• 105% Home Loan in Malaysia

    Most of the home loans offered by banks and financial institutions provide you with a financing of up to 90-95% of the concerned property’s valuation. But there is a home loan scheme managed by the government that offers a financing of up to 105%. The scheme is known as 1Malaysia Housing Programme or PR1MA.

    1Malaysia Housing Programme

    1Malaysia Housing Programme or PR1MA (Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia) was launched in 2011 and is managed by the government-owned company named Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia. The company works under Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

    Features of 1Malaysia Housing Programme

    • The programme is designed for middle-income households.
    • The facility provides financing for PR1MA home that have a price range of RM100,000 to RM400,000.
    • This government-run scheme provides home loans with lesser interest rates than that of the rates provided by banks and financial institutions.
    • The scheme comes with a special financing option for first time home buyers.
    • The financing range associated with this facility is up to 105% of the property’s valuation.
    • The facility comes with repayment tenure of up to 30 years.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Nationality: You must be a Malaysian citizen in order to apply for this loan scheme.
    • Age: You must be at least 21 years old to be eligible for this scheme.
    • Income: Your total household income (your income and your spouse’s income) should range from RM2,500 to RM15,000 per month.
    • Other requirements: You should not own more than 1 property between you and your spouse in order to apply for PR1MA housing scheme.

    Documents Required

    Employment Documents

    • LHDN income tax file number
    • KWSP number (if any)
    • Retirement number (for pensioners only)
    • Household average gross income per month
    • Employment details of spouse (wherever applicable)

    Property Documents (if any)

    • Address of the property
    • Size and type of property
    • Purchase date, or/and
    • Construction date

    Documents Required for Registration

    Salaried Employees

    • A copy of company ID
    • Latest Payslip (latest month)

    Self-employed Individuals

    • One copy of ID
    • Latest bank statements

    How to Apply for PR1MA

    The following is the application process of PR1MA:

    1. Registration: First of all, you are required to create your account at www.pr1ma.my. After creating the account, you need to complete the registration and upload all the required documents.
    2. Launch Notification: You will receive the notification for PR1MA developments in all your preferred locations. You can also find the launched projects advertised in the media.
    3. Application: You need to apply for the PR1MA developments for balloting as the process will not be automatic.
    4. Balloting: A transparent and open balloting process will be conducted for all the eligible applicants who have fulfilled all the process requirements.
    5. Unit Selection: After balloting, you will get invited for unit selection session to select your preferred units that will be based on availability.
    6. Financing: You will get financial solutions and easy access to house ownership with the help of PR1MA Hope Home Assistance Programme.
    7. Sale and Purchase Agreement: After the financing, you will have to sign a sale and purchase agreement with PR1MA.
    8. Handover of Vacant Possession: Once the house is completed and certification of completion and compliance is issued, you will receive the ownership of the house.

    PR1MA Home Loan contact number

    You can contact PR1MA for further queries via the following numbers:

    • +603-7628 9898
    • 082-536936


    Q. Can I apply for a house via PR1MA programme as a second property?

    A. Yes, you can apply for a PR1MA house as a second property.

    Q. What are the banks that are associated with PR1MA?

    A. The following are PR1MA’s panel banks:

    • AmBank
    • CIMB
    • Maybank
    • RHB

    Q. Is subletting allowed with PR1MA houses?

    A. No, subletting is not allowed with PR1MA houses. PR1MA houses must be occupied by the owners only.

    Q. What are the house sizes available under the PR1MA scheme?

    A. The following are the available sizes of properties with PR1MA:

    • Terrace house: 850-1,850 square ft.
    • Apartment unit: 600-1,200 square ft.

    Q. Should my spouse also register for a PR1MA house if I have already registered for one?

    A. No, you are required to mention your spouse details in your registration form. Married couples are not required to fill up the form twice.

    PR1MA is a good option for low- and middle-income groups looking for a house that’s affordable. However, you still have to meet certain conditions, including monthly household income, to be deemed eligible for the scheme. If you are sure that you can afford to pay off the financing amount in due time, you can sign up for the scheme.

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