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    Maybank PETRONAS Maybankard

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    Maybank PETRONAS Maybankard Credit Card

    The Petronas Maybank Visa credit card is designed to provide customers with Treat Points. The biggest oil company and bank in the country have collaborated to create this product which promises lucrative rewards for customers. If you take out this credit card, you can get 8x rewards for when shopping for groceries and petrol during the weekdays and 5x rewards at Petronas during the weekdays. These reward points or Treat Points can then be redeemed for an attractive wristwatch, the latest version of the iPhone, or even for waiver of annual fees.

    Maybank PETRONAS Maybankard Benefits

    The benefits provided by the Petronas Maybank Visa credit card are truly attractive for cardholders. Following are the advantages of owning a Petronas Maybank Visa credit card:

    Reward points:

    Customers can earn eight points for each EM spent at Petronas during the weekends. Five reward points can be earned on each RM spent at Petronas during weekdays, and eight points are awarded for each RM spent on the purchase of groceries during the weekends. There is no expiry date on the reward points that are earned on your Petronas Maybank Visa credit card, so it’s easier to collect points over a period of time and then redeem them at a later date on rewards like beauty and fashion products, travel accessories, sports equipment, lifestyle items, IT gadgets, etc.

    Free Petrol:

    Free petrol can be redeemed with the points you accumulate at any Petronas station, making the card especially useful to customers who wish to get maximum mileage on their petrol expenses.

    Free Air Travel:

    Reward points can be exchanged for free air miles from Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, or other airlines that are tied up with the card. Frequent flyers can make the most of this reward and enjoy free air tickets in addition to a host of other travel-related benefits.

    Maybank PETRONAS Maybankard Features

    • Simple approval process for cardholders with RHB, CIMB, and Citibank

    • Zero annual fees

    • A supplementary card can also be availed for free

    • The minimum monthly payment to be made is either RM25 or 5% of the outstanding amount, whichever is more

    • In case of late payments, the charges applicable are either RM10 or 1% of the outstanding amount provided it does not exceed RM75

    • In case of cash withdrawals, a charge of RM10.60 or 5.30% of the amount taken out, whichever is more, is applicable

    • 18% is the rate levied on cash withdrawals

    • RM5000 is the maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn on a daily basis

    Maybank PETRONAS Maybankard Review

    The Petronas Maybank Visa credit card is a great option for customers who wish to save money on fuel expenses. In addition to savings on petrol, there are many benefits to be availed through this card, including reward points and free air travel. The eligibility criteria are also easy to meet, and the ease of maintenance makes it one of the best credit cards in its category.

    Requirements or Eligibility

    Customers can take out a Petronas Maybank Visa card subject to the following eligibility requirements:

    • Must earn a minimum yearly income of RM30,000

    • Must be at least 21 years of age and no older than 65 years for primary cards

    • Must be at least 18 years of age for a supplementary card

    Balance Transfer Plan on Maybank PETRONAS Maybankard

    The Petronas Maybank Visa credit card can help customers save a lot of money that would otherwise go towards interest payments. The card offers the option of balance transfer, which means that cardholders can transfer their balances from other charge or credit cards to their new Petronas Maybank Visa credit card, thus getting a better control over their finances.

    Maybank has made available five unique plans for balance transfer so that customers get maximum flexibility. Debts can be settled with varying rates of interest, stretching from 0% to 0.75%. Even the payment terms are flexible, with customers getting to choose from a term from six to 36 months. Flexible interest rates and terms means that repaying your interest is now simpler thanks to the Petronas Maybank Visa credit card. Following is a table with the rates applicable to a balance transfer using your Maybank MasterCard Visa credit card:

    Payment Period

    Interest Rate

    Amount Transferred

    Six months

    6% per annum and zero one-time upfront handling charges

    RM 10000

    Nine months

    9% per annum and zero one-time upfront handling charges

    RM 1000

    One year

    3% one-time upfront handling charges

    RM 1000

    Two years

    4.5% per annum and zero one-time upfront handling charges

    RM 2000

    Three years

    4.95% per annum and zero one-time upfront handling charges

    RM 2000

    Three years

    8.88% per annum and zero one-time upfront handling charges

    RM 5000

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