• 5 Year Fixed Deposits

    What are 5 Year Fixed Deposits?

    These are long term term deposit accounts allowing to enjoy great benefits such as higher interest rates as well as get a greater return on your investment for starters. They also come with auto renewal and are offered as conventional fixed deposits as well as some are even for people specifically for the age of 50 years, enabling them to make higher income through the interest from their deposit. They are also offered by all the top banks of Malaysia including international and regionally well-known banks.

    Best 5 Year Fixed Deposits in Malaysia

    Take a look at some of the leading fixed deposit options you can avail in Malaysia:

    OCBC Local Deposit Deal: This offers cash into high returns on the depositor’s savings, and added rewards including a free Trolley Luggage bag is offered. The minimum deposit amount for this plan is RM 40,000.

    MBSB Conventional Fixed Deposit: This is a conventional fixed deposit with benefits such as auto-renewal and the minimum amount of deposit being only RM 1,000. Withdrawal can be done easily and the earning can be collected monthly, quarterly, or on maturity.

    CIMB Big Plus for 50 Plus : This is a CASA bundles fixed deposit for people over the age of 5o years which help people of that age group to double their retirement savings with interest earnings contributed by 2 accounts. This allows the owner of the account to earn high interest from this fixed deposit.

    BSN Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit Account: The minimum deposit amount is RM 5000 and the interest is calculated through daily compound calculation with higher returns. This is also a Senior Citizen’s Fixed Deposit of five year plan along with profit payments every quarter.

    Affin Bank FD Plus: The minimum deposit amount is RM 10,000 for this fixed deposit and is pegged to KLIBOR. IT also parks RM1000 in CASA accounts for higher returns.

    Maybank Fixed Deposit: This is a conventional fixed deposit with a higher interest rates and comprehensive security from PIDM. Minimum deposit amount is only RM 1000 and works on auto-renewal.

    RHB Ordinary Fixed Deposit: This is a conventional fixed deposit from RHB offering good interest rates with a an advantageous minimum deposit amount of only RM 500 and works on auto-renewal. Early withdrawal is also allowed as an added advantage.

    AmBank AmQuantum: This AmBank fixed deposit products allows you to earn quarterly interest payments with this simple plan. This works on auto renewal and the minimum deposit amount is only RM 5000.

    Mach Fixed Deposit: This is a product offered by Hong Leong Bank allowing management of the funds online with the help of Hong Leong Connect allowing easy placements as well as partial withdrawals. Minimum deposit is only RM1,000 for this plan and early withdrawal is also allowed.

    Alliance FD Gold:This allows the applicant to enjoy great value-added benefits as well as good rates of return, especially for people in the retirement years. The minimum deposit amount is is RM30000 and interest is calculated daily permitting higher returns. Also early withdrawal is allowed.

    Bangkok Bank Fixed Deposit Account: This is a conventional Fixed Deposit Rate account which allows to earn reasonably high returns with a low minimum deposit amount of only RM 1000 and auto renewal advantage.

    Bank of China Fixed Deposit: This is a low-risk term deposit account that enables its users to safely and securely increase their savings with a minimum deposit amount of only RM 1,000 along with the auto-renewal. Advantage.

    Bank of Nova Scotia Fixed Deposit: This allows the depositor to enjoy interest every month. Bank of Nova Scotia Fixed Deposit is a low risk, medium term account with attractive interest and easy terms including RM1000 as the minimum deposit amount and Auto-Renewal feature.

    HSBC Time Deposit account: This allows the applicant to transfer their savings to an account with higher interest rates and guaranteed fixed returns.

    India International Bank Fixed Deposit: This is a conventional fixed deposit plan with a minimum deposit amount requirement of only RM 1000 and great interest rates rewarded.

    Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit: This product from Standard Chartered offer greater returns as interest rates are calculated with the help of daily compounding and comes with a minimum deposit amount of ony RM 1000.

    Citibank Time Deposit:A conventional FD from Citibank, this allows you to access your money whenever you want and at the same time keep earning with the remaining balance. Minimum deposit amount is RM 1000. Interest is calculated daily, allowing higher earnings. This also offers auto renewal of the plan.

    UOB Fixed Deposit : This CASA bundles fixed deposit allows the applicant to earn higher interest rates with daily interest calculation and low risk along with with flexible placements. This is also a PIDM protected FD account with UOB.

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