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    RHB Student Credit Cards

    RHB Bank offers a number of credit cards out of which 3 cards are suitable for students or individuals who have just graduated or have taken up a job. These credit cards have the lowest possible annual income requirement. Therefore, these cards are affordable for those who have just started their career.

    RHB Smart Value Card

    Total Amount Spent/Month Cashback
    Petrol Grocery Online Purchases Utility Bill Payment Other Spends
    RM500-RM1,500 1% 1% 1% 1% 0.2%
    RM1,501-RM2,500 2% 2% 2% 2% 0.2%
    RM2,501 or more 5% 5% 5% 5% 0.2%

    Features and Benefits

    • Get a comprehensive travel insurance/takaful coverage of up to RM100,000 when you travel overseas.
    • Pay on-the-go by waving your card over a contactless terminal at the store.

    How does RHB Students Card Work?

    Consider that you have spent a total of RM1,800 in a particular month. Say, you have spent RM300 on petrol, RM800 on grocery, RM200 on online purchases, RM400 on utility bills, and RM100 on other spends.

    The card offers 2% cashback on petrol, grocery, online purchases, and utility bill payments since your total spend of the month falls in the second category i.e. between RM1,501 and RM2,500. Therefore, you will earn RM6 on petrol transactions, RM10 on grocery purchases, RM4 on online purchases, RM8 on utility bill payments, and RM2 on other spends.

    Spend Category Spent Amount Cashback Offered Cashback Earned
    Petrol RM300 2% of RM300 = RM6 RM 6
    Grocery RM800 2% of RM800 = RM16 (Capped at RM10) RM10
    Online Purchases RM200 2% of RM200 = RM4 RM4
    Utility Bills RM400 2% of RM400 = RM8 RM8
    Other Spends RM100 2% of RM100 = RM2 RM2

    SOGO-RHB Credit Card

    Amount Spent/Month Cashback on SOGO KL Spend
    RM500 or less 1%
    RM501-RM1,000 3%
    RM1,000 or more 5%

    Features and Benefits

    • Earn 1 SOGO Reward Point on every RM1 spent at SOGO Storewide. Accumulate 1 SOGO Reward Point when you spend every RM2 at SOGO Supermarket and elsewhere with the SOGO Card Membership Programme.
    • Redeem the accumulated reward points for the item of your choice from a wide selection of gadgets and shopping vouchers.
    • Paying your utility bills, such as Telekom, Maxis, Digi, and Astro is now easy with the Smart Pay feature.
    • Transfer the balance from other cards to SOGO-RHB Credit Card at reasonable rates.
    • Convert your retail purchases done at participating merchant outlets into an extended repayment tenure of up to 36 months at 0% interest.
    • Withdraw cash whenever you need and repay the withdrawn cash in a period of up to 36 months at low-interest rates with the CashXcess feature.

    How does RHB Students Card Work?

    The card gives cashback when you spend with the card at SOGO KL Department Store and Supermarket. The cashback varies based on the amount spent. If you have spent a total of RM1,500 at the store and supermarket, then you will be eligible to earn 5% cashback i.e. RM75. However, the cashback is capped at RM50 per month per customer. So, you can get a cashback of RM50 for your spend.

    When it comes to earning reward points, you will get 1 SOGO Reward Point on every RM1 you spend at SOGO Store and 1 SOGO Reward Point on every RM2 you spend at SOGO Supermarket and any other stores.

    Out of the RM1,500 you have spent during the month, consider that you have spent RM750 at the SOGO Store and RM800 at the SOGO Supermarket. You will earn 750 SOGO Reward Points and 400 SOGO Reward Points respectively. A total of 1150 points will be credited to you.

    Spend Category Amount Spent Cashback Earned SOGO Reward Points Earned
    SOGO Store RM750 5% of RM1,500 = RM75 ~ RM50 (Capped at RM50) 750
    SOGO Supermarket and others RM800 400

    MyEG-RHB Credit Card

    Spend Category RHB Reward Points Earned
    Spend Category RHB Reward Points Earned
    MyEG Services 5x
    Other Spends 1x

    Features and Benefits

    • Enjoy promotional offers on movie and concert tickets.
    • Get the privilege of enjoying RHB Smart Services.
    • Redeem from a wide collection of gadgets, shopping vouchers, and more with the Smart Rewards feature.
    • Live worry-free with the auto bill pay facility for Telekom, Maxis, Digi, and Astro with the Smart Pay feature.
    • The outstanding balance on your credit cards can be transferred to the MyEG-RHB Credit Card at reasonable interest rates with the Smart Move feature.
    • With the Smart Instalment feature, convert your retail purchases into monthly instalment for a period of up to 36 months at 0% interest. Offer available only at participating merchant outlets.
    • CashXcess provides you with the privilege of withdrawing cash at preferential rates with a repayment tenure of up to 36 months.

    How does RHB Students Card Work?

    Consider that you have spent RM400 via MyEG services and RM800 on other transactions. The card offers 5x reward points on the amount spent using MyEG services and all other transactions get 1x reward points.

    So, you are eligible to earn 5x RM400 i.e. 2,000 RHB Reward Points and 1x RM800 i.e. 800 RHB Reward Points. So, you will earn a total of 2,800 RHB Reward Points.

    Spend Category Spent Amount Reward Points Programme Reward Points Earned
    MyEG services RM400 5x RM400 = 2,000 2,000
    Other Spends RM800 1x RM800 = 800 800

    Fees and Charges

    Fees and Charges/Card Name RHB Smart Value Card SOGO-RHB Credit Card MyEG-RHB Credit Card
    Annual Fee (Principal Card) RM70. RM88. RM88.
    Annual Fee (Supplementary Card) Waived. Waived. Waived.
    Finance Charges 15% p.a. to 18% p.a.
    Minimum Monthly Payment A minimum of RM50 or 5% of the outstanding balance, whichever is higher.
    Late Payment Fee RM10 or 1% of the outstanding balance, whichever is higher. The fee is capped at RM100.
    Cash Advance Fee A minimum of RM15 or 5% of the withdrawn amount.

    Eligibility Requirements

    Factors Eligibility
    Minimum Age Criterion (Principal Cardholder) 21 years.
    Minimum Age Criterion (Supplementary Cardholder) 18 years.
    Minimum Annual Income Criterion RHB Smart Value Card: RM24,000.
    SOGO-RHB Credit Card: RM24,000.
    MyEG-RHB Credit Card: RM24,000.

    Documents Required

    Factors Documents
    MNC Employees
    • A copy of MyKad/MyPR/other country’s PR/passport.
    • Latest month’s salary slip.
    • Latest EPF statement.
    • Letter of Employment/Confirmation from the employer.
    Non-MNC Employees
    • A copy of MyKad/MyPR/other country’s PR/passport.
    • Latest 3 months’ bank account statement.
    • Latest 3 months’ salary slip.
    • Latest EPF statement.
    • Letter of Employment/Confirmation.
    Government Employees
    • A copy of MyKad/MyPR/other country’s PR/passport.
    • Recent month’s pay slip.
    • Latest EPF statement.
    • Latest pension letter and latest 3 months’ bank account statement to show crediting of pension if applicable.
    • Letter of Employment/Appointment.
    Self-employed Individuals
    • A copy of MyKad/MyPR/other country’s PR/passport.
    • Bank statement on the last 6 months’ transactions.
    • Copy of the M&A for a limited company with the tax payment receipt.
    • Form 9, 24, and 49.
    • A copy of MyKad/MyPR/other country’s PR/passport.
    • Recent 6 months’ commission slip.
    • Recent 6 months’ bank statement.
    • Latest EPF statement.
    • A copy of the M&A with the tax payment receipt.
    • Letter of Employment/Confirmation.

    Applying for RHB Student Credit Cards

    Mode Process
    Online Method
    • Visit the bank’s official website.
    • Click on the “Apply Now” button on the card’s webpage.
    • Fill up all the necessary details.
    • Select the best time to call you.
    • Submit the form so one of the bank’s representatives will call you up for further discussion.
    Offline Method 1
    • Download the application form from the bank’s website.
    • Print the form, fill up your details in the form.
    • Attach all the necessary documents.
    • Send the application to the credit processing department located in Kuala Lumpur.
    Offline Method 2
    • Visit the nearest branch office.
    • Express your interest in applying for the card of your choice.
    • Fill up the application form.
    • Attach all the required documents.
    • Submit the application to the staff.


    All the 3 cards offered by RHB Bank requires you to have some form of income source. Even if you are a student, you must have a part-time job to make the payments. You must also satisfy the minimum age criterion to qualify for the card.

    FAQs on RHB Student Credit Cards

    Q. What happens if I spend more than the available credit limit?

    A. You will be charged an over limit fee of RM50 when the total outstanding balance exceeds the available credit limit.

    Q. What is the minimum credit limit available?

    A. You can get a minimum credit limit of RM4,000.

    Q. Is there a cap on the cashback when I spend with the RHB Smart Value Card?

    A. Yes. There is a cap of RM10/month on the cashback you can earn when you spend on petrol, groceries, online purchases, and utility bill payments. On all other transactions, you will get unlimited cashback.

    Q. Should I pay a joining fee to use any of the cards?

    A. No. The bank does not demand a joining fee for any of the cards.

    Q. How long does the application approval process take?

    A. The bank may take about 5 working days to notify you if your application has been approved. Once you submit the required documentation, the bank verifies the facts, decides on approval, and then notifies you of the decision via post.

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