• Bank Muamalat Debit Card-i

    BMMB Debit Card-i, also known as Aisya Debit Card-i, is a Shariah-based card based on the concept of Ujrah. You can enjoy cashless transactions using your debit card and purchase anything without any hassle. Some of the major highlights of the card are:

    • Enjoy cashless transactions at any retail outlets using your BMMB Debit Card-i.
    • Use your card for cash withdrawal from ATMs in Malaysia and overseas.

    Key Features and Benefits of BMMB Debit Card-i

    Features Description
    Types of Account Any Shariah-compliant savings or current account-i.
    Card Tenure 5 years from the date of issuance.
    Overseas Transactions Available when requested.
    PIN and Pay Available with this card.
    Contactless Transactions Available with this card.
    Internet Banking Available with i-Muamalat Services.

    Additional Features of the Card:

    • For each spending made with this card, the bank will contribute a part of the “interchange fee income” to Wakaf Selangor Muamalat as Waqf, which is a form of endowment by an owner of a property for the wellbeing of the public, as per the concept of Shariah.
    • Wave or tap your card at any contactless-enabled readers to make payment without keying in your PIN.

    Fees and Charges

    Fee Type Amount
    Annual Fee RM12.
    Card Renewal Fee No charges.
    Conversion Fee (From ATM card to debit) No charges.
    Card Replacement Fee RM12.
    Cash Withdrawal Fee
    • Bank Muamalat: No charges.
    • Other Banks: RM1 per transaction.
    • Local Incorporated Foreign Banks: RM4 per transaction.
    • Mastercard: RM10 per transaction.
    Balance Enquiry at ATMs No charges.
    Printed Monthly Statement RM5 per statement.
    Sales Draft Retrieval Fee RM10.
    Overseas Transaction Conversion Fee The conversion rates from foreign currency to Ringgit Malaysia are determined by Mastercard Worldwide. Due to market fluctuations, the exchange rate could differ from the transaction amount.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • The applicant must be a citizen of Malaysia.
    • The applicant must have a Shariah-compliant savings or current account-i with Bank Muamalat.
    • The applicant must be at least 12 years of age. (For applicants below 18 years of age, their parents must sign the indemnity clause and submit any supporting documents the bank asks for).

    Bank Muamalat Debit Card-i Promotions

    • Get 5% off when you make book hotels through Tradewinds Travel Services. This is an ongoing promotion that is valid until 31 December 2018. Before making the booking, you can check the hotel of your choice on Expedia.com. You need to contact Tradewinds Travel Services' hotline number (012-3900162) or email ([email protected]) to make the booking. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You have the option to make bookings 3 days prior to departure. The hotel prices are based per night basis on twin share rooms. Please note: all prices and offers are subject to change with availability and exclude taxes and other fees. A 2% handling fee will be imposed.
    • Enjoy exclusive deals from Hotel Istana when you pay using your BMMB Debit Card-i. This is an ongoing promotion that is valid until 30 December 2018. The following are the offers:
      • Enjoy a discount of 15% on buffet lunch, buffet dinner, and buffet Hi-Tea at Taman Sari Brasserie. To make a reservation quote ‘BMMB’
      • Pay RM340 (including 1 breakfast) and RM355 (including 2 breakfast) when you book a Deluxe Room at Hotel Istana.

    You cannot combine this offer with any other vouchers, coupons, promotions, and offers. You have the option to cancel 3 days prior to the arrival date. For all cancellations made within 3 days, a 1-night penalty will be imposed. The rooms are subject to availability. The food and beverage offer is limited to 10 people per card per receipt. Hotel Istana is located in Kuala Lumpur.

    How to Apply

    To apply for the BMMB Debit Card-i, you can walk into any of the BMMB branches in Malaysia. Don’t forget to carry your MyKad for verification purposes or to open a savings or current account-i. If you are an existing savings or current account-i holder and you have the older version of the card, you can walk into any off the BMMB branches to get your new card.


    BMMB Debit Card-i is a standard debit card which can be used for cash withdrawal at any of the ATMs as well as for retail and online shopping. This is a Shariah-based card, so whenever you shop using this card, the bank will contribute a percentage of the amount as Waqf. You can also opt for Islamic credit cards to get more benefits on your expenses.


    Q. Does this card come with a minimum retail purchase limit?

    A. No, the card does not have a minimum retail purchase limit. The purchase limit will be set at RM3,000 by default. You have the option to increase or decrease the limit as per your convenience, by contacting the bank. For security reasons, the spending limit of this card is RM20,000 per day.

    Q. How do I make use of the contactless payment facility?

    A. You just need to wave or tap your card at the contactless enabled readers at point of service terminals. For security reasons, you will only be able to make payments worth RM250 without keying in your PIN number.

    Q. What do I do if I've misplaced my BMMB Debit Card-i?

    A. If you have lost or misplaced your debit card, you must notify the bank immediately. You can call Bank Mualamat's customer care number at 1300-88-8787 if you are within Malaysia. If you are overseas, you can either call 603-26005500 or contact any member of Mastercard Worldwide or its affiliates.

    Q. When will I receive the card after I apply it? Are there any restrictions on using this card?

    A. When you visit any of the Bank Muamalat branches to open an account, you will be given the BMMB Debit Card-i the same day. Since this debit card is a Shariah-based card, it cannot be used for non-halal transactions.

    Q. Does this card come with a withdrawal limit?

    A. Yes. You can withdraw up to RM10,000 per day. For every transaction, the maximum amount you can withdraw is RM1,500. However, this limit could be changed by the bank from time to time.

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