• MBSB Fixed Deposit Rate

    Malaysia Building Society Berhad (MBSB) offers a variety of fixed deposit schemes that allow you to earn higher returns on your deposits. MBSB offers competitive interest rates that will help to maximise your profits. Following are the features and benefits of MBSB fixed deposit schemes.

    MBSB Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2019 (Updated on 24 Mar 2019)

    Types of Fixed Deposits FD Tenure Profit Rate (Maturity) Profit Rate (Quarterly) Profit Rate (Monthly)
    Individual (Conventional) 1 Month 3.10% p.a. Not Applicable Not Applicable
    60 Months 4.10% p.a. 4.05% p.a. 4.00% p.a.
    49’ers (Conventional) 1 Month 3.20% p.a. Not Applicable Not Applicable
    60 Months 4.20% p.a. 4.10% p.a. 4.05% p.a.
    Term Deposit-i (Islamic) 1 Month 3.35% p.a. Not Applicable Not Applicable
    60 Months 4.35% p.a. 4.30% p.a. 4.25% p.a.
    Junior Term Deposit-i (Islamic) 1 Month 3.35% p.a. Not Applicable Not Applicable
    60 Months 4.35% p.a. 4.30% p.a. 4.25% p.a.
    Product Tenure Profit Sharing Ratio (Customer: Bank) Indicative Return
    Mudarabah General Investment Account-i (Islamic) 1 Month 47.69:52.31 3.10% p.a.
    60 Months 63.08:36.92 4.10% p.a.

    Types of MBSB Fixed Deposit Schemes

    MBSB offers fixed deposits schemes under both conventional and Islamic banking. The types of fixed deposits are:

    • Conventional: Fixed Deposits under this category will allow you to invest your money based on the agreed interest rate for specific tenures.
      • Individual Fixed Deposit – This fixed deposit scheme is for individuals and joint account holders aged 18 years and above.
      • 49’ners Fixed Deposit – This fixed deposit scheme is for individuals aged 49 years and above.
    • Islamic: Fixed Deposits under this category are based on the Shariah concept of Tawarruq, which come with fixed profit rates.
      • Term Deposit-i – This fixed deposit is available to individuals and joint account holders aged 18 years and above. It is also available to non-individual agencies such as corporates, government bodies, clubs, societies, charities, SMEs and such.
      • Junior Term Deposit-i – This fixed deposit is available for individuals who are aged less than 18 years. You need to open a trustee account jointly with your parents, legal guardians or trustees.
      • Mudarabah General Investment Account-i – This fixed deposit is available for all individuals aged 18 years and above. The earned profit from investments will be shared between MBSB and you, based on a predetermined profit sharing ratio.

    Benefits of MBSB FD Schemes:

    • You can invest a minimum of RM1,000 in conventional fixed deposit schemes.
    • You can enjoy a flexible tenure starting from one month up to 60 months under all fixed deposit schemes.
    • You can deposit as low as minimum RM500 in fixed deposit schemes under Islamic banking.
    • You can enjoy different interest payment methods such as at maturity, quarterly, or monthly.
    • You need not pay any brokerage fee for fixed deposits.
    • You will be informed of the profit rates or interest rates when you open a fixed deposit account.
    • You can enjoy an attractive profit sharing ratio on the Mudarabah General Investment Account-i.
    • You can withdraw your fixed deposit account prematurely if required.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • MBSB fixed deposit schemes are available for all Malaysian citizens and permanent residents.
    • The age criteria for 49’ners fixed deposit is 49 years and above.
    • The age criteria for Junior Term Deposit-i is less than 18 years.
    • The age criteria for other fixed deposits schemes is 18 years and above.

    Documents required for MBSB fixed deposit accounts

    • For Individuals
      • Photocopy of MyKad or Passport
    • For Clubs, Societies & Associations
      • Copy of Registration Certificate from Registrar of Society
      • Copy of Resolution approved by Committee
      • Copy of Rules & Regulations or Constitutions
    • For Companies & Corporations
      • Copy of M&A and Certificate of incorporation
      • Copy of Rules & Regulations or Constitutions
      • Copy of Form 24 and 49
      • Copy of Board Resolution
    • For Sole Proprietors, Partnerships & Firms
      • Copy of Business Registration from ROB/ROC
      • Copy of Practicing Certificate
      • Mandate signed by all parties
    • For other applicants
      • List of authorized signatories and their signatures
      • Copy of pay-in-slip or electronic transfer (ET) from bank
      • Any other supporting documents

    Fees and Charges

    MBSB FD Schemes Fees & Charges
    Replacement FD Certificate RM15 (Stamp Duty RM10 + New Certificate RM5)

    How to open a MBSB Fixed Deposit Account?

    • You can download the application form on MBSB website and fill it with relevant information. Carry the completed application form along with required documents to the nearest branch to open a fixed deposit account.
    • Submit your enquiry through the online form available on MBSB website where a representative will contact you to help you through this process.

    Contact Number for MBSB Fixed Deposit account

    You can contact MBSB on 03-2096 3000 (General).


    Q. Can I make a partial withdrawal on MBSB fixed deposits?

    A. No. Partial withdrawals are not allowed on any MBSB fixed deposit schemes.

    Q. What are the conditions for premature withdrawal on MBSB fixed deposit accounts?

    A. If you open any fd with tenure from 1 to 3 months, then you will not earn any profit for premature withdrawal. For any fixed deposit account with tenure of more than 3 months, you will not get any profit if you withdraw the fd within 3 months. Withdrawal of fixed deposits after completion of 3 months will get 50% of the total accrued profit.

    Q. Can I top up my fixed deposit account before the maturity date?

    A. No. You are not allowed to top up your fixed deposit at any point during the tenure period.

    Q. What do i need to do to renew my fixed deposit?

    A. MBSB will renew your fixed deposit automatically once the prevailing fixed deposit matures. The auto renewal would be allowed for either principal amount or principal with profit. If you want to change any terms of the fd such as tenure or principal amount, you need to notify the bank during the time of maturity.

    Q. Would my fixed deposit be renewed for the same interest rates?

    A. If you wish to renew your fixed deposit, the interest rate that would apply to your fixed deposit would be the prevailing interest rate that MBSB is offering at the time of renewal. You can know the prevailing interest rate before renewal by means of notices at bank premises or on MBSB website. If you do not wish to renew at the prevailing interest rate, you can always choose not to renew.

    Q. Are there any risks involved in these fixed deposit schemes?

    A. There are no risks involved in any of these fixed deposit unless you withdraw your fd prematurely. Do remember that MBSB is not a member of Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation (MDIC), hence your funds are not covered by MDIC. 

    Other Products offered by MBSB:

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