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OCBC PIN and Pay

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PIN is a Personal Identification Number which is a secret number being used by cardholders proving that they are genuine owners of the card. For Malaysian cards are 6 digit. The PIN and Pay card look the same as your previous card. It will have a new type of microchip embedded and which will be PIN protected and you will have to remember it and not have it written down anywhere. PIN usage is safer and will help against fraud if the card is lost or stolen.

How to get started with PIN and Pay?

First you will be sent your PIN number in a mailer after you receive your new PIN and Pay card. You have to go to the nearest OCBC ATM and you must change the PIN to another 6 digit number of your choice. If you don’t receive the mailer within 14 days of receiving your card, you must call the customer care at 03-8317-5000 or you can also visit any of the OCBC branch to obtain the PIN. If you haven’t received the PIN, you cannot make any transactions.

Usage of PIN and Pay card

The PIN and Pay card can be used at the following places:

  • At ATMS: PIN and Pay card can be used to withdraw cash at terminals and at point of sale terminals. If you enter a wrong PIN, you will be allowed to attempt three times after which the card will be retained and you will have to contact OCBC for replacement card. This is being done to protect you against the possibility of fraudulent activity.
  • At point of sale terminals: If at the point of sale terminal, the PIN is not supported, you can continue the transaction without having to enter the PIN, but you will have to sign the transaction receipt to complete the transaction. The signature based transaction is allowed till 30th June, 2017.
  • Internet or Phone banking: You must not enter your PIN while transacting online or over phone.
  • Overseas transaction: If you are transacting overseas and the terminal does not support PIN, you will have to sign the transaction receipt.
  • Online Banking: You can register for online banking with PIN. It can then be used for availing Mobile banking, to view the dashboard, to organise money and track your expenditure and to provide protection.

How to keep your PIN safe?

It is of utmost importance that you keep your PIN a secret. You can follow the following measures to keep your PIN safe:

  • Don’t derive a PIN from significant dates such as your anniversary, birthday, telephone numbers or driver’s license number.
  • Don’t keep the PIN number written down anywhere.
  • Don’t allow any person to view the number when keying in the PIN while making the payment.
  • Don’t keep the PIN in a form that is easily identified.
  • Don’t disclose the PIN number to anyone.
  • Ensure that the supplementary cards are PIN protected as well.
  • Contact the customer care at 03-8317-5000 if your PIN number has been disclosed to anyone.
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