• OCBC Al-Amin Debit Card-i

    Making payments for all your purchases gets easier with the OCBC Al-Amin Debit Card-i. You can use this card locally as well as overseas to shop for various good and services. Other highlights of this card are listed below:

    • Set your daily withdrawal, purchase, and funds transfer limit.
    • Get improved security with the Chip & Pin technology.
    • Opt for overseas and card-not-present transaction facilities.

    Ideal for: Those who want more secure and convenient payment methods.

    Key Features and Benefits of OCBC Al-Amin Card

    Features Description
    Daily Purchase Limit Up to RM5,000
    Daily Withdrawal Limit Up to RM5,000
    Types of accounts OCBC deposit account
    Contactless Payment Available for Mastercard and MyDebit
    Security Chip & Pin technology, One-time Passwords
    Internet Banking Available via OCBC Al-Amin internet banking
    Pre-authorization Transactions Available for petrol expenses
    Overseas Transactions Available post notifying bank via phone call
    Card-Not-Present Facility Available for online transactions and purchases made via mail, fax, and telephone.

    Other Benefits

    • Withdraw cash from over 1 million ATMs across the world for local or overseas expenses.
    • Modify your daily purchase and withdrawal limit based on your requirements.
    • Choose the card-not-present transaction and contactless payment facilities for convenient shopping experiences.
    • Pay your monthly bills or transfer money to someone with this card via OCBC’s internet banking service.
    • Link your OCBC Al-Amin Debit Card-i to any of your OCBC deposit accounts.

    Fees and Charges

    Type of Fees Amount
    Registration Fee RM8 (one-time fee) Waived for existing ATM cardholders who convert to Debit Card-i)
    Annual Fee RM8 per annum
    Card Replacement Fee RM12
    Cash Withdrawal Fee
    • OCBC ATMs in Malaysia, Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, and Indonesia: No charge
    • HSBC, UOB, Standard Chartered Bank ATMs in Malaysia: RM1
    • Participating banks in MEPS Shared ATM network: Up to RM4
    • Overseas ATMs: RM10
    Sales Draft Retrieval Fee RM15 per original copy RM8 per duplicate copy
    Additional Statement Request Fee RM10
    Overseas Conversion Fee Conversion rates are determined by Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX, plus the additional admin fees.
    MEPS Instant Transfer via Internet Banking or MEPS ATM RM0.50
    MEPS Instant Transfer at OCBC ATMs RM0.30


    To get the OCBC Al-Amin Debit Card-i, you need to have a deposit account with OCBC Al-Amin.


    The OCBC Al-Amin Debit Card-i lets you enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with contactless payment, improved security, and overseas transaction features. You can also manage your withdrawal and purchase limits to suit your requirements. You can use this card in tandem with other credit cards to save more on your transactions.


    Q. How can I use the contactless feature on this card?

    A. First, you will have to enable this service on your card by visiting the nearest OCBC Al-Amin branch or any OCBC ATM. Post activation, all you have to do is tap your debit card-i on the terminal reader to complete your payment. This facility ensures improved security as the card never leaves your hand and the secure chip is also designed to prevent counterfeiting.

    Q. Is there a limit for contactless payments?

    A. When you opt for this facility, your cumulative transaction limit is RM250. This could either be 1 transaction or multiple transactions. If your transaction amount exceeds RM250, you will have to either enter your PIN or sign to authorise the payment.

    Post entering your PIN/signing to process your payment, your transaction limit resets to zero. You can then use the contactless payment facility again.

    Q. How does the pre-authorisation facility for petrol expenses work?

    A. Before using pre-authorisation for petrol transactions, you will have to inform the bank you want to activate this facility. After activation, an amount of RM200 will be charged to your OCBC deposit account-i, which is linked to your debit card-i. You can then use this amount at the automated fuel dispenser.

    Q. Can I use this debit card for all types of transactions?

    A. No. You cannot use this debit card at non-Shariah merchants. For example, you can’t make payments at the casino, liquor shops, and non-halal merchants.

    Q. I’m planning to travel overseas for work. Do I need to activate the overseas transaction facility to make payments?

    A. This facility is blocked by default. You will have to call OCBC’s Contact Centre number that is printed behind your Debit Card-i and ask them to activate this service. You can also opt for this service when you’re opening an account with OCBC Al-Amin.

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