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Supplementary Credit Card

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A supplementary credit card is an add-on credit card that can be used by a principal cardholder’s spouse, children, and/or parents. As a supplementary cardholder, you need to be at least 18 years of age and are not required to have an income. One principal cardholder can have multiple supplementary cards depending on the bank’s/issuer’s guidelines. A supplementary card may come with an annual fee waiver or might charge an annual fee as imposed by your bank.

Annual Fees for Top Supplementary Cards in Malaysia

Name of the Card Annual Fee Know More
CIMB Visa Signature Credit Card Waived Apply
CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum Credit Card Waived Apply
CIMB World MasterCard Waived Apply
Public Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card RM159 Apply
Public Bank Visa Gold Credit Card RM106 Apply
Public Bank Platinum MasterCard Credit Card RM159 Apply
Maybank American Express Gold Credit Card Waived for lifetime Apply
Maybank Visa Platinum Credit Card RM150 to RM300 (for multiple card membership) Apply
Maybank World MasterCard Waived up to 4 supplementary cards Apply
Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Gold Credit Card Waived for life Apply
AmBank Visa Infinite Credit Card 3 supplementary cards free for life; RM188 for fourth supplementary card onwards Apply
Shell Citi Gold Credit Card RM106 Apply
Alliance Bank Visa Infinite Credit Card Waived Apply
Alliance Bank Visa/MasterCard Gold Credit Card RM31.80 Apply
HSBC Visa Signature Credit Card RM318 Apply

Features and Benefits of a Supplementary Card

  • These are additional credit cards received with the primary credit card.
  • You can get more than one supplementary card as per your requirements.
  • The card comes with quick processing and requires minimum documentation.
  • It is billed under a principal card account.
  • It is accepted across the world like any other principal credit card.
  • Like a principal card, you can carry out cash advances through the supplementary card.
  • This card also offers rewards and privileges to a cardholder.
  • You can access a consolidated statement for your principal and supplementary cards.
  • You can set a credit limit for your supplementary cards as per your choice.

How Does a Supplementary Credit Card Work?

It is an add-on card to your principal or primary card. In Malaysia, you can get up to 4-5 supplementary cards for your adult family members. Your credit limit is divided equally between your principal and supplementary cards.

For example, if your credit limit is RM8,000, you will obtain RM4,000 as your principal card limit and RM4,000 as your supplementary card limit. However, if necessary, you can also set a lower sub-limit for the supplementary card, diverting most of the credit limit to your primary card. You can set a sub-limit on ATM cash advance facility too.

Managing your finances can be easy as you receive a combined statement for your principal card and supplementary card/s. This way, you can keep a check on expenses charged to a supplementary card.

How to Get a Supplementary Credit Card?

Online application: Go to the bank’s official website and apply for a supplementary card to your principal card. You need to fill an online application form and submit it with precise details. Later on, the bank/company representatives will call you to carry the process forward.

Offline application: You can also visit the nearest branch of your bank and fill out an application form. The bank representatives will then guide you through the process.

While applying for a supplementary card, only a few documents are required. Thus, you should keep the following handy:

  • MyKad or NRIC (copies of both sides)
  • Details about the principal card
  • Any other document as mentioned by the bank/company


Q. What is the maximum number of supplementary cards I can get on my principal card? A. Depending on your bank, in Malaysia, you can get up to 4-5 supplementary cards with your principal card.

Q.  What is the annual fee for the supplementary card for CIMB Enrich World Elite Credit Card?

A. While obtaining a supplementary card, you will have to pay annual charges of RM288.

Q. How do I know my supplementary card limit?

A. The card limit will be stated on the bill statement as well as on your online bank account page/profile. There, you can also see other details like your credit balance and due date for bill payment.

Q. Can I obtain supplementary cards from two different banks simultaneously?

A.  Yes, you can obtain multiple cards from different banks if you are holding their principal/primary credit cards.

Q. Can I give a supplementary credit card to a non-family member?

A. No, it must be used by the family members of a primary cardholder. These family members should be either parents, spouse, and/or children of the principal cardholder.

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