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    Entertainment Credit Cards

    Are you fond of watching movies? Are attending live music concerts or plays high on your list of favourite pastimes? If your answer is yes, you would be glad to know that there is a category of credit cards that are dedicated for entertainment lovers. The Entertainment Credit Card provides you benefits on each movie you watch and each match you cheer for.

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    10% cashback on your purchases; 12 different categories to suit your changing preferences.


    15-18% p.a

    Get 1-for-1 movie tickets on a Friday at Golden Screen Cinemas

    Free for the first year; RM95.40 for subsequent years

    15-18% p.a

    50% off on the purchase of a movie ticket


    15-18% p.a

    5x Treatspoints when Manchester United wins Premier League

    Free for lifetime

    15-18% p.a

    Play golf with a Manchester United Legend; get higher credit line

    RM800; free for the first year

    15-18% p.a

    Features & Benefits Of Choosing Entertainment Credit Cards

    Entertainment Credit Cards offer the following features and benefits:

    • Get movie tickets at discounted prices.
    • Earn reward points for every ringgit you spend on movie tickets.
    • Get access to a priority ticketing lane.
    • Get refreshments at discounted prices at the concessionaires counters at the movie hall.
    • Dining privileges are provided at select food & beverage outlets.
    • Get cash rebates on purchases made in tech stores, health & fitness, grocery stores, online shopping, travel, apparel stores and nightlife, in addition to entertainment benefits.
    • Get reward points on other retail spends as well.
    • Reward points come with long periods of validity. Some reward points are valid for a lifetime.
    • Get an annual fee waiver for the first year based on the type of card.

    How Do Entertainment Credit Cards Work?

    Entertainment credit cards work like any other credit cards. Their defining factor is the fact that all benefits associated with the card are angled toward the entertainment sector. From discounts on dining to free tickets at movie theatres, there’s plenty to take advantage of with an entertainment credit card.

    You could also get cash rebates and reward points according to your spending pattern, whether you’re buying groceries in a supermarket or getting the latest gadget from an electronics store.

    How Do You Choose The Best Entertainment Credit Card?

    Once you get your head around how an entertainment credit card works, choosing the best one shouldn’t really be much of a problem. To begin with, think of what entertainment benefits really appeal to you and how you’re planning to make use of the card for it.

    If dining at different restaurants is what you love, look for a card that gives you the best offers for dining and other related spends. If you’re a movie buff or even a football fan, there are co-branded cards to suit your unique needs. Keep in mind to shortlist different cards and compare all their associated offers, the annual fees, and the interest rate to zero in on the best one.

    Eligibility Criteria

    To apply for an entertainment credit card in Malaysia, you should be a minimum of 21 years old. There’s also a minimum income requirement that’s applicable for each card. The minimum income level that’s required can either be monthly or annual and it depends on the issuing bank, the type of card, as well as the features and benefits on offer.

    How Do You Apply For An Entertainment Credit Card?

    To start off, you can visit the bank’s nearest branch and fill out the application form if you prefer to do things in-person. If you don’t have the time, just visit the bank’s website and fill out the application form online. You can also contact the bank’s customer service team for assistance with your credit card application.


    Q. Is it possible to get a Shariah-compliant entertainment credit card?

    A. There are options when it comes to Islamic cards that focus on entertainment offers and benefits. However, these cards are only valid for halal transactions. Such cards can’t ever be used for any kind of non-halal transactions.

    Q. How do I make payments to the bank?

    A. There are more than one payment modes offered by each bank for you to pay the bills. A few such modes are:

    • At the bank’s branch office by cash or cheque
    • Depositing cash or cheque at the bank’s deposit machine
    • Bank’s ATM
    • GIRO payment
    • Transfering funds via internet banking
    • Transfering funds via phone banking

    Q. Can I use an entertainment card to book flight tickets?

    A. Yes. You can use the entertainment cards to book flight tickets. However, the reward you get for expenses on other categories may be nominal as compared to an entertainment related expense.

    Q. Can I get a supplementary entertainment card?

    A. Yes, you can opt to apply for a supplementary entertainment credit card. Most Malaysian banks provide up to 3 supplementary cards for free. There’s also a limit on the total number of supplementary cards you can apply for in a single credit account. However, this can differ from one issuing bank to another.

    Q. Do I get a credit card statement every month? Is the statement sent by email or by regular mail?

    A. As proof of your transactions in a given month, Malaysian banks send you an e-statement of all spends you have made with your card for free every month. You can also opt for a physical statement sent to your address. However, this may attract an additional charge, depending on the issuing bank.

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