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    Healthcare Credit Cards

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    Healthcare Credit Cards

    Healthcare credit cards help you in difficult times when you or your loved ones are in need of medical attention especially when you are travelling abroad. They can provide you with discounts or insurance plans that you would need the most in a medical emergency.

    Compare Healthcare Credit Cards In Malaysia

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    Overseas accidental death and permanent disability covered up to RM300,000 Overseas medical and emergency evaluation cover


    15% p.a

    Overseas accidental death and permanent disability covered up to RM200,000


    15% p.a

    Overseas accidental death and permanent disability covered up to RM570,000


    15% p.a

    Overseas accidental death and permanent disability covered up to RM100,000


    15% p.a

    Overseas accidental death and permanent disability covered up to RM100,000


    15% p.a

    Death and total and permanent disability covered up to RM100,000


    15% p.a

    Features And Benefits Of Choosing Healthcare Credit Cards:

    • The insurance coverage includes accidental death and total and permanent disability that may occur overseas.
    • Get cover for medical expenses through these cards while you are travelling overseas.
    • Get cover in case of any emergency medical evacuation occurring overseas.
    • Get cover for travel inconveniences such as baggage delay or loss.
    • Get cover for missed flight connections while travelling.
    • Get extra benefits such as purchase and refund protection on some cards.

    Why Choose Healthcare Credit Card?

    These cards offer life insurance plans which are quite helpful during any medical emergencies. The coverage provided by these cards would benefit your family as well. You or your family would receive compensation for any unfortunate events from the insurance over attached to these cards.

    This compensation is also useful to pay your card dues if you are not able to pay them due to total and permanent disability. In event of death, your family members or nominee would receive compensation that can be used to pay off outstanding due on these cards.

    How Do Healthcare Credit Cards Work?

    Healthcare cards work like every other credit cards wherein you’re allowed a limited line of credit. What defines these cards is the various health and wellness benefits they come with. You can never be prepared for a medical emergency, especially when you’re on a vacation.

    This is where emergency medical cover will come in handy. Whether you’ve just turned your ankle while trekking or feeling the symptoms of a local illness, your healthcare card’s medical insurance has you covered. You can even be airlifted to a hospital if you require immediate medical attention.

    Such medical coverage is usually provided as a complimentary benefit for the cardholder and is valid only if your travel tickets are charged to the card.

    How Do You Choose The Best Healthcare Credit Card?

    Finding the ideal healthcare credit card that suits your specific needs is pretty simple once you know how these cards really work. To begin with, figure out what kind of medical cover you’ll need the most when you’re out on a holiday.

    Then, shortlist a few cards that provide a substantial amount of cover, whether it’s for permanent disability or baggage loss. Now determine which particular card suits your spending habits and your lifestyle. Then compare the annual fees, interest rates, and all other associated fees and charges to see which card gives you the most value.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • You need to be aged 18 years and above.
    • You need to be a Malaysian citizen, permanent resident or have a valid and current working visa.
    • You need to earn the minimum income criteria as imposed by the bank.

    Documents Required

    • Proof of Identity
    • Proof of Address
    • Proof of Income
    • Other relevant documents requested by the bank.

    How Do You Apply For Healthcare Credit Cards?

    You can apply for a healthcare credit card through online and offline means. For a hassle-free experience, you can visit the bank’s website and fill out the online application form. Alternatively, you can visit the bank’s nearest branch and apply for a card in person. You can also get in touch with the bank’s customer service team for assistance with your credit card application.


    Q. Is it possible to get a Shariah-compliant healthcare credit card?

    A. Yes. You can apply for an Islamic healthcare credit card if you satisfy all the eligibility requirements. These cards come with takaful coverage.

    Q. What do the medical expenses benefit under these cards include?

    A. Medical expenses would include any customary and reasonable expenses for medical or surgical treatment by a physician occurring due to bodily injury.

    Q. Can these cards be used as a substitute for health or medical insurance?

    A. No. Though these cards do provide some insurance coverage they are not an alternative to health or medical insurance in Malaysia. It is recommended that you take up a comprehensive insurance to benefit thoroughly.

    Q. Are there any exclusions for insurance coverage on these cards?

    A. Yes. Each card has a specific list of exclusions imposed by the corresponding bank. You can check the full detailed information on the bank website.

    Q. Are these any limitations on the cover these cards offer?

    A. Yes. As insurance cover is attached as a benefit to these cards, there are limitations on the coverage with respect to the basic sum insured and other benefits.

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