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    Standard Chartered Balance Transfer

    You can move your credit card balances from multiple institutions into Standard Chartered Bank. The scheme gives some time for you to relax and pay the outstanding balance with longer repayment period at lower interest rates.

    Standard Chartered Balance Transfer Plus Programme

    The bank offers balance transfer feature at 5.99% p.a. The below table shows details of the feature:

    Repayment Tenure/ Transfer Amount RM1,000 RM5,000 RM10,000 RM15,000 RM20,000
    12 months RM88.33 RM441.63 RM883.25 RM1,324.88 RM1,766.50
    18 months RM60.55 RM302.74 RM605.47 RM908.21 RM1,210.94
    24 months RM46.66 RM233.29 RM466.58 RM699.88 RM933.17
    36 months RM32.77 RM163.85 RM327.69 RM491.54 RM655.39

    Benefits of Standard Chartered Balance Transfer Plus

    The benefits offered by Standard Chartered Balance Transfer are:

    • The application process is very simple.
    • You get the Balance Transfer facility at a low-interest rate of 5.99% p.a.
    • You can enjoy flexible repayment periods of 12, 18, 24 and 36 months.
    • You can consolidate multiple credit card bills into one monthly instalment.

    How to Complete Standard Chartered Balance Transfer Plus

    Once you are sure of the amount and the repayment duration that suits your needs, you can visit the webpage for Balance Transfer on the bank’s official website and click the ‘Apply’ button.

    Terms and Conditions

    The terms and conditions applicable on balance transfer are:

    • Balance Transfer is available only to primary cardholders with both Standard Chartered Bank and the other bank.
    • The bank from where you are switching your credit card balance must be a bank in Malaysia.
    • You will be provided with a PLC account that is associated with your existing credit card account.
    • The bank reserves the right to approve only a part of the amount applied for.
    • The balance transfer done from another bank is considered to be a cash advance in Standard Chartered Bank.
    • The terms and conditions applicable for cash advance facility are also applicable on Balance Transfer Plus.
    • If you pay an amount that is less than the specified monthly instalment by the due date, the unpaid part of the instalment will be accounted for finance charges. This is calculated from the posting date until fully settled.


    Q. How is monthly repayment amount calculated?

    A. The monthly repayment amount is calculated using the formula given below:

    [Balance Transfer Plus amount + (Balance Transfer Plus amount x interest rate per annum x repayment tenure in years)] / repayment tenure in months.

    Q. Will my credit limit increase when I take supplementary cards?

    A. No. Your existing credit limit will be shared with the supplementary cards.

    Q. What is the allowed minimum amount for a balance transfer?

    A. The minimum amount allowed for a balance transfer is RM1,000 per application.

    Q. Do I get a debit card with the PLC account?

    A. No. You will not get any debit card with your PLC account.

    Q. Does the bank determine the instalment amount? Would it vary month-on-month?

    A. The bank determines the monthly instalment which includes two components: principal amount and interest. The bank sets the monthly instalment payable in such a way that the instalments are equal throughout the repayment tenure.

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