• Public Bank Fixed Deposit Promotion

    Public Bank has come up with a campaign to offer high-interest rates on PB eFixed Deposit account and PB Golden 50 PLUS Fixed Deposit account. You can get the benefits of the first promotion at any branch of Public Bank or Public Islamic Bank. These promotions offer you the freedom to choose the deposit tenure from the available options.

    Public Bank Fixed Deposit Promotion Mechanics

    Promotion 1

    When you open a PB eFixed Deposit account via PBe Online Banking channel, you can earn an interest rate of up to 3.65% p.a. The bank specifies that the minimum deposit amount must be RM5,000. The interest will be credited to your CASA on a monthly basis. The details regarding the promotional rates are given in the table below:

    Deposit Tenure (months) Promotional Rates (% p.a.)
    3 3.40
    6 3.45
    9 3.50
    12 3.60
    15 3.65

    Promotion 2

    The promotion comes with 2 sub-promotions—50 SA Campaign and 50 FD Campaign.

    50 SA Campaign: You have to make a deposit in the PB 50 PLUS Savings Account and let the bank earmark the amount for a period of 6 months. You will then be eligible for the following gifts based on the earmarked amount:

    Gifts Available Earmarked Amount
    Omron Body Composition Monitor RM78,000.
    Valentino Creations—Stroll Set of 20” and 24” Trolley Case RM48,000.
    Khind Porridge & Soup Cooker RM10,000.

    You can get multiple gifts based on the amount earmarked.

    50 FD Campaign: Place a minimum deposit of RM10,000 per receipt in a PB Golden 50 PLUS Fixed Deposit for a period of 15 months to get a promotional rate of 4.38% p.a. You can place up to RM3 million per customer under the campaign. The interest will be credited to the designated 50 SA on a monthly basis.

    Minimum Deposit Amount Deposit Tenure Promotional Rate Maximum Deposit Amount
    RM10,000 per receipt 15 months 4.38% p.a. RM3 million per customer

    Public Bank FD Promotion Start & End Date

    Promotion 1

    The promotion began on 19 March 2018 and ends on 30 September 2018.

    Promotion 2

    The promotion is valid from 1 August 2018 until 31 October 2018.

    Public Bank FD Promo Terms & Conditions

    Promotion 1

    • You must have a CASA with the bank and must be registered for PBe.
    • You can withdraw the deposit amount only via PBe platform.
    • When you withdraw the deposit, you can access the principal amount along with the interest through your CASA.
    • The promotional rates may vary if there is a change in the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR).
    • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions or benefits.
    • Partial withdrawal is not allowed.
    • On maturity, the FD will be automatically renewed, but under the normal board rates.

    Promotion 2

    • You have to withdraw the 50 FD placement if you have withdrawn the earmarked amount from 50 PLUS Savings Account and there is not a single earmarked deposit in the account.
    • The amount in the savings account must be earmarked at the account holding branch during the promotion period.
    • The earmarked amount in 50 PLUS Savings Account cannot be used as collateral for any credit facility.
    • If you withdraw/cancel/uplift the deposit in the savings account before the completion of the earmarked period, the bank reserves the right to deduct a certain amount from the 50 SA based on the gift.
    Gifts Penalty Deducted
    Omron Body Composition Monitor RM1,000.
    Valentino Creations—Stroll Set of 20” and 24” Trolley Case RM700.
    Khind Porridge & Soup Cooker RM150.
    • You have to sign the Letter of Early Upliftment to perform a premature withdrawal of the earmarked deposit from the 50 SA.
    • You cannot request to convert a non-participating product to 50 SA.
    • If your existing 50 SA is connected to a credit facility, it cannot be considered for the campaign.
    • You have to deposit money in 50 SA and earmark it to be eligible to get the benefits of 50 FD Campaign.
    • You will not receive any interest if you prematurely withdraw/uplift the deposit amount from the 50 PLUS FD Account.


    Q. Can a Public Bank employee get the benefits of these promotions?

    A. Yes. An employee of Public Bank Berhad, Public Islamic Bank Berhad or Public Investment Bank Berhad is eligible to get the benefits of the first 2 promotions. In the case of promotion 2, the employees of Public Bank, Public Islamic Bank, and Public Investment Bank are not eligible to get the benefits of the campaign.

    Q. I am not an existing customer of Public Bank. Can I get the benefits of the campaigns?

    A. Yes. Both the campaigns are open to new and existing customers of Public Bank.

    Q. Are these promotions available for non-individual applicants?

    A. No. Non-individual applicants are not eligible to get the benefits of the promotions.

    Q. Can I use the FD certificate as a collateral for credit purposes?

    A. No. You cannot use the FD certificate as a collateral for credit purposes.

    Q. Is there an eligibility criterion to qualify for promotion 2?

    A. Yes. The benefits of promotion 2 are available to individuals who are aged 50 years and above during the promotion period. In the case of a joint account, only the primary account holder can get the benefits.

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