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  • OCBC Easy Payment Plan

    A large retail purchase, especially an unplanned one, has the potential to harm your finances or even your monthly budget. With the Easy Payment Plan (EPP) from OCBC Bank, you can convert such retail purchases made using an eligible OCBC credit card in to fixed, interest-free monthly payments.

    This payment option’s availability is subject to your available line of credit among other such factors related to your card. Although there’s no interest to deal with, you will have to pay a one-time handling fee that depends on the repayment period you choose.

    Features of OCBC Easy Payment Plan

    Instalment Tenure (months) One-Time Handling Fee (%) Minimum Amount
    5 2.12 RM1,000
    10 4.24 RM1,000
    20 5.30 RM1,000


    • Choose from repayment tenures that go up to 20 months for retail purchases.

    • There are no interest charges to be paid.


    • The total transaction amount in a single receipt must be at least RM1,000 to qualify for the Easy Payment Plan.
    • Your application for the Easy Payment Plan should be within 15 days from the date of purchase. The bank won’t entertain any applications sent after this period.

    List of Credit Cards Featuring OCBC Easy Payment Plan

    Credit Card
    Key Benefit
    Interest Rate
    Annual Fee
    Know More

    Get a rebate of 1% on online and overseas transactions

    15% p.a. - 18% p.a.


    Get complimentary insurance coverage worth RM100,000 in the first year

    15% p.a. - 18% p.a.


    Enjoy 1% cash rebate on retail purchases up to RM1,000

    15% p.a. - 18% p.a.

    Waived for the first 3 years; RM106 per year thereafter

    Earn 0.5% cash rebate on all retail spends

    15% p.a. - 18% p.a.

    Waived for the first 3 years; RM199.28 per year thereafter

    Get a rebate of 1.2% on all retail spends of up to RM1,000

    15% p.a. - 18% p.a.

    Waived for the first 3 years; RM411.28 per year thereafter

    How Does the OCBC Easy Payment Plan Work?

    • When a minimum purchase of RM1,000 is done in a single receipt, you get an option to convert the transaction in to an
    • Select the right repayment tenure option - 5,10 or 20 months.
    • A one-time handling fee that’s inclusive of 6% goods and services tax will be deducted from your credit account.
    • Once approved, your available credit limit will be reduced by the purchase amount.
    • The purchase amount is divided into equal monthly instalments based on the tenure approved.
    • There’s no interest charges if you pay the specified instalment amount in full by the due date.

    How Do You Apply for the OCBC Easy Payment Plan?

    • Apply for OCBC Bank’s EPP on the bank’s online banking platform.
    • Alternatively, get in touch with OCBC Bank’s Contact Centre by calling 03-8317 5000.

    Besides easing your overall financial burden, OCBC Bank’s Easy Payment Plan makes all those seemingly out-of-reach purchases well within your buying power. With a fixed payment plan in place, you’ll even be able to plan your finances in a better way.

    FAQs on OCBC Easy Payment Plan

    Q. Is the one-time handling fee refundable?

    A. No. The one-time handling fee you pay while activating the Easy Payment Plan is non-refundable.

    Q. Should I pay an early settlement fee if I settle the outstanding balance before the designated tenure?

    A. No. You don’t have to pay an early settlement fee even if you settle the outstanding balance before your tenure ends.

    Q. When can I convert my purchase into an Easy Payment Plan?

    A. Your transaction reflects on OCBC Online Banking after 2 days. You can then convert your purchase into EPP.

    Q. Can I change the repayment tenure after approval?

    A. No. Once the bank has approved a tenure and an installment amount, it can’t be changed.

    Q. What happens if I fail to pay the instalment amount specified by the bank?

    A. If you fail to pay the specified monthly instalment amount, you must make the minimum payment i.e., 5% of the outstanding balance or RM50, whichever is higher. If you fail to make the payment by the due date, you will be charged a late payment fee equivalent to 1% of the outstanding balance or RM10, whichever is higher.

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