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    Maybank American Express Platinum

    About Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card

    Forged as a joint offering from Maybank and American Express, the Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card combines the reliability of one of the leading banks of Malaysia with the credit facility of one of the biggest financial institutions of the world. To add on to the special offering, the Platinum Credit Card comes with a plethora of benefits custom-tailored for creditworthy and meant for those who wish to have an extra slice of life.

    Benefits of Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card

    Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card doesn’t fall back on its promise of delivering sizable benefits to the cardholder. Some of those benefits that serve as the strongholds of the card’s offerings are –

    1. Competitive Interest Rates –

    Maybank American Express Platinum Card is meant for providing exclusive privileges and privileges can be enjoyed only when they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. A competitive interest rate of 15% per annum as the finance charges of this card make it quite a lucrative choice

    2. Membership Reward Points –

    From twice to five times, Maybank Amex Platinum Credit Card can reward you with loyalty points on almost every expenditure you settle with the card. On every Malaysian Ringgit spent on groceries, petrol stations, selected cinemas, bookstores, and telecommunication bills, 5 points are rewarded and every other expense gets a generous reward of 2 points. Reward points can keep stacking up and do not have an expiry period. These points can be used in lieu of cash for any viable purchase

    3.Hassle-free repayment –

    Through Maybank EzyPay, an expenditure can be repaid over a period of 2 years at 0% per annum depending upon the merchandise that is purchased, within the limits of RM 50 and RM 499, at limits between RM 500 to RM 30000, the interest rate charged is 9% per annum

    4.Convenience of Services –

    As a Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card user, assistance is just a call away. While travelling, allowing your travel fares to be charged to your card unlocks a free Travel Personal Accident coverage of up to RM 1000000

    5.Premium Benefits –

    With access to Plaza Premium Lounges at airports across Malaysia, Maybank Amex Platinum Credit Card allows you to savour the finer things of luxury. Along with that, one can save up to 50% when in Kuala Lumpur through discounts on dining at Shangri-La and Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

    Please note that these benefits are subject to change as per the discretion of the bank. Please check with the bank as per the validity of a particular offer.

    Features of Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card

    Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the Maybank Amex Platinum Credit Card has some nifty features that can make life easier as far as the spending behaviour of an individual is considered –

    1.Payment Plans –

    Maybankard EzyPay and EzyPay PLUS are the plans that are a boon when it comes to settling off repayments for large purchases. With preferentially lower interest rates, any financial burden feels much lesser through such smart payment plans

    2.Cash Advance or Cash Loan –

    Maybankard Cash Treats and EzyCash are the means through which one can withdraw cash from ATMs just like a debit card through the Amex Platinum Credit Card

    Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card Review

    Maybank American Express Platinum Card comes with a host of benefits and can easily serve as the go-to card for big spenders or those with a more epicurean shade to their selves. The fact that it has such easy repayment structures offered to its cardholders and one of the most competitive interest rates in the credit card segment makes it the ideal choice for large purchases. Financial burdens of a cardholder can be eased by a lot if they make regular repayments for the usage of the Maybank Amex Platinum Card.

    Apart from the repayment structures and the lucratively low interest rates, Maybank offers savings on fine dining at Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur, effectively keeping your palate and pocket happy through the Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card.

    Purchases related to groceries, petrol, at bookstores and at Cathay Cineplexes offer 5 times the reward points while purchases at any other place offers 2 times the reward points.

    Presenting a Maybank Amex Platinum Card at KLIA, LCCT, Senai Johor Airport, Langkawi International Airport, Penang International Airport, Kuching International Airport and Kota Kinabalu International Airport grants access to the Plaza Premium Lounge.

    Savings, competitive interest rates, premium privileges and a rewarding loyalty program are the compelling reasons why one should go for a Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card.

    Eligibility for Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card

    The following would be the base qualifiers for eligibility of availing an Amex Platinum Credit Card –

    1. Applicants should be Malaysians and existing account holders with Maybank
    2. Applicants should have a minimum annual income of RM 60000
    3. Applicants should be within the age limits of 21 years and 65 years
    4. Applicants should be of a minimum age of 18 years to qualify as a supplementary card holder

    Balance Transfer facility under Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card

    Balance Transfer facility on Maybank Amex Platinum Credit Cards allows one to transfer the dues of another credit card to the Maybank card and avail preferential interest rates on the amount that is transferred. The following table illustrates the rates of interest applicable for a balance transfer. It should be noted though, that this facility is promotional and will depend upon the discretion of the bank. For the latest applicable rates, it would be wise to check with Maybank.


    Interest Rate per annum and charges (if any)

    Balance Transfer Amount

    6 months


    RM 1000 and above

    9 months


    RM 1000 and above

    12 months

    3% and one-time upfront handling fee

    RM 1000 and above

    24 months


    RM 2000 and above

    36 months


    RM 2000 and above

    36 months


    RM 5000 and above

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