• Maybank Visa Platinum Debit payWave

    This is a Debit card which also works as ATM card to withdraw cash. It also carries both VISA Card EMV chip as well as Bankard (PMPC) application along with the wave function. This means that you can simply wave and pay your bills at certain outlets where they have the provision for touchless reading.

    Key Features of Maybank Visa Platinum Debit payWave

    • Get to enjoy Platinum privileges through VISA International.
    • Get to know the latest offers and discounts through the Kardshoppe Newsletter.
    • People can use Online Shopping through MSOS along with Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO).
    • 24 hour Customers Service hotline to serve you better is available at your disposable.
    • You get to enjoy certain Maybank as well as VISA Platinum Privileges
    • This card gives people access to cash withdrawal both in Malaysia and beyond.
    • The Purchase Limit is Customizable up to a maximum of RM10, 000 or the default can be increased up to RM2, 000 gives you ample freedom and choice.
    • The card expires only after 7 years but can be renewed free of charge before or after a year from the expiry date.

    Benefits of Maybank Visa Platinum Debit payWave

    • This card allows people to enjoy shopping in millions of VISA accepted outlets all over the World.
    • If you need to purchase overseas or withdraw money outside Malaysia you simply require to activate the overseas flag through the Maybank2u app on your phone or at the ATM.
    • This card allows you to earn more TreatsPoints with a wide range of Maybank products to customizable to your financial requirements.
    • The card helps users to pay bills with ease or transfer money.
    • You can track the online transactions that you make and also check out the TreatsPoints earned through the bank website.
    • These cards are issued on the spot.

    Eligibility Criteria

    People with any one of the following accounts may apply for this card:

    • Maybank Premier Account
    • Premier 1 Account
    • Premier Mudharabah - I Account
    • Maybank2u.Premier Account
    • and any Current/Savings Account open
    • Premier Club Account

    Documents Required

    You need the following documents to be eligible for this debit card:

    Main Documents:

    • MyKad (IC) or Police/Armed Forces ID Card
    • Birth Certificate as well as MyKid only for in-trust and minor accounts)
    • Passport only required for non-residents or foreigners.
    • Minimum Deposit for Current or Saving Account open:
      • RM250 for individuals, minot and joint accounts
      • RM50 along with letter of employment
      • RM500 for Premier or m2u Premier accounts
      • RM5,000 for all the Premier Club members

    Other Documents:

    • Valid Passport for residents only
    • Utility Bills in the name and address of the customer opening the account.
    • Letter of Confirmation from Employer, Educational Institution etc.
    • Valid Driving License for residents
    • Credit Card (if any).

    Fees and Charges for Maybank ASPIRE VISA Platinum Debit Card

    Types of Charges Amount
    Card issuance Waived off
    Opening new account (for ATM withdrawal unlimited) RM8 per year
    Annual Fees Waived off
    Card replacement due to faulty chip Waived off
    Renewal (after the 7 years expiry date) Waived off under the condition that it is within a year before or after card expiry date.
    Conversion: Maybankard Bankcard - Maybank ASPIRE VISA Platinum Debit RM12
    Conversion: Maybankard Visa Debit - Maybank ASPIRE VISA Platinum Debit RM12
    Replacement in the event of loss, theft or damage of card, or even forgotten PIN RM12

    Disclaimer: Please note that the fees & charges mentioned above are subject to change at any time.

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