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    Maybank MasterCard Platinum

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    Maybank MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

    A unique card for customers who wish to avail exceptional service in addition to association with a bank that boasts global recognition, the Maybank MasterCard Platinum credit card is a great option to join the esteemed MasterCard Platinum Club.

    Maybank MasterCard Platinum Card Benefits

    Rewards programme:

    Customers who avail a Maybank MasterCard Platinum credit card can earn Treat Points for each Ringgit they spend. 1x points are awarded for local spends and international spends will deliver 2x Treat Points for each Ringgit you spend on your Maybank MasterCard Platinum credit card. These points can be utilised for redeeming children’s toys, home appliances, dining and shopping vouchers, fashion accessories, IT gadgets, beauty products and much more. Attractive gifts can also be claimed through the Treat Points which have an expiry period of six years.

    Enrich Frequent Flyer Programme:

    Travel benefits can be availed by spending on your Maybank MasterCard Platinum credit card. You can take vacations at discounted prices thanks to the Enrich Frequent Flyer Programme that enables you to avail free flight upgrades or free flight tickets when you choose Malaysia Airlines for your travels. 1,000 Enrich miles can be earned by accumulating 7,000 points.

    Travel perks:

    With Maybank MasterCard Platinum membership, customers can gain access to several benefits at top-notch establishments across the globe, including packages and special deals at retail stores, hotels, restaurants and even gold courses like Royal Melbourne Golf Course, Hyatt Hotels, Harrods and several others. Moreover, cardholders can also access 24-hour concierge and travel services that can be used to book holiday packages, hire cars and reserve restaurant tables or hotel rooms. Priority Pass is another exclusive travel benefit afforded to cardholders so that they can access over 450 airport lounges around the world.

    Maybank MasterCard Platinum Card Features

    • The rate of interest applicable on the Maybank MasterCard Platinum credit card is 15% per annum.

    • An interest-free period of 20 days is granted

    • Balance transfers can be done over a period of 12 months at 0% per annum.

    • The annual fee applicable is RM583

    • If you want a supplementary card, the annual fee is RM159

    • The minimum monthly payment applicable on this credit card is either EM25 or 5% of the outstanding amount, whichever is more

    • In case of late payments, the penalty is RM10 or 1% of the outstanding amount not exceeding RM75

    • In case of cash withdrawals, a fee of RM10.60 or 5.30% of the amount withdrawn, whichever is more, is applicable

    • Cash withdrawals also have an interest rate of 18%

    • The maximum amount of cash withdrawal that can be done daily is RM5000

    Maybank MasterCard Platinum Card Review

    Individuals who earn RM5000 a month are the ideal customers for the Maybank MasterCard Platinum credit card as the card delivers top-quality privileges and services that are perfect for a luxurious lifestyle. Considering the wide range of exquisite benefits offered across entertainment, travel, dining and shopping, an annual fee of just over RM550 makes the Maybank MasterCard Platinum credit card worth your while. A fee like this means that individuals who earn in excess of RM60, 000 per annum will find it easily affordable.

    Requirements or Eligibility

    Anybody can apply for a Maybank MasterCard Platinum credit card provided they meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Must earn a minimum yearly income of RM60,000

    • Must be at least 21 years of age or older than 65 years of age for primary card membership

    • Must be at least 18 years of age to be a supplementary cardholder

    Balance Transfer on Maybank MasterCard Platinum

    Maybank offers a balance transfer feature so that customers can consolidate their debt and have an easier way of clearing it. The interest rates on balance transfer are attractive and competitive, and tenures last up to 36 months so that customers have their peace of mind whilst gaining better control over their finances. Following are the rates applicable to a balance transfer using your Maybank MasterCard Platinum credit card:

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