• Hong Leong Debit Card-i

    Get on-the-spot approval and make easy transactions from your Hong Leong Current/Savings account-i with the Hong Leong Debit Card-i. Enjoy the benefits of Mastercard when travelling abroad and make transactions with over 30 million merchants while travelling with this card. Some of the key benefits of the card include:

    • Make ATM cash withdrawals at any ATM with MEPS or Mastercard logo, both in Malaysia and overseas.

    Ideal for: Those looking for a debit card which shall be convenient to use both in Malaysia and overseas.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Features Description
    Daily purchase limit Up to RM10,000.
    Types of accounts
    • Hong Leong Basic Savings Account-i (BSA-i).
    • Hong Leong Basic Current Account-i (BSC-i).
    • Hong Leong Priority Banking accounts.
    • Other savings/ current accounts-i.
    Contactless Payment Facility Applicable for all Shariah-compliant outlets enabled with the contactless payment technology. Both MyDebit/MCCS Contactless and Mastercard Contactless payments can be made with this card.
    3D Secure Protection Applied by default for secure online transactions.
    Internet Banking Available with Hong Leong Connect.
    Pre-authorization payments Can be done for fuel transactions, hotel accommodation payments, and hospital admission check-ins.
    PIN-and-Pay facility Available on all transactions.
    Overseas Transactions Can be activated for the card upon request.

    Other Benefits

    • No income documents required while applying for the card.
    • Make online purchases, transfer money and pay bills with your card at over 30 million Mastercard merchants available across the world, and forget cash payments.
    • Link both Current and Savings Account-i and the purchase amount shall be automatically debited from the account.
    • Track your expenses with the complimentary itemized bill which shall be available online.
    • Get SMS alerts for the purchases made on your debit card.
    • Withdraw money from over 1 million MEPS or Mastercard enabled ATMs across the world.
    • Make cashless payments for fuel transactions with a pre-authorised payment of RM200 on the card.
    • No RM50 to be paid as government service tax with this card.

    Fees and Charges

    Fee Type Amount
    Issuance Fee RM8 per card.
    Annual Fee No annual fees.
    Card Replacement
    • Priority Banking: RM9 per card.
    • BSA-i/BCA-i: RM12 per card.
    • Other savings/current accounts-i: RM18 per card.
    ATM cash withdrawal fee Domestic transactions
    • HLB ATM: No fee.
    • Other bank ATM: RM1 per transaction.
    International transactions
    • Via MEPS ATM Network (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore & Korea): RM8 per transaction.
    • Via Mastercard Cirrus: RM12 per transaction.
    Debit Card Monthly Statement (Hardcopy) RM2 per month.
    Sales Draft Retrieval Fee RM20 per copy.
    Overseas Transaction Conversion Fee A conversion fee as decided upon by Mastercard Worldwide shall be applicable on the date of processing. An additional 1% shall be charged by Hong Leong Bank on the overseas transactions.


    The applicant must be of 18 years of age or above to apply for the Hong Leong Debit card-i.

    Hong Leong Debit Card-i Promotions

    • Get an additional 6% discount on Reebonz online and in-store purchases, when paying with the debit card. Use the code MCMY6 while checking out from the Reebonz online website. Offer valid till 31 December 2018.
    • Enjoy 10% discount on total spend for first time customers at “Hermo- Beauty in a Click” online stores. Existing customers get 8% discount with a minimum spend of RM80. Offer valid till 31 December 2018.
    • Get 30% discount on all items in the a-la carte menu at Spices, Furama Brasserie, located at Kuala Lumpur. Offer valid till 30 April 2019.
    • Enjoy 5% discount on all bookings made with Agoda. Offer valid till the booking period of 31 December 2018, with a stay period of anytime between 1 July 2018 and 31 March 2019.

    How to Apply

    You can apply for the debit card only if you have a Hong Leong Savings/Savings Account-i or Hong Leong Current/ Current Account-i. You can also apply for the debit card while opening the Savings/Current account with the bank. The process to be followed is given below.

    • Visit the nearest HLISB/HLB branch.
    • Provide your MyKAD for verification in order to open the Current Account-i or Savings Account-i.
    • If you have an existing Hong Leong ATM/Debit Card with a Current/Savings Account-i, you can upgrade to the Hong Leong Debit Card-i.

    Joint Current Account-i or Savings Account-i holders can also apply for the debit card, given that either one of them have to sign. Each account holder shall have a different card, with different purchase limits, PIN number and signatures.


    The debit card provides a number of options for making transactions from your Current/Savings Account-i. Enjoy the benefits and privileges provided by Mastercard and make your purchases conveniently from Shariah-compliant stores. Use this card with other Hong Leong cards to enjoy more benefits.


    Q. Can I make non-3D secure transactions on the internet?

    A. Yes. You can make non-3D secure transactions by request the card for activating the particular facility. This measure has been in process since 30 December 2015.

    Q. How can I activate my card for overseas transactions?

    A. You can activate your card for overseas transactions in the following ways.

    • Log in through Hong Leong Connect.
    • Visit Hong Leong Islamic Bank (HLISB) ATM or Hong Leong Bank (HLB) ATM.
    • Contact Hong Leong contact centre at 03 7626 8899.
    • Visit any HLISB/HLB branch during banking hours.

    Q. Can I request for a printed statement of the transactions on my debit card which were made more than a year ago?

    A. Yes. You can get a printed copy of all transactions made with your card for RM 10 per request. An additional RM5 shall be charged since the statement is more than a year old. If within a year, a charge of RM2 will be made additionally along with RM10 charged for the request.

    Q. Is there a validity associated with my card?

    A. Yes. The card comes with a validity of 5 years from the date of issue of the Debit Card-i. The card must be renewed before the expiry of the card in order to continue enjoying the benefits of the card.

    Q. What is the limit of Contactless Payment allowed with my card, and can I change it?

    A. The default contactless limit is RM250 per transaction. Upon reaching cumulative Contactless transactions of RM400, you are requested to pay the remaining amount by signing the transaction receipt or pay by entering the PIN. However, after RM800 of consecutive transactions, you shall be asked to make a contact payment. The contactless transaction limit can be changed by you to be anywhere between RM0-RM800.

    Q. What are the various goods and services for which transactions cannot be made with this card?

    A. The debit card is applicable for Shariah compliant goods and services transactions only. The non- Shariah merchant categories where the card is not applicable are as follows:

    • Bars, discotheques, cocktail lounges, nightclubs, and taverns.
    • Wine, beer, and liquor shops.
    • Cigar stores and stands.
    • Gambling transactions.
    • Horse-racing, dog-racing, non-sports intrastate internet gambling transactions.
    • Dating and escort services.
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