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    RHB Classic Card

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    RHB Classic Credit Card

    Simplicity is a trait which can go a long way, and RHB Classic Card is a prime example of simplicity mixed with functionality. Designed to aid a cardholder in his/her daily tasks, this card is ideal for the hard working individual of today.

    Benefits of RHB Classic Card

    RHB Classic cardholders are entitled to a number of benefits, a few of which are mentioned below.

    • Reward points

      A cardholder earns reward points every time the card is used, making each purchase a rewarding experience.

    • Cash Advance-

      Cardholders are entitled to cash advances on their RHB Classic Card.

    • Worldwide acceptance-

      These cards are globally accepted, ensuring you have a financial ally regardless of where you are.

    Features of RHB Classic Card

    Some of the major features of RHB Classic Card are mentioned below.

    • Supplementary cards-

      Individuals can apply for supplementary cards for their family members, with an option to own 5 such supplementary cards.

    • Interest free payment-

      Cardholders are provided a 20 day interest free term to pay their bills, freeing them from the burden of interest if they pay amounts on time.

    • Emergency Service-

      Cardholders can utilise the worldwide emergency service in the event of financial emergencies.

    • Low annual fee-

      The annual fee for the principal card is RM 74.2 while it is RM 42.2 for every supplementary card.

    • Credit Limit -

      Cardholders are entitled to a minimum credit limit of RM 4,000.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Individuals who wish to apply for this card need to satisfy the following basic eligibility criteria.

    • Age -An individual should be at least 21 years old in order to be eligible for this card.

    • Income- An applicant should have a minimum annual income of RM 24,000.

    An applicant should furnish the following documents to aid the application process.

    • Income proof salary slip/IT return

    • Bank statement

    • Valid ID card

    Balance Transfer on RHB Classic Card

    Cardholders have the option of transferring the balance from their old card to a RHB Classic card. A low interest of 1.99% is charged towards such transfers, with the RHB Smart Move Balance Transfer Plan dictating the terms and conditions to transfer your debt.

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