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    OCBC Al amin Fixed Deposit

    OCBC Al-Amin Fixed Deposit

    OCBC Al -Amin Bank offers a wide range of Islamic depository products such as fixed deposit account, savings account and current account to help you grow your money wisely. When it comes to fixed deposits, it offers Fixed Deposit-i which is an Islamic Fixed Deposit that offers mutually agreed fixed profit rates at maturity. Compared to a normal savings account, you can earn higher return on your investments by investing in OCBC Al-Amin Fixed Deposits.

    Features and Benefits of Fixed Deposit: i

    Listed below are the key features and benefits of Fixed Deposit: i offered by OCBC Al-Amin Bank:

    • Higher and attractive returns on investments.
    • Minimum entry age of a depositor needs to be 18 years.
    • Minors aged below 18 years can also open this account under the supervision of parents/legal guardians.
    • Enjoy flexible tenures ranging between 1 to 60 months.
    • The account is open for Muslim individuals, non-Muslim individuals and companies.
    • Minimum investment required is RM 5,000 for 1 month and RM1, 000 for 2 to 60 months.

    Eligibility Criteria for Fixed Deposit: i

    • Both Muslim and non-Muslim individuals are eligible for opening this account.
    • Minimum age of a depositor needs to be 18 years.
    • Juniors aged below 8 years are eligible for this scheme.
    • Corporate organizations can also open this deposit account.

    Interest Rates of OCBC Al-Amin Fixed Deposit

    OCBC Al- Amin offers attractive rates of interest on it Islamic fixed deposits.

    Tenure Rate of Return (% p.a.)
    1 Month 2.65
    2 Months 2.65
    3 Months 2.75
    4 Months 2.85
    5 Months 2.85
    6 Months 2.85
    7 Months 2.95
    8 Months 2.95
    9 Months 2.95
    10 Months 2.95
    11 Months 2.95
    12 Months 3.00
    13-60 Months 3.05


    What are the documents required for opening a fixed deposit account with OCBC Al-Amin Bank?

    You need to submit your valid identity proof and address proof for opening an FD account with OCBC Al- Amin Bank.

    What is the minimum investment required to open a fixed deposit account with OCBC Al-Amin Bank?

    A minimum deposit of RM 5,000 is required if you are opening for 1 month. If the deposit is opened for more than 2 months, the minimum deposit required id RM1, 000.

    Are juniors allowed to invest in OCBC Al-Amin Fixed deposits?

    Yes. Juniors are also allowed to invest fixed deposits under the supervision of parents or legal guardian. However, the age of a junior should be less than 18 years.

    What if I am a non-Muslim individual? Will I be eligible for opening an FD account with OCBC Al-Amin Bank?

    Yes. You are eligible for opening a deposit even if you are a non-Muslim Individual.

    What is the maximum tenure of investment offered by OCBC Al-Amin Bank?

    The maximum tenure of investment is 60 months.

    Other Products offered OCBC Al-Amin:

    Apart from offering Fixed Deposit,OCBC Al-Amin offers other products and services which include:

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