• Debit Cards for Online Shopping

    Online shopping is quite popular in Malaysia as its easy, convenient, and saves time. The additional benefits are free delivery, discounts, or free gifts.

    Though there are many payments methods for online shopping, using either credit or debit card to make online purchases is probably the most preferred mode of payment.

    However, there are certain pitfalls of using a debit card for online shopping. There is a rise of hackers and scammers online. In such a situation, can you ensure that your debit card details are safe? Read through this guide to learn how to protect your card information as well as how to use debit cards properly for online shopping.

    How to Use a Debit Card?

    Key in card details: It is an easy process to make an online transaction. Once you have selected and confirmed the item you intent to purchase, you need to enter full details of your debit card to make a payment. Such details include your full name, card number, expiry date, and security code that would be a 3-digit number mentioned on the back of your card.

    Additional verification: At times you need to verify your purchase by keying in a verification code or an OTP (one-time password). The Visa verification code is one such example which is a password that you would have selected previously for all online transactions on your Visa debit card. You need to key in that code to complete the transaction.

    Another method of verification is the OTP. This would be a one-time password that would be sent to you registered mobile number for your debit card. OTP will have an expiry time period usually a minute after which you cannot use it if you miss the time mark. You need to request for a different OTP for that transaction.

    You need to key in the OTP to verify and complete your transaction. Without the OTP, your payment will be cancelled. Once you have used an OTP for a transaction, you cannot use that number again. You would require a different OTP for another transaction.

    PIN not required: You do not have to key in your PIN for any online transaction unlike an ATM transaction.

    Safe Shopping Sites

    You must always remember to shop on safe and secured sites. You can identity secure sites when they display the secure initial (https://) or a lock icon on the web browser. If you come across a site which does not display the lock icon, do not shop on that site.

    Safe sites will offer secure and regulated payment gateways. These payment gateways will ensure that your card details are protected during your online transaction.

    Some of secured payment gateways are:

    • iPay88
    • MSOS (Maybankard Secure Online Shopping)
    • CIMB Secure ePay
    • Verified by Visa
    • MasterCard SecureCode

    6 tips to prevent misuse of your debit card:

    1. Use Strong Passwords

    Ensure that any password you use for online shopping is a strong and secure password. Do not use easy passwords such as your birthday, anniversary or your pet’s name which is easy for hackers to obtain. Use a strong alphanumeric password that only you would know.

    Do not write down the password anywhere and do not share your password with anyone.

    2. Use Only Secure Connections

    Whenever you shop online, do not use public computers or use public and free Wi-Fi. Hackers can easily obtain your financial information from public hotspots. Use only secure home computers and a secure network. Ensure that your computer has updated anti-virus software that is always running in the background.

    Try not to make online transactions in public places where others can easily see your details. Protect your financial details. Restrict your online shopping to secure locations.

    3. Beware of Phishing Emails

    At times you may get an email or pop-up from an online payment site that you have registered with, asking you to update your account details or debit card details. Do not key in your account information. Banks or any secure payment sites will not ask you to update your account details with any information pertaining to your card.

    4. Save Online Receipts

    Save the confirmation page or any online receipt as a proof of your payment whenever you complete an online transaction. Hackers will usually request for a different payment insisting that the previous payment failed. Do not make the second payment. Consult with your bank to ensure that the first transaction was completed successfully.

    5. Beware of Any Unauthorised Payments

    If you receive a call or a message about a payment that you have not made or not aware of, notify your bank immediately. Scammers could have obtained your card details from any previous transactions and used your information to carry out fraudulent transactions.

    6. Track Your Card Transaction History

    It is best if you keep track of your transaction history every month. Read through your bank monthly statements to ensure that all transactions are valid and verified. If you come across any transaction that you cannot validate, notify your bank immediately.

    Is it Good to Use Debit Cards for Online Shopping?

    Online shopping is safe nowadays with reputed shopping sites and encrypted payment gateways. It is also easy and convenient for all, especially for those who are busy with no time left for shopping. Online shopping allows you the freedom to shop from home rather than run around several stores wasting your time and energy.

    At the same time, you need to be careful of your online purchases. If you do not remain vigilant, then hackers may obtain your debit card details which links to your bank account. Practice vigilance and precaution when using your debit cards to shop online conveniently.

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