    Late Payment RM10 or 1% of the outstanding dues, whichever is higher

    Eligibility Criteria

    Factors Eligibility
    Age Principal card: 21 years and above Supplementary card: 18 years and above
    Annual Income RM36,000
    Other Criteria Exclusively for HSBC Premier account holder with minimum balance of RM200,000 with HSBC

    Required Documents

    Factors Documents
    Salaried Applicants Copy of MyKad (front and back) Latest utility bill (if address on MyKad is different) Confirmation letter from employer, or Latest salary slip (1 month), or Form BE (with tax receipt), or Form EA or EPF statement
    Self-employed Applicants Copy of MyKad (both sides) Latest utility bill (if address on MyKad is different) Copy of Business Registration Form (established for a minimum of 2 years) Latest bank statement (6 months) or EPF statement, or Form B (with payment receipts)

    How to Apply

    Mode Process
    Online Application Complete and submit an online enquiry form with your details. A representative from HSBC will contact you to help you apply for this card.
    Branch Application Visit the branch that you usually go to for all your transactions. Speak to a bank representative for assistance to apply for this card.

    With the HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card, you can enjoy numerous discounts and deals all around the world. Check the latest promotions and exclusive offers to make full use of the card.

    FAQS on HSBC Travel Credit Cards

    Q. Can I apply for this card even if I already have another HSBC Mastercard?

    A. Yes. You can apply for this card even if you own another HSBC Mastercard.

    Q. What is the credit limit on this card?

    A. The credit limit for this card would vary based on your credit assessment. HSBC would assess your credibility at the time of application and assign a credit limit based on the assessment.

    Q. Will the air miles earned on supplementary card be credited to the supplementary card account?

    A. No. Any air miles earned on both principal and supplementary card would be credited only to the principal card account.

    Q. Can I redeem the air miles for credit or cash?

    A. No. You cannot redeem the air miles for cash or credit. However, you can redeem them for products and vouchers available on the HSBC Premier Travel Rewards catalogue.

    Q. Can I get my air miles earned on this card credited to another HSBC principal credit card under my name?

    A. No. The air miles you earn on this card will be credited to this card account only.

    Q. How long are the air miles offered on this card valid for?

    A. Air miles earned on this card are valid for three years.

    Q. Is the complimentary access to LoungeKey applicable to supplementary cardholders?

    A. No. The complimentary access is applicable only for principal cardholders.

    Q. What will happen if I exhaust my complimentary access to LoungeKey?

    A. If you exhaust your complimentary access, then you have to pay the prevailing walk-in rates for access to LoungeKey.

    Q. How can I find a Boingo hotspot when I’m abroad?

    A. You can download the Wi-Finder app on your smartphone to connect to the nearest Boingo hotspot. You can also find a list of hotspot locations on the Boingo website. Check the list to find the nearest hotspot.

    Q. How many rooms can I book to get the 10% discount through Expedia?

    A. The discount is valid for booking only one room. You need to book the room through Expedia website using your credit card to be eligible for the discount.  

    Q. Does the discount on hotel booking include all charges for accommodation?

    A. No. The discount is applicable only for room rates. All service fees, local taxes, and other charges are excluded.

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