• Hong Leong Junior Debit Card-i

    Get better financial control on transactions with the Hong Leong Junior Debit Card-i. Reload the card at your discretion and encourage good financial habits in your child. Some key benefits of the card include:

    • Cash withdrawal at over 1 million ATMs globally displaying the MEPS or Mastercard logo.
    • Enjoy contactless payments at all MCCS/MyDebit or Mastercard Contactless enabled shops worldwide.

    Ideal for: Those looking for a debit card which shall be convenient for the use of children and provides the flexibility of setting the limits available with the card.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Features Description
    Daily withdrawal limit As set by the parent(s)/legal guardian.
    Types of accounts
    • Hong Leong Junior Savings Account-i (JSA-i).
    • Hong Leong Basic Savings Account-i (BSA-i)
    • Hong Leong Basic Current Account-i (BSC-i).
    • Other Hong Leong savings/ current accounts-i.
    Contactless Payment Facility Applicable for all Shariah compliant outlets enabled with the Contactless payment functionality. Both MyDebit/MCCS Contactless and Mastercard Contactless payments can be made with this card.
    3D Secure Protection Applied by default for secure online transactions.
    Internet Banking Available with Hong Leong Connect.
    PIN-and-Pay facility Available on all transactions.

    Other Benefits

    • Make contactless payments of up to RM250 by default. You can reset the limit to up to RM400.
    • Recharge your prepaid mobile phone directly from the prepaid account maintained with the card.
    • Set withdrawal limit, retail purchase limit, online purchase limit, and auto-reload limit as per your convenience.
    • Use the card to make purchases at over 30 million Mastercard merchants globally.
    • Free auto-reloads from the Junior Savings Account-i when the balance goes below RM50.
    • Get the benefits of automatically reloading the card in multiples of RM50, with a maximum limit of RM500 per month.
    • No RM50 Government Service tax (GST) to be paid with this card.
    • View any and all activities on the Junior Debit Card-i online. The service comes at no extra cost.
    • The card is a part of the Hong Leong Junior Account-i (JA-i) programme, which also includes Junior Savings Account-i (JSA-i), Junior Fixed Deposit-i (JFD-i), and the card.

    Fees and Charges

    Fee Type Amount
    Issuance/ Annual Fee RM8 per card.
    Card Replacement
    • For damaged/lost/stolen JDC-i due to the cardholder’s fault: RM18 per card.
    • For damaged/lost/stolen JDC-I for Basic Savings Account-i/Basic Current Account-i: RM12 per card.
    ATM cash withdrawal fee Domestic
    • HLB ATM: No fee
    • Other bank’s ATM: RM1 per transaction.
    • Via MEPS ATM Network (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore & Korea): RM8 per transaction.
    • Via Mastercard Cirrus: RM12 per transaction.
    Sales Draft Retrieval Fee RM20 per copy.
    Overseas Transaction Conversion Fee A conversion fee as decided upon by Mastercard Worldwide shall be applicable on the date of processing. An additional 1% shall be charged by Hong Leong Bank on the overseas transactions.


    • Your child should be below 18 years of age
    • The request must be submitted by the parent(s) or legal guardian of the applicant.

    Hong Leong Junior Debit Card Promotions

    • Enjoy pho and other lip-smacking Vietnamese dishes with 10% discount on all a la carte items at all branches of Phostreet. Offer valid till 30 June 2019.
    • Get 10% discount on all items at Elk-DeSA furniture showrooms located across Malaysia. Offer valid till 31 January 2019.
    • Enjoy 15% discount on all hijabs when you pay with your debit card at the Hijabista Outlet Mall located at Kuala Lumpur. Offer valid till 30 April 2019.
    • Get 10% discount on room rates with your card at the Amerin Hotel, located in Johor Bahru. Offer valid till 31 December 2019.

    How to Apply

    You can apply for a Hong Leong Junior Debit Card-i for your child if you have a Hong Leong Savings/Savings Account-i or Hong Leong Current/ Current Account-i . The detailed process is as follows:

    • Submit the child’s birth certificate/MyKid and the parent/legal guardian’s NRIC to apply for the card.
    • Open a Hong Leong Junior Savings Account-i and get the Hong Leong Junior Debit Card-i at the same time.
    • For existing Hong Leong Junior account holders, approach any Hong Leong Islamic/ Hong Leong branches to apply.


    Enjoy peace of mind with the debit card while teaching your child the benefits of financial planning from a young age. The card can be used for a number of local and overseas transactions and also helps you earn offers and privileges from Mastercard. You can compare this card with other debit cards before signing up.


    Q. What are the various ways to reload the debit card?

    A. The card provides you two options to reload the card. Both the processes are given below.

    Auto Reload Service

    • When the JDC-i is issued, you can opt for Auto Reload of the debit card. In that case, RM50 shall be debited from the card.
    • The card shall be reloaded when the balance is below RM50. The amount can be any multiple of RM50, upto RM500, as decided by the customer.
    • Only one auto-reload is allowed per day.
    • Auto Reload schedules are at 6.00 a.m., 1.00 p.m., and 5.00 p.m. daily. Any Auto Reload requests after 5.00 p.m. each day shall be scheduled for the next day.
    • Auto Reload service is available at no additional cost.

    Manual Reload Service

    • Manual reloading of the card can be performed via over-the-counter (OTC), cash deposit machine (CDM), ATMs or through Connect into the prepaid account.
    • OTC: Each reloading shall cost RM2, which shall be deducted from the reload amount.
    • CDM: Put the JDC-i into the machine and manually enter the 16 digit JDC-i number for reload. The service is free of charge.
    • ATM: Put in the parent/guardian’s Hong Leong Debit Card-i into the ATM machine and enter the 16 digit JDC-i number for reload. The service is free of charge.
    • Connect: Log on to the Hong Leong Islamic Banking website. Transfer the amount from any Hong Leong Islamic Savings/Current Account into the 16 digit JDC-i number. This service is also free of charge.

    Q. What are the different transactions apart from cash withdrawal that can be completed at the ATM with the JDC-i?

    A. ATM cash withdrawals are done from the prepaid account only. Apart from that, other transactions that are allowed with the JDC-i at the ATM are as follows.

    • Balance Enquiry (for Prepaid accounts).
    • Mobile prepaid phone reload (from prepaid account).
    • Change ATM PIN.
    • Change credit limit.
    • Mini statement request.
    • Regional Link Service.

    Q. What shall be the impact on the 3-in-1 Junior Account after my child turns 18 years old?

    A. The benefits under the 3-in-1 Junior Account shall not be applicable anymore once the beneficiary is 18 year old. The impact will be as follows:

    • Junior Savings Account-i shall be converted into a regular Saving Account-i. The account shall be retained and applied to the new Savings Account-i.
    • Junior Fixed Deposit-i shall be at the contracted rate and tenure until maturity and the interest shall be credit manually to the Joint Savings Account-i. Upon maturity, the fixed deposit shall be added into the normal savings account.
    • The debit card shall no longer be fit for usage. The beneficiary should visit any HLB/HLISB with their MyKad to replace their Hong Leong Junior Debit Card-i with a new Debit Card-i attached to the normal savings account.

    Q. Are there any charges for over-the-counter withdrawals?

    A. There are no additional charges for the first over-the counter transaction of the month. However, for every consecutive withdrawal in the same month, RM2 shall be charged for every withdrawal.

    Q. Can this card be pre-authorized for certain transactions?

    A. Yes. The debit card can be pre-authorized for fuel transactions. A pre-authorization amount of RM200 shall be charged and put on hold while making fuel transactions. The amount shall be returned to and the actual amount shall be deducted from the account.

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