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Majority of Malaysians have credit cards and the most important thing to consider is the security of the credit cards. There are various ways that you can secure your credit card when you are in Malaysia, when you are travelling abroad, or making payments online. Read on to know the simple ways you can safeguard your credit card.

When you are travelling overseas:

When you are travelling overseas, the Malaysian cardholders are advised to travel with PIN enabled cards. If you have a new PIN enabled credit card, ensure you have a PIN for it before you leave Malaysia.

If you do not have a PIN for your credit card, contact your credit card provider and get a PIN for your card. The standard for payment card PINs is 6 digits in Malaysia, but many overseas markets accept 4 digit PINs. You can still use the 6 digit PIN, but you may encounter problem when you the terminal you use your credit card restricts to 4 digit PIN. In that case, you can ask the retailer to bypass the PIN entry and sign for the purchase. If the retailer is refusing, you may have to opt for a different payment method.

When you are travelling abroad, there are some credit card issuers that offer emergency services for an additional fee. You will be given emergency contact number for hospitals and police stations of the country you are visiting. For this, you must inform your credit card issuer when you are making travel plans.

When you are shopping online:

When you are paying for your purchases online, you must ensure that the site is a secured. You must keep in mind the following:

  • The shop is established and you can contact them easily is there happens to be an issue.
  • Ensure the site is secured when you are shopping on your mobile devices.
  • Don’t share any personal information online.
  • You must check for the refund and return policies, payment terms, shipping guidelines and costs.
  • Take a printout of the receipts or save it on your computer.
  • Make sure you have the confirmation number and emails backing the purchase.
  • Equip your computer with virus protection software.
  • Don’t download software and programs from unknown sources.
  • Opt for one time password to be sent to your mobile phone.

When you are using your card in Malaysia:

Not all point of sale will require you to enter your PIN in Malaysia. Low value transactions do not require PIN. If the transaction is made at a terminal that is not supporting PIN, you will have to sign the receipt. You must do the following to ensure that your credit card is secure:

  • Never leave the credit card unattended.
  • Protect your card with a security code.
  • Don’t leave the cards in your vehicle.
  • Always check your card when you have made a purchase to ensure that it is your card.
  • Report the lost or stolen card immediately.
  • You must sign the back of the card as soon as you get it.
  • Check your monthly statements carefully so that there isn’t any charges that you haven’t made but are have been mentioned.
  • Never give out your credit card number to anyone over the phone.
  • Don’t share a photograph of your credit card on a social network.
  • The security code on the back of your card can be blacked out once you have stored the code in your password manager.
  • If you do not wish to sign your card, write “SEE ID”, the retailer will ask for your ID proof and it reduces the risk of fraud.
  • If your card is contactless, they will be open to remote attacks and privacy leaks. You can use a RFID blocking sleeve or wallet.
  • When you are dumping your credit card receipts and monthly statement, make sure that you have shredded it.
  • Never answer your email that ask for account number or other personal information.
  • Consider opting for paperless statements to avoid the risk of leaking out sensitive information.
  • If you are changing your address, you must inform your credit card issuer.
  • Update your mobile number and email ID.
  • Do not keep your PIN numbers and passwords near your credit card.
  • When you are at a restaurant ask for the card reader to be brought to your table and use your credit card to make the payment.

The security of your credit card is your responsibility. Be aware of your surrounding and the people around you. Always make purchases on a secured site. Do not give out your credit card information to anyone over the phone.

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