• Alliance Islamic Bank Fixed Deposit Rate

    Alliance Islamic Bank Malaysia Berhad offers fixed deposits schemes based on the concept of Shariah. These fixed deposit schemes are low risk investment products that will allow you to maximise your profits with stable returns. The tenures offered for banking products are flexible and diverse.

    Alliance Islamic Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2019 (Updated on 22 Mar 2019)

    Alliance Term Deposit-i Tenure (in Months) Profit Rate (% p.a.)
    1-2 2.95
    3-5 3.00
    6 3.05
    9 3.05
    12 3.10
    13-60 3.10

    Junior Smart Term Deposit-i Tenure (in Months) Profit Rate (% p.a.)
    12 3.1
    13-60 3.1

    Types of Alliance Islamic Bank Fixed Deposit Accounts

    Alliance Islamic Bank offers 2 types of fixed deposits which are:

    • Alliance Term Deposit-i: This fixed deposit is available for individuals aged 18 years and above. It is also available for corporates such as clubs, societies, associations, government bodies and trustees.
    • Junior Smart Term Deposit-i: This fixed deposit is for individuals who are below 18 years of age. This fixed deposit should be opened jointly with a parent, guardian or trustee of the minor.

    Features and Benefits:

    • You can deposit a minimum of RM500 for a fixed deposit tenure of 2 months and above.
    • You can opt for a 1-month tenure by depositing a minimum of RM5,000.
    • You can enjoy a flexible fixed deposit tenure that starts from 1 month up to 60 months.
    • You will earn fixed profits on your deposits which are determined upfront upon opening a fixed deposit account.
    • You need not pay any brokerage fee to open a fixed deposit.
    • You can renew your fixed deposit upon maturity.
    • Your fixed deposit certificate can be used as a collateral for other banking products under Islamic banking.
    • The profit rate for this fixed deposit is more than what is offered for savings or current accounts.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Alliance Term Deposit-i:
      • Individuals aged 18 and above.
      • Associations, clubs, partnerships, sole proprietorships, SMEs, corporations, societies, government bodies and trustees.
      • Minimum deposit of RM5,000 for 1month tenure.
      • Minimum deposit of RM500 for a tenure of 2 months and above.
    • Junior Smart Term Deposit-i:
      • Individuals aged below 18 years.
      • Fixed deposit account to be opened by parents, trustees or legal guardians.
      • Minimum deposit of RM500.

    Fees and Charges

    Alliance Islamic Bank Fixed Deposit Fees and Charges
    Reprint/Replacement for lost advice RM5.00 for 2nd copy onwards
    Stamp Duty RM10

    How to open an Alliance Islamic Bank Fixed Deposit?

    • Visit your nearest Alliance Islamic branch where bank staff will assist you to open a fixed deposit account.
    • Complete and submit the online contact form available on Alliance Islamic Bank website. A bank representative will contact you as soon as possible to assist you.

    How does an Alliance Islamic Fixed Deposit Work?

    Consider that you have deposited RM5,000 in a Term Deposit-i Account for a period of 12 months. You can earn a profit rate of 3.10% p.a. The total profit you earn after completing 12 months is,

    P = [A x {1 + (R/100)T}] - A

    P = [RM5,000 x {1 + (3.10/100)12/12}] - RM5,000

    P = RM155

    The total profit you can earn on your deposit is RM155 and the maturity amount will be RM5,155.

    Contact Number for Alliance Islamic Bank Fixed Deposit

    • 03-5516 9988 (Personal Line)
    • 1-300 80 3388 (General Line)


    Q. What are the terms of Junior Smart Term Deposit-i Account?

    A. You can open this fixed deposit for individuals aged under 18 years. The maximum age allowed is 18 upon maturity of fixed deposit. You can open this account in the name of a parent, trustee or a legal guardian as a primary account holder, where the minor would be the beneficiary of this fixed deposit.

    The fixed deposit application can be submitted only by parents, trustees or legal guardians. A fixed deposit can be opened for only one accountholder and one beneficiary.

    Q. How can the fixed deposit account be withdrawn upon maturity?

    A. You have to produce the fixed deposit certificate at time of maturity to withdraw your fixed deposit account.

    Q. Is partial withdrawal allowed for Alliance Islamic Bank Fixed Deposits?

    A. No. You are not allowed to withdraw your fixed deposit partially.

    Q. Is premature withdrawal allowed for Alliance Islamic Bank Fixed Deposits?

    A. Yes. Alliance Islamic Bank will allow for premature withdrawals based on the availability of funds. You need to provide a written notice to the bank for the premature withdrawal. If you withdraw your fixed deposit before completing 3 months from the date of placement, you will not earn any profit. If you complete 3 months, then you will get a part of the total profit earned for completed tenure.

    Q. Can fixed deposit be withdrawn online upon maturity?

    A. Yes. You can withdraw your fixed deposit online via online banking facility.

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