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    RHB Smart Value Card

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    RHB Smart Value Card

    Since December of 2015, the credit cards offered by RHB Bank such as EVO credit card, Travel Money Card, the Gold and Classic credit cards have all been combined into one credit card that offers all the cardholder all the benefits offered by the aforementioned cards in one single package. The aptly named Smart Value credit card from RHB offers the cardholder the convenience of cashback from a wide variety of purchase including groceries, online shopping, and utility and petrol expenses.

    Features of the RHB Smart Value Card

    ·Minimum age of cardholder should be 21 years as at last birthday

    ·Annual fees of the card for Primary cardholder is RM 74.20 p.a.

    .Annual fees of the card for Supplementary cardholder is RM 42.20 p.a.

    .Minimum income required to avail the card is RM 24,000 per annum

    ·Minimum Credit Limit offered by the card is RM 4000

    ·Minimum monthly payment is 5% of the outstanding amount

    ·Late Payment Fees is 1% of the outstanding amount capped to RM 100

    Benefits of RHB Smart Value Card


    The card offers cashback on a variety of expenses charged to the card. The cashback offered on expenses charged on the card ranging from Rm 500 to RM 1500 per month is 1% for Petrol, 1% for groceries, 1% for Utility bills and 1% for online shopping. If the monthly bill amounts to RM 1501 to RM 2500, then cashback offered is 2% for petrol, 2% for groceries, 2% for utility bills and 2% for online shopping. For monthly bills exceeding RM 2501, the cashback offered is 5% for Petrol, 5% for Groceries, 5% for utility bills and 5% for online shopping.

    Cashback for other expenses regardless of the monthly bill amount is 0.2%. The maximum cap on cashback per month irrespective of the monthly bill range is RM 15 for petrol, groceries, online shopping and utilities each whereas the cashback for other expenses is capped to RM 10 per month. Cashback for petrol or groceries or utility bills or online shopping is not limited to a particular outlet or biller but applicable to all outlets, stations, e-commerce websites, hypermarkets, grocery stores and utility billers’ nationwide.

    Travel Insurance:

    If airfares are purchased solely using the RHB Smart Value card, the cardholder can avail a comprehensive travel insurance not just for themselves but also for their spouses and children to the amount of RM 100,000

    Contactless Payment:

    The card also has an inbuilt contactless payment technology which makes shopping much more convenient. The cardholder simply needs to wave their card over the contactless terminal and their charges will be registered in a secure and fast manner.

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