Citibank FlexiHome Loan

    Citi offers the FlexiHome Loan that provides a flexible repayment schedule. You can make extra payments which will reduce your interest rates on the loan.

    Loan Type Flexi.
    Excess Payment Withdrawal Protected by PIDM.
    Insurance Optional.
    Lock-in Period 3 years.

    Features and Benefits

    • Deposit more than the monthly instalment amount.
    • Withdraw the extra payments at any time as per your need.
    • Save with the daily interest calculation scheme.
    • Start repaying the principal early to manage your financial commitments well.

    Fees and Charges

    Fee Type Fee Amount
    Late Payment Fee 1% p.a. in addition to the existing interest rates if the payments are not made past the due date for 3 months.
    Processing Fee RM25,000 and below: Waived. RM25,000 to RM30,000: RM50. RM30,000 to RM100,000: RM100. RM100,000 or more: RM200. (currently waived)
    Maintenance Fee RM10.
    Early Termination Fee Up to 3% of the original loan amount.
    Account Set-up Fee RM200/account.
    Excess Amount Rate 6.65% p.a. on the base rate on the excess amount.

    Documents Required

    Salaried Employees
    • A copy of NRIC.
    • Last 3 months’ pay slip.
    • Latest EPF statement.
    • Sales and Purchase Agreement/Title Deed/booking receipt.
    Self-employed Individuals
    • A copy of NRIC.
    • Latest Form BE/Form B/Form EA.
    • Form 24 and 49/Business Registration Certificate.
    • Last 6 months’ bank account statement.
    • Sales and Purchase Agreement/Title Deed/booking receipt.

    How to Apply

    Online Method
    • Visit the FlexiHome Loan page on the bank’s website.
    • Click on “Apply Now” button.
    • Enter the required details on the form and submit it.
    • A representative from the bank will get in touch with you to assist with the application process.
    Offline Method
    • Visit the nearest branch office.
    • Enquire about the home loan product in detail.
    • Fill the application form with valid details.
    • Attach the supporting documents.
    • Submit your application to the bank staff.

    Enjoy the flexibility offered by the Citibank FlexiHome Loan in settling the loan as early as possible. Make extra payments as and when you can. If needed, you can withdraw from the extra payments you have made.


    Q. How long does the approval process take?

    A. The indicative approval time for the loan facility is about 10 minutes. The actual approval process will be carried out once you submit the full documentation

    Q. Should I buy an insurance with the home loan?

    A. Yes. You can buy MRTA or MLTA insurance plan to secure the loan if your prefer.

    Q. How do I make payments or withdraw?

    A. You can make payments or withdraw money from the Flexi current account associated with the loan.

    Q. How does the interest calculation work when I make extra payments and then withdraw?

    A. When you pay an amount above the monthly instalment, the extra amount will be used towards the principal the following day. The interest calculation will be carried out on the sum which is the difference between the outstanding balance and the extra payment. As the principal amount is reduce, you will pay less interest charges.

    Q. Is there a limit on the Interest Offset feature?

    A. Yes. Only 70% of the outstanding balance can be used for the Interest Offset feature.

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