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    Mach Entertainment Credit Cards

    Mach Credit Card is one of the two credit cards offered by Mach by Hong Leong Bank. The card comes with 4 packages for you to choose the ones suitable to your lifestyle. Among the available options, the Social Package gives rebates when you spend on the entertainment category, including movies, nightlife, music, and other related events. Read the article to know more about the percentage of cash rebates you can earn when you spend on entertainment.

    Mach Credit Card

    Spend Category Cash Rebate Earned Annual Fee
    Movies 10% Principal Card: RM160. Supplementary Card: RM80.
    Nightlife 2%
    Music and Events 3%
    All Other Categories 0.2%

    Features and Benefits of Mach Credit Card

    • Choose the package of your choice out of the 4 available packages.
    • Flexibility to choose up to 3 packages and additional categories according to your convenience.
    • Use the Hong Leong Connect platform to manage the categories of your choice.
    • Get e-Statements every month for free so you can keep track of your expenses.
    • Enjoy a waiver on the annual fee when you swipe your card for a minimum of 12 times in a year.

    How does Mach Credit Card Entertainment Benefits Work?

    Consider that you have chosen the Social Package where you get a cash rebate on movies, nightlife, music, and other events. Say, you have also subscribed for the dining category. So, all the other spends you make are considered to give you a cash rebate of 0.2%.

    Consider that you have spent RM50 on movies, RM150 on nightlife, RM100 on music and events, RM150 on dining, and RM400 on other transactions. You will be eligible to get a cash rebate of 10% on movie spend i.e. RM5, 2% of the money spent on nightlife i.e. RM3, 3% of the money spent on music i.e. RM3, 5% of the amount spent on dining i.e. RM7.5, and 0.2% of the amount spent on all other categories i.e. RM0.8. You will earn a total cash rebate of RM19 after rounding down to the nearest ringgit.

    Spend Category Spent Amount/Month Cash Rebate Programme Cash Rebate Earned
    Movies RM50 10% of RM50 = RM5 RM5
    Nightlife RM150 2% of RM150 = RM3 RM3
    Music and Events RM100 3% of RM100 = RM3 RM3
    Dining (Add-on Category) RM150 5% of RM150 = RM7.5 RM7.5
    All Other Spends RM400 0.2% of RM400 = RM0.8 RM0.8

    Fees and Charges

    Factors Charges
    Annual Fee (Principal Card) RM160.
    Annual Fee (Supplementary Card) RM80.
    Finance Charges From 15% p.a. to 18% p.a.
    Minimum Monthly Payment 5% of the outstanding balance or RM50, whichever is higher.
    Late Payment Fee 1% of the outstanding balance or RM10, whichever is higher.
    Cash Advance Fee 5% of the amount withdrawn or a minimum of RM20, whichever is higher.
    Cash Advance Interest Rate 18% p.a. of the outstanding balance.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Factors Eligibility
    Minimum Age Criterion (Principal Card) 21 years.
    Minimum Age Criterion (Supplementary Card) 18 years.
    Minimum Annual Income RM24,000.

    Documents Required

    Factors Documents
    Salaried Employees
    • Latest 3 months’ salary slip.
    • Latest EPF statement showing a minimum of 6 months’ contribution.
    • Latest Form EA.
    Self-employed Individuals
    • Latest 6 months’ company account statement.
    • Latest Form B with the tax payment receipt.

    Applying for Mach Credit Cards

    Mode Process
    Online Application 1
    • Visit the bank’s website.
    • Fill up the online application form.
    • Upload the supporting documents.
    • Submit the application online.
    Online Application 2
    • Fill up the online form with your contact details and submit the form.
    • The bank representatives will give you a call to discuss the application process.
    Offline Application
    • Visit the nearest branch office.
    • Discuss with the bank staff about the card.
    • Fill up the physical application form.
    • Attach the required documents.
    • Submit the form to the bank staff.


    The Mach Credit Card rewards you with a reasonable cash rebate when you spend on entertainment. Now, you can watch your favourite movies and enjoy those musical concerts of your choice at a lower ticket fare with the card. Make sure to read the fine print of the card before signing up!

    FAQs on Mach Entertainment Credit Card

    Q. Can I subscribe for a category of rewards of my choice out of the selected package?

    A. Yes. You can choose to subscribe for a spend category out of your package to earn rewards.

    Q. Should I pay any fee to subscribe for an extra category?

    A. Yes. You have to pay a fee of RM5 per add-on category per quarter.

    Q. Do I get a cash rebate only when I spend at the participating merchant outlets?

    A. No. You can spend with the card at any merchant outlets that are listed under the specified merchant category code to receive cash rebates.

    Q. What is the maximum cash rebate offered?

    A. You can earn a cash rebate of up to RM100 per quarter per selected category. On all other category spends, you can earn a maximum of RM50 per month.

    Q. Do I get any other benefits apart from the cash rebate?

    A. No. The card only offers a cash rebate. No other benefits are offered when you spend using the card.

    Q. What is the minimum available credit limit?

    A. Get a minimum credit limit of RM2,000 on the Mach Credit Card.

    Q. Is there a minimum cash rebate that has to be earned to get the rebate credited?

    A. Yes. You have to earn a minimum cash rebate of RM1 to get the money credited in your account.

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