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    Maybank Visa Gold

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    Maybank Visa Gold Credit Card

    The Visa Gold credit card being offered by Maybank brings, to its customers, the combined advantages of a card that offers protection along with high credit limits and attractive offers. This card offers features like the ability to shop anywhere in the world along with insurance and emergency assistance. It also offers reward programs and the opportunity for both expatriates and residents of Malaysia to apply for and own this credit card.

    Features of the Maybank Visa Gold

    Some of the features that make the Visa Gold credit card so attractive are:

    • The annual fee for this card is RM 130 for the primary card holder.

    • The primary cardholder can also take supplementary cards that come with an annual fee of RM 65.

    • The primary cardholders and the supplementary cardholders can also enrol in the multiple card program for the payment of a fee of RM 195 and RM 135 respectively.

    • The card also allows for a part of the credit limit to be withdrawn as cash.

    • The interest rate that will be levied on the outstanding balance on this credit card can range from 15% per annum to 18% per annum with prompt payments getting the lower interest rates.

    • The fee for money taken as cash advance will be 5% on the amount withdrawn.

    • The minimum payment that can be made towards the outstanding balance can be as little as 5% of the balance so long as it is not lower than RM 25.

    Benefits of the Maybank Visa Gold

    Along with the attractive features that cardholders get access to, they also get access to some benefits when using this card. These benefits are:

    • The card offers special privileges when it is used to pay for dinning, travel or shopping.

    • Every time RM 1 is spent using this card, the cardholder earns 1 TreatsPoint which can be used to get interesting gifts.

    • In the unfortunate event of an emergency this card can extend facilities like cash advance, medical help, ticket replacement and more through the Visa Emergency Assistance Centre.

    • The card is available to both residents of Malaysia as well are expatriates working in the country.

    Maybank Visa Gold Requirements and Eligibility

    To be able to obtain this card, applicants will have to meet certain conditions and provide certain documents that the bank asks for. These are:

    • The minimum annual income for resident applicants is RM 36,000.

    • The minimum annum income for expats is RM 60,000.

    • In case the applicant wants more than one gold card, they have to have a minimum annual income of RM 60,000 irrespective of their status as residents or expats.

    • The age bracket for primary cards is 21 years to 65 years.

    • The age bracket for supplementary cardholders is 18 years to 65 years.

    • Expatriates applying for this card will have to have an account with the bank in order to be eligible for the card.

    • The documents required for this card depend on the applicants employment stats and are:

      • A copy of the NCIR or a passport for identification.

      • A copy of Form J for income tax returns.

      • The payslips for the last 3 months for salaried individuals.

      • The bank statements for the last 6 months for both salaried and self-employed applicants.

      • Copies of the business registration documents for self-employed individuals.

      • A copy of the credit card and the latest card statement in case the applicant already has a credit card.

    Protection plan on Maybank Visa Gold

    The protection plan that this card offers comes in the form of travel insurance and covers the cardholder for an amount of RM 500,000. This cover, however, can only be availed if the tickets for the journey were bought using this credit card. Even then, cardholders need to ensure that the payments for the ticket is made in its entirety using this card.

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