BSN Visa Debit Card

BSN Visa Debit Card is a multi-privilege Visa payWave debit card. There are a host of benefits offered to help you live a debt free life and as this card is linked to the BSN Savings account, it will help you stay in control of your expenses.

Features of BSN Visa Debit Card

The following are the features of BSN Visa Debit Card:

  • Cash can be withdrawn locally as well as overseas.
  • Funds can be transferred easily.
  • The card can be used to pay for daily essentials such as dining, petrol and groceries.
  • The card is universally accepted.
  • The debit card can be used to place mail order, online purchases and phone purchases.
  • There is an option of auto pay to make the payments on time.
  • Transactions can also be tracked on

Benefits of BSN Visa Debit Card

The following are the benefits of having BSN Visa Debit Card:

  • Access to EBB services: The card can be used at EBB agent outlet for retail purchases, E-SSP purchases, deposits, bill payments, cash withdrawals and prepaid top-up.
  • BCARD Loyalty Program: On every transaction made at over 800 BCARD participating outlets, you can collect BPoints. BPoints can be fully redeemed or partially redeemed. 100 BPoints are equivalent to RM1.
  • Built-in Touch ‘n Go features: You can enjoy the convenience of built-in Touch ‘n Go feature. The card can be reloaded at any Touch ‘n Go hubs. The card can be used at tolls, car parks, public transport or anywhere the Touch ‘n Go sign is displayed.
  • Choose your own purchase limit: The default purchase limit for adults is RM1, 000 and RM500 for teens. The limit can be changed for an amount between RM1 to RM10, 000 via BSN ATMs, myBSN and BSN Branches.
  • MEPS Fee Reimbursement Program: 22 year old and above transactors can avail 3 free MEPS per month if their average monthly balance is RM1, 500 and above. Savers of ages 22 and above get 5 free MEPS per month for keeping an average monthly balance of RM3, 000 and above. They also get 2% per annum bonus returns on average incremental growth of RM1, 000. Youth below the ages of 21 years get 3 free MEPS on maintaining an average monthly account balance of RM500 and above.
  • PLUSMiles Rewards and Privileges: with the PLUSMiles loyalty program, you can enjoy the toll rebates, discounts and rewards at the participating PLUSMiles merchant outlets. You can also enjoy 5% toll rebate on toll usage of RM100 and above. Reward points can be earned for toll usage of less than RM100.
  • Shop online: BSN Visa Debit Card can be used to make online purchase from iTunes, Lazada, AirAsia. You have to shop at 3D Secure merchant site and fill in your debit card details and then type in the BSN Online Secured Shopping Code for completing the authentication process. The code will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Shop, Wave and Go with Visa payWave: You can use the BSN Visa Debit Card for everyday purchases under RM250 at the merchant outlets that have Visa payWave reader. You do not have to sign the transaction receipt. All you have to do is wave the card in front of the reader and collect your purchases and go without having to fumble for cash.

Documents required for BSN Visa Debit Card

While applying for BSN Visa Debit Card, you have to bring your BSN Matrix Card and MyKad if you are an existing BSN customer. BSN will instantly convert the BSN Matrix card to BSN Visa Debit Card.

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