• HSBC Amanah Fixed Deposit Rates

    HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad offers fixed deposit schemes that provide customers with flexible deposit tenures and competitive rates. The fd schemes works on the concept of Islamic banking. For further details about the types of the schemes, read the information given below:

    HSBC Amanah Fixed Deposit Rates

    Tenure (in Months) Interest Rate (% p.a.)
    1*-2 2.90
    3-5 3.00
    6 3.10
    7-11 3.15
    12-17 3.15
    18-23 3.50
    24-35 3.65
    36-47 3.75
    48-59 4.05
    60 4.15

    Types of HSBC Amanah Fixed Deposit Schemes

    Term Deposit-i: The Term Deposit-i is a fd scheme by the HSBC Amanah that allows a customer to earn an annual profit of up to 3.30%. The scheme works on fixed profit rates and offers flexible tenures. One can choose between two profit crediting options which are; upon maturity or an upfront payment of profit.

    Foreign Currency Account-i (FCA-i): The account allows depositors to invest from a range of foreign currencies with the ability to choose from 6 different foreign currencies. The deposit comes with varying tenures and offers competitive profit rates.

    Benefits of HSBC Amanah FD Schemes

    • The scheme works on the Shariah principle of Murabahah.
    • On maturity of the HSBC Amanah Fixed Deposit scheme, the annual profit earned is as high as up to 3.30% p.a.
    • A customer can choose from a flexible tenure range starting from 1 month and going up to 60 months (5 years).
    • For the tenures above 13 months, Interim Profit paid is available to the customers.
    • A customer needs to make a minimum deposit of RM5,000 for a 1-month tenure scheme and for tenures of 2 months or more, they need to make a minimum deposit of RM1,000.
    • The deposit amount is covered under PIDM for up to RM250,000.
    • Customer can open an HSBC Amanah Foreign Currency Account-i through online banking.
    • The HSBC Amanah Foreign Currency Account-i allows a customer to deposit an amount with a choice of over 6 different foreign currencies.
    • For HSBC Amanah Term Deposit-i plan’s Upfront Payment Scheme, a customer can earn profit on the deposit within 24 hours from the day the deposit was opened. Moreover, the customer also benefits from the interest rates offered under the plan which are 2.60% p.a. (for 1 month), 2.75% p.a. (for 3 months) and 2.90% p.a. (for 12 months).

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Nationality criterion: Malaysian citizen or permanent resident
    • Age criteria:
      • Minimum age: 18 years and above

    How to open a HSBC Amanah Fixed Deposit Account

    A customer can open a fixed deposit account (Term Deposit-i) from his/her current/savings bank account. Opening a Foreign Currency Account-i (FCA-i), can be done through online banking. However, the Foreign Currency Account-i (FCA-i) is only available for the existing customers of HSBC Amanah MYR Demand Deposit Account Holders who are registered with the facility of Personal Internet Banking).

    Contact Number of HSBC Amanah Bank

    For any query regarding the fixed deposit schemes by the bank, a customer can reach to the bank representatives through the customer care hotline number: 1300 80 2626. The bank executives will resolve any queries regarding the plans, profit rates and tenures offered for the fixed deposit schemes.


    Q. Are there any criteria to open a HSBC Amanah Foreign Currency Account-i via online banking?

    A. you can open an HSBC Amanah Foreign Currency Account-i online through Personal Internet Banking facility. This facility is available for existing HSBC Amanah MYR Demand Deposit Account holders who have registered for the Personal Internet Banking facility.

    Q. What are the denominations offered under the Foreign Currency Account-i?

    A. The currencies offered are SGD, NZD, EUR, AUD, GBP and USD.

    Q. What are the benefits of the HSBC Amanah Foreign Currency Account-i?

    A. The plan offers you an opportunity to invest in foreign currency and hedge against inflation. With fluctuations in foreign currencies, investors can retain their investment in the Foreign Currency Account-i until such a time that exchange rates are more preferable. They also provide investors with the option of diversifying their portfolio and allows for overseas investments.

    Q. I want to make a fixed deposit for 4 months. What is the minimum amount that I can opt for?

    A. For any tenure above 2 months, you will have to deposit a minimum amount of RM1,000 and there is no maximum limit involved.

    Q. How can my fixed deposit amount get insured? Do I need to take a separate insurance scheme to safeguard my investment?

    A. If you choose to obtain any fixed deposit scheme under HSBC Amanah, your deposited money is eligible for protection by PIDM for up to RM250,000.

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