Alliance Bank FD Promotion

Alliance Bank has come up with Alliance Term Deposit-i (TD-i) campaign that considers three different deposit tenures—3 months, 7 months and 12 months. You can expect high-interest rates of up to 4.38% p.a. as part of the campaign.

Alliance Bank FD Promo Mechanics

Promotion 1:

The campaign requires you to place a minimum deposit sum of RM10,000 in your Term Deposit-i account. The profit rates you earn in the campaign is tiered i.e., it is based on the amount you place in the deposit account. Also, the profit rates depend on the deposit tenure.

Deposit Tenure Profit Rate (% p.a.)
Deposit Amount = RM10,000 to RM99,999 Deposit Amount = RM100,000 Onwards
3 months 4 4.15
7 months 4.20 4.25
12 months 4.30 4.38

Promotion 2:

Place a minimum sum of RM10,000 for a period of 9 months and invest a minimum of RM10,000 in ASNB Variable Price Funds to earn an interest rate of up to 6.18% p.a. on FD/TD-i. A sales charge of 5% on ASNB Variable Price Funds is applicable.

FD Promotion Start & End Date

Promotion 1: The promotion is valid between 24 February 2018 and 31 March 2018.

Promotion 2: The promotional offer is available only on 23 March 2018 and 30 March 2018.

Promotion Terms & Conditions

Promotion 1:

The terms and conditions applicable to the promotion are:

  • New and existing customers of Alliance Bank and Alliance Islamic Bank can get the benefits of the promotion.
  • You have to bear the taxes and other government fees applicable to TD-i.
  • The deposit money must be in new funds.
  • The terms and conditions defined for TD-i also apply for the promotion.

Promotion 2:

The terms and conditions applicable to the promotion are:

  • Total deposit amount required is RM20,000.
  • Non-individual customers cannot get the benefits of the promotion.
  • The investment on FD/TD-i and the ASNB Variable Price Funds must be done on the same day.
  • The person who invested in ASNB Variable Price Funds must be the same as the account holder of FD/TD-i account.
  • If a minor has invested in ASG-Kesihatan, ASG-Pendidikan or ASG-Persaraan, then the person who has placed the deposit must be the guardian of the minor said above.
  • The sum invested in ASNB and the deposit account must be in fresh funds.


  1. Q. After maturity of the TD-i, can I renew the deposit for the same tenure to continue with the promotional rates?

    A. No. The promotional rates are applicable for one cycle of the tenure you choose. After maturity, if you renew the TD-i, the prevailing board rates will be applicable.

  2. Q. Can I transfer the sum to be placed in TD-i from my Alliance Bank Fixed Deposit account?

    A. The promotion requires you to place new funds to get the promotional benefits. The money held with Alliance Bank in savings, current, fixed deposit or foreign currency account is not considered new funds.

    If you withdraw the money from a TD-i account before maturity for the sake of promotional offer, the bank may not provide promotional rates. However, if you place the money from a TD-i that is maturing during the campaign period can be considered for the promotion.

  3. Q. Are the bank staff eligible to get the promotional rates on TD-i?

    A. Yes. The staff of Alliance Bank, Alliance Islamic Bank and Alliance Investment Bank are eligible to get the benefits of the promotion.

  4. Q. I have not made any transactions with my Alliance Bank Savings Account since two years. Can I open a TD-i account to get promotional rates?

    A. No. Since you have not transacted with your account for two years, your account is a dormant account. The terms of the promotion exclude customers with a dormant account of the benefits of the promotion.

  5. Q. How different are the promotional rates in comparison with the normal FD Board rates?

    A. The promotional rates are higher when compared to the FD Board rates. If you consider the tenure of 3 months, the FD Board rate is up to 3.25% p.a. But the promotional rate offered can go up to 4.15% p.a.

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