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    Dining Credit Cards Malaysia

    Dining credit cards are specific cards that have exclusive offers concerning fine dining and gourmet amenities at particular hotels, restaurants, eateries and food outlets across the world. Apart from that, these cards also offer the same benefits of conventional credit cards, so booking movie tickets, shopping and travelling also offers reward points or cash back on every expense done. All in all, having a dining credit card will be a blessing in disguise for the most discerning epicurean in you. The reward points earned on dining cards have no limits concerning their usage. These points can be used for shopping, availing discounts and the like.

    Why to choose Dining Credit Cards

    One might be thinking that with the overabundance of credit cards in the market, why would one want to choose a specific card that deals with dining offers. Almost every card out there has been designed keeping the needs of prospective owners and users in mind. So, when shopping at certain malls and outlets, a few credit cards offer sumptuous discounts, when travelling, some cards offer you travel insurance. Likewise, if you are a foodie or just love the niceties of fine dining quite often, there is every reason for you to get a dining credit card. Apart from discounts on meals and reward points, such cards also offer privileges on booking services at hotels and restaurants and form an insignia of your epicurean tastes.

    Benefits and Features of Dining Credit Cards

    Dining credit cards or diner’s cards as they are most often termed offer a host of features specific to their cadre. A few of them are mentioned in the following points –

    1. Getting a diner’s card automatically elevates your level at restaurants for being a person with refined food tastes or one with a sumptuous appetite. Needless to say, you get the attention of the chef

    2. Diner’s cards offer some amount of discount or redeemable reward points that make the experience of purchase much sweeter

    3. Good food and great wine do not necessarily restrict themselves to countries and continents. Wherever you might travel to, your diner credit card automatically gets you a list of the best possible places to eat

    4. One can’t be eating all the time, can they? Just like conventional cards, diner cards can come up with specific offers that allow you to go wild at shopping but not thin out your wallet

    5. If there’s good food in the town over, get your vehicle and get going. Your diner card may even offer a discount on the fuel surcharge or might even pay it off

    6. Check into the best hotels and know of exclusive offers on food festivals when you own a diner’s card

    7. When deciding on a food tourism trip, the only better companion after your significant other would be a dining credit card that will allow pub-hopping and binges that you could only dream of

    8. Some dining credit cards can reverse FOREX charges that are applied when transacting overseas

    9. Even if you are looking to keep your spending low by shopping at convenience stores, dining credit cards can come to the rescue by offering rewards points on every or a couple of ringgits spent

    Eligibility Criteria to avail Airline Credit Cards

    The basic eligibility criteria that needs to be fulfilled consists mainly of the following–

    1. For the use of a dining credit card, one can be of the minimum voting age as specified

    2. A valid legal income source and an active bank account is necessary

    3. Income levels of RM 50000 or above could get you a dining credit card but the same could be even lesser depending upon the chosen bank

    Applying for Dining Credit Cards

    The process of applying for a dining credit card is even easier than other conventional cards. If one has a stable source of income and meets the basic eligibility criteria, there is practically no reason why an application would not go through.

    Visiting the relevant bank’s website and going to the section of credit cards offers choices of which credit cards can satisfy your love for good dining. Filling up a short form and submitting the requisite KYC documents will start the supplication process. Post verification, within 15 to 20 days, one can receive his/her credit card of choice. Bbazaar’s website also provides a comprehensive list of cards to choose from based on their features, benefits, rates and fees.

    If in case one needs information on how a particular dining credit card works, one could request a personal meeting with the relevant bank’s agent and get to know of any preferential rates or fees that could be offered to him/her.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Dining Credit Cards

    Q. What can be the use of a Dining Credit Card?

    A. Though a conventional credit card by all means, a dining credit card offers better features when it comes to dining, partying and related activities.

    Q. What are the charges on a Dining Credit Card?

    A. The lower charges on travel cards are at around 12% per annum and the higher charges are at 18% per annum.

    Q. How do I know if I am eligible for a dining credit card?

    A. Being of legal voting age and owing an active bank account with a stable source of minimum income level will make you eligible for a dining credit card.

    Q. What is the repayment tenure on dining credit cards?

    A. Just like any other credit card, your expenses on these cards will be present till you settle them off and you’ll be required to pay a minimum due every month without fail.

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