• Bank of China FD Promotion

    On the occasion of Chinese New Year, Bank of China offers its customers a Fixed Deposit Campaign. When you open an FD account with Bank of China within the promotion period, you can get to enjoy higher interest rates.

    BOC Fixed Deposit Promotion

    The interest rate you earn on your FD depends on the balance you have maintained in your Current Account/Savings Account (CASA). You can deposit money in two currencies: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and Chinese Yen (CNY). You get the benefits of the campaign when you deposit for a period of 12 months.

    Currency Type Criteria Interest Rate (% p.a.)
    MYR CASA Balance < RM5,000 4.20
    CASA Balance >= RM5,000 4.28
    CNY CASA Balance < CNY3,000 3.58
    CASA Balance >= CNY3,000 3.78

    FD Promotion Start & End Date

    The FD promotion has begun on 30 January 2018 and will end on 31 March 2018. The promotion may also end when the set target for the campaign is reached.

    FD Promo Terms & Conditions

    The terms and conditions of the promotion are listed below:

    • Any new or existing individual customer is eligible to get the benefits of the promotion.
    • The promotion is not valid for non-individual customers.
    • You have to deposit fresh funds in the FD account.
    • You can choose to deposit in one of the following currencies: MYR and CNY.
    • The minimum deposit amount is RM10,000 if you choose to deposit in MYR and CNY20,000 if you choose to deposit in CNY.
    • You need to have an active CASA to qualify for the promotion. If the account is terminated, cancelled or suspended during the deposit tenure, you will not be eligible to continue with the promotion.
    • The interest of the FD will be credited to your current account, savings account or CNY Demand Deposit Account which is provided by Bank of China.
    • If you do not currently have a current/savings account, you can open a new account with the bank.
    • The bank has not provided its consent to partial withdrawal.


    Q. What happens on the maturity of the FD?

    A. Upon maturity, the FD will be renewed automatically for the next 12 months and you can earn interest rates at the prevailing FD Board rates.

    Q. Can I withdraw the deposit amount before maturity?

    A. It is advised not to withdraw the deposit amount before maturity as you will not get the benefits. However, if you must withdraw the deposit amount for any reason, the following conditions are applicable:

    MYR Deposit:

    • If you uplift the deposit before three months, you will not receive any interest on the amount.
    • If you uplift after three months but before the maturity, you will receive half of the interest you may earn from the promotional rates for the completed tenure only.

    CNY Deposit: No interest will be paid if you withdraw the deposit amount before maturity.

    Q. Can the employees of the bank get the benefits of the promotion?

    A. Yes. The bank allows its permanent and contractual employees to get the benefits of the promotion.

    Q. Can the minimum amount specified be added to multiple fixed deposit accounts?

    A. No. You have to deposit the minimum amount specified within a single certificate.

    Q. What is the maximum deposit amount allowed by the promotion?

    A. The bank has not specified any limit on the maximum amount you can deposit under the promotion.

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