• Alliance My eSaving Debit Card-i

    The Alliance My eSavings Debit Card-I provides the convenience of making easy payments. Have a control on your expenses with the daily withdrawal limits on POS and ATMs. Some of the benefits of the card include:

    • ATM withdrawals at over 1 million ATMs located worldwide with the MEPS or Cirrus logo.
    • The convenience of making payments with the contactless payment functionality.

    Ideal for:Those looking for a card that can be used overseas.

    Key Features and Benefits Alliance Islamic eSaving Debit Card

    Features Description
    Types of Accounts
    • Alliance Bank Savings Account-i.
    • Alliance Bank Current Account-i.
    Daily POS limit Default limit of RM1,000. Extendable up to RM5,000.
    Daily ATM limit Default limit of RM3,000. Extendable up to RM10,000.
    24 x 7 banking You can check account balance and transaction history at any point of time through the following ways.
    • Internet banking via allianceonline website.
    • Alliance Bank ATMs/CDMs.
    Contactless Transaction Types Transactions can be made over any of the two outlets.
    • MyDebit Contactless
    • Mastercard PayPass
    MyDebit Contactless and PIN payments Available for payments with Malaysian merchants with the MyDebit facility.
    • Contactless payment till RM250.
    • 6-digit PIN for payments above RM250.

    Other Benefits

    The debit card offers certain additional benefits, as listed below.

    • Customise the daily ATM withdrawal and POS limits.
    • Make contactless payments of up to RM250 per transaction and RM750 daily for merchants in Malaysia.
    • Secure payments can be made with the PIN functionality of the card, where a 6 digit PIN shall be entered.
    • Use the pre-authorisation facility of the card to make fuel payments and eliminate the need to carry any cash.
    • Make easy transactions with the Card-not-Present facility.
    • Shop more in Malaysia and overseas at more than 29 million Mastercard or MyDebit merchants located globally.
    • Get notified through SMS alerts for card-not –present transactions (including mail orders and telephone orders), contactless payments, overseas POS terminal transactions, and overseas cash withdrawals.

    In case you are looking for more benefits, make sure you look into the benefits offered by different credit cards available in the market.

    Fees and Charges

    Fee Type Amount
    Card Issuance/Annual Fee RM8.00.
    Card Replacement Fee RM8.00 per card.
    MEPS cash withdrawal
    • Other local banks: RM1 per transaction.
    • Locally incorporated foreign banks: RM4 per transaction.
    Sales draft Retrieval Fee RM20 per copy.
    CIRRUS cash withdrawal RM8 per transaction.
    CIRRUS balance inquiry RM1 per transaction.
    Overseas Transaction Conversion Fee The conversion rate shall be determined on the date of processing as per the conversion rate on the day of processing. An additional charge of 1% shall be applicable by Alliance Bank as per the standards.

    How to Apply

    If you are interested to apply for the card, you need to log in to the Alliance Banking Islamic Banking website. Click on the “Apply Now” option in the “Debit Cards” page. A representative from the bank shall get in touch with you and guide you through the steps to be taken in order to apply for the card.

    Alliance My eSaving Debit Card-i Promotions

    • Buy movie tickets to up to RM12 only at TGV Cinemas when using the Masterpass by Mastercard. The offer is valid for tickets bought through the TGV Cinemas Mobile App.
    • Get 6% off all year round on selected products at REEBONZ when you make payments with your card. The offer is valid till 31 December 2018.


    The Alliance My eSaving Debit Card-i help you make convenient payments when travelling abroad. With the 24 x 7 banking facility, you can keep track of the expenses from anywhere across the world. It is advisable to read all the conditions carefully before you apply for the card. Make sure you have a understanding the basic difference between debit cards and credit cards.


    Q. Can I make contactless transactions which are above RM250?

    A. You can make cumulative transactions which are up to RM750 in a day. For single transactions which are above RM250, you have to enter the PIN along with the contactless payments.

    Q. Is there any way in which transactions can be made by mistake when passing by a contactless reader?

    A. Transactions won’t happen when you pass by the contactless reader. Contactless readers only read debit cards when it is processing a transaction. Also, the debit card should be within 4 cms of the reader in order to make a transaction, which is not possible when you are passing by a contactless reader.

    Q. Can the Card-not-Present functionality be removed from the card?

    A. Yes. You can disable the Card-not-Present functionality of your card by visiting the nearest Alliance Bank branch or by calling the Contact Centre at 03-5516 9988.

    Q. I want to track my expenses better. Is there a way in which I can be notified when I am exceeding the withdrawal limit of the card?

    A. Yes. You can get SMS notifications when you reach the withdrawal limit. You can decide the threshold limit where you want the SMS to be sent to your registered phone number.

    Q. Where can I make cash withdrawals overseas?

    A. You can make cash withdrawals overseas at all CIRRUS enabled ATMs located worldwide.

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