Santa Claus comes around just once a year. In the meantime, there are Credit Cards.
Santa Claus comes around just once a year. In the meantime, there are Credit Cards.

    RHB Balance Transfer

    In case you have trouble paying your credit card bills on time and stuck in a debt trap, this plan could possibly be the ultimate solution for you. So, an individual may simply transfer the outstanding balances from their car to the RHB Credit card and hence pay the bills at lowers interests spread through comfortable instalments. Sound cool? Hence, it should be checked out as it has limitless features and benefits for clearing your credit card debt issues.

    Features and Benefits of RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer

    The RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer is a balance transfer programme that allows you to transfer your outstanding balances from other credit card/charge card to RHB Credit Card. Transfer your outstanding balances today to enjoy:

    • Now with instalment repayment
    • Instalment option for up to 24 months in the plan
    • As low as 0% p.a. interest rate
    • This is valid up to 24 months or 2 years.
    • No early termination fee is charged in case a holder wants to stop using this programme.
    • No setup fee is required for this plan
    • Choice of up to 19 cards to choose from.

    The following table shows how the plan works in various tenures:

    Tenure (Month) 12 18 24 9 15
    (Promotion) (Promotion)
    Minimum Balance Transfer Amount (RM) 1,000 1,000 1,000 3,000 3,000
    Plan A B C 627 628
    Interest Rate (One Time Charge) 4% 7% 10% 1.99% 4%
    Effective Interest Rate (Per Annum) 7.30% 8.67% 9.32% 4.75% 5.93%
    One Time Interest Charge 40 70 100 59.7 120
    (RM - based on Minimum Balance Transfer Amount)
    Monthly Repayment (RM) 86.66 59.44 45.83 339.97 208

    Fees and Charges for RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer

    The Minimum Monthly Payment for the account is RM50 or 5% of the outstanding amount. There are no early termination charges for this product. The basic interest fees and charges for RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer has the following low interest rates:

    Pay Over With Interest Rate At (one-time upfront handling fee) When You Transfer
    9 months 1.99% from RM3000
    12 months 4% from RM1000
    15 months 4% from RM3000
    18 months 7% from RM1000
    24 months 10% from RM1000

    How to Apply for RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer

    1. For applying the individual has to call RHB Customer Care Centre at 03-9206 8118 followed by placing a request to apply for the RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer.
    2. The applicant can also choose to walk to the nearest RHB branches (list available on the site) to communicate to the staff on duty for applying for this balance transfer plan.
    3. If he or she chooses to complete the application form at your own convenience, he or she can fax it to 03-9206 8088 or email it to Customer Service email which is attaching a copy of the other banks' latest credit card statement.

    FAQ’s for RHB Balance Transfer

    1. How does this Balance Transfer programme work?

    2. RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer is offering a one-time interest rate which can be as low as 1.99% for each year and for up to 24 months when the individual transfers existing debt from other banks' credit cards to the RHB credit card. There is of course a one-time upfront interest charge which ranges between RM40 and RM120, with a minimum balance transfer amount requirement of RM1, 000.

    3. Can someone not make monthly repayments in full?

    4. Yes, if the monthly budget is not enough, the individual can choose to make the minimum repayment of 5% of the outstanding balance or RM50, whichever is higher.

    5. What if someone fails to pay their monthly instalments?

    6. If someone does fail to make their monthly instalments, the whole purpose of taking up a balance transfer with a lower interest rate will be defeated. In such a case, the interest rate of their balance transfer will revert back to their highest limit of 18% every month.

    7. Are there any fees when I settle my debts early?

    8. There are no early settlement fees with RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer. So it gives you the leverage to pay off your debt incase you have the funds to do so.

    Other Bank Balance Transfer Plans

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